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A juror is an employee called for the duty as a member of the jury. He has to analyze the legal evidence put forward in the legal hearing and give an unbiased decision.

Jury duty is an opportunity for the juror to grasp. When a summon is issued by the court to be a part of a certain trial. The juror has only two options: either to say yes and become a part of the jury bench or to get dismissed.

It’s like a summon has been issued by the court to join the jury for a trial. If a juror will say no, it will be considered as disobeying the court order. Which may lead to heavy fines, termination, or even jail in some cases?

However, sometimes it is really hard for the juror to join the jury due to multiple reasons. Then, the jury duty excuse letter is the only way to define genuine reason and avoid getting dismissed from employment. You can also free download comparison chart templates.

Moreover, the guidelines have been provided in the law of each court for putting forward the genuine excuses for getting off the jury duty.

In this article, the brief way of how to write a jury duty excuse letter and what are the most common reasons for getting off from the jury duty along with the basic format of the letter. You may also like termination of employment letter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Jury Duty Excuse Letter?

When some people are finding a way out of jury duty, the only way to be excused from jury duty is to write an excuse letter to the court. For this, you have to write a good jury duty excuse letter which is not as difficult as you think.

Your business letter follows the standard business letter format. In the first paragraph, you have to explain who you are, your name, summons number, and case number from the summons. The second paragraph precisely explains the reason why you need to be excused from jury duty. In the last paragraph, you should officially ask to be excused from jury duty. And at the end provide your contact information.

How do you write a letter of excuse for jury duty?

Writing an excuse letter for jury duty is not a difficult task as you think. Here are some tips to write a good jury duty excuse letter;

  • At first, think of excuses for skipping jury duty. Generally, the summons will come with guidelines on how can you write the letter and what reasons will be considered legitimate.
  • Next, note the rules of exemption.
  • Pay special attention to the location where you have to send the letter as well as the deadline. This is because if you miss these then there is a risk of missing your chance.
  • If you want to follow a template for the letter then select the standard template and use it. If not, you can also use the jury duty excuse template.
  • However, you can also use your own format if you are good at writing letters. You just need to follow the set of guidelines. All these guidelines can easily be available on summons or online.
  • At the end, provide your contact details so that they contact you in case they accept or reject your excuse.
  • Then, proofread the letter before printing it. You may also ask someone to proofread it in case you miss anything. And also keep one copy of the letter for yourself.

Which excuses are effective to get out of jury duty?

Here are some effective excuses to get out from jury duty;

  1. Financial hardship you and your family are facing.
  2. A full-time student.
  3. Due to some medical reasons.
  4. You are facing mental and emotional instability.
  5. Conflict of interest.
  6. You have already completed the jury service.
  7. I am also doing another line of work.
  8. You have migrated to another country.
  9. You have your own small business.
  10. You have to take care of your children.

Do I have to pay my employee for jury service?

No, you don’t have to pay your employee for jury service, and the court will cover the specific costs to a degree. However, if you are paying your employee then must include the tax and national insurance.

What basic information included in the jury duty excuse letter?

You have to include the basic information while writing the jury duty excuse letter such as junior name, date, your mailing address, and clerk’s information.

Common Reasons for writing a Jury Duty Excuse Letter

There are several legitimate reasons that have been defined in the manuals of courts. The reasons may change from court to court and country to country. However, a few of the most common reasons that courts accept as genuine are: You should also check to whom it may concern letters.

  • Personal and Family Commitments
  • Sickness Or Illness
  • Non-Availability on the Particular Date of Trial
  • Professional and Education Commitments
  • Negative Effects on the Personal Life or Financial Position

Moreover, federal courts of some countries provide relief from getting excused of jury duty service. Following are the reasons this court may accept:

  • If the individual is over the age of 70 years. He/she may choose to write a jury duty excuse letter.
  • If the person has served in a trial as a juror in the past 2 years.
  • If the person is a member of any rescue squad such as ambulance crew, or firefighter.
  • If the person will experience extreme hardship or inconvenience being part of the jury for a trial.

Steps to writing a Jury Duty Excuse Letter

The experts of letter writing recommend a different approach to write a jury duty excuse letter. However, we will provide simple guidelines to write a jury duty excuse letter:

  • Assess your qualifications by reading the jury notice.
  • Check the courts’ rules for the exemption.
  • Make note of the deadlines.
  • Gather the information
  • Draft the letter by searching for forms and format.
  • Provide your introduction
  • Explain the legitimate reason for your request.
  • Request for the excuse from jury duty.
  • Clearly state the preferred method of response.
  • Sign the letter and enclose the supporting documents.

In conclusion, the jury duty excuse letter helps the juror to as for excuse from the jury duty for a trial due to legitimate reason as per court laws.

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