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Concept map templates are pretty well known all over the world used to display a group of concept meanings that are set in a framework of plans. They are schematic tools for learning and organizing information. They were created by Gowin and Novak way back in 1984. All these concepts are connected and related with one another. Also, they are all related to the main topic or thought.

Moreover, to strengthen the science of education in the field for more than 25 years, nursing concept map templates are now used. When these maps are made, the learners have to go through the following three processes;

  • The learners have to create or determine the concepts that are part of the main topic.
  • At the very top of the map, the learner would have to place the broader or more general concepts. While, at the below of the map, there comes a more specific concepts. Then, with linking words, the learner would have to connect the general and specific concepts together. This would represent a specific meaning.
  • From one side of the map to the other and all around, the learner would have to look for other links or interconnections. Then, in order to combine the developing knowledge, the learner would make use of connecting words among them.

The benefits of using concept map template:

There are various benefits of using concept map template both in learning professional setting. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, you can use this document to learn something new in your profession. Let us discuss below their different benefits;

  • When you have tasked to make a presentation, this document can guide you. Since this concept map is very organized and logical, you can make a presentation quite easily.
  • You can interpret facts and information quickly and easily. This map allows you and the reader to understand and interpret what’s presented quickly. The concepts are linked more easily as the presentation is visual. Using such a map is very useful both in educational and professional settings.
  • This learning tool indicates the hierarchy of ideas and concepts. It helps the people in understanding the hierarchy of ideas and concepts. The connection of each of the components to the others is visually presented. Thus, makes it easy to understand.
  • It allows you to visualize results or outcomes. The results and outcomes can be easily seen and understood as these maps are visual in nature.
  • Concept map makes assessment easier. This kind of learning tools can be useful for assessment. After teaching a concept or sharing knowledge, the learners can be asked to make such a map to check and assess either or not they fully understood what they had learned.
  • Concept map enables clearer communication of thoughts, knowledge, ideas, and information. It motivates learners to do research in order to discover new facts and concepts. Then, link them to one another.
  • It makes the learners able to obtain more knowledge and assess what they have learned on their own.

Different types of concept maps:

Here are the different types of concept maps and formats you can use;

Spider map:

In this type of map, you place the main concept in the middle. And, the concepts, ideas and information are placed outwards. This map is easy to make and easy to read. All the data is organized around a central theme.

Hierarchical map:

It is a chronological type of map that follows a definite pattern. It is organized according to importance or time when the facts or information have occurred. At the top, there is all the general data and the information becomes more specific as it moves down.

Flowchart map:

This type is considered a more linear approach to making a map. All the data is organized in a very orderly and logical way. Therefore, it is very easy to read.

Systems map:

This is a very detailed and complete approach to making a map. It might be a bit more complex to make. It would have all the possible data as well as all the relationships among them. You need a lot of critical thinking and problem solving skills to make this type of map. You should also check process map templates.

How to make a nursing concept map template?

Here are pointers for making a nursing concept map template;

When to use it:

For nursing students and for practicing nurses, creating this map would motivate critical thinking and problem solving skills. This way, the theoretical knowledge of nursing students will enhance that they have learned from classes. Then, they apply it in a real life case study in a very organized way.

Structure to use:

In making a map, you have to decide on what type to use and what structure to use for it to make it effective. You may attention on a particular patient. Move on to identify how you would be treating the illness he/she is afflicted with. No matter what structure you use, make sure it’s organized.

Making your map:

At first, think about the main concept you will be focusing on. Whether it’s a patient, an illness or a concept, you have to place it at the center or top of your map. After that, move towards the subtopics, supporting topic and such moving from a general topic to specific ones. This map is very useful for a nurse or a nursing student.

Think about the limitations:

Using in the field of nursing or in such setting, this learning tool does have its limitation. The main limitation is how the writing on the map is presented. It should be written legibly. Another limitation is that these maps can take a lot of time to make.


In conclusion, a concept map template is a powerful tool that helps you in your learning process. This document provides you a lot of benefits either you make them from scratch or opt to work on a free concept map template. It allows its learners to link and integrate new facts and concepts.

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