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A change of address letter is written by someone who is moving due to a change of office, buying a new property elsewhere, etc. They write this letter to inform significant people such as their friends, family, colleagues, business associates, and more regarding their planning to move.

To which entities do you send your change in address letter?

Changing residencies is a complex process that can be very difficult. You might forget to compose and send a change of address notice due to all the hustle and bustle involved. There are several business and personal contacts to whom you send this letter. In case, you are composing business change of address letter, send it to clients, customers, and other essential entities.

However, if you are making a change of address letter then send it to the following;

  • Bank
  • Clients
  • Credit card companies
  • Credit union
  • Dentists and doctors
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Mobile and home phone providers
  • Other types of financial institutions
  • Utility company

It is essential to inform the post office regarding your change in address. Before you move, give them with your forwarding address. You may have to fill out a “change of address form” while updating information at the post office. You may also like envelope address templates.

How do you write a change of address letter?

If you’re planning to move yourself, your family or your business to a different place, then a change of address letter is a very important document. Here are some tips for you on how to write this letter;

  • You should use a formal template when you’re writing the letter for business purposes. In case, you are planning to send the letter to a lot of contacts, then come up with a mailing list.
  • You should set up the address block because it is an essential part of tradition business letters. In the address block, specify your name, address, the name of your recipient, and the recipient’s address. Use the current address for your address and
  • After that, begin your letter with a greeting and salutation. When you are writing the letter for organizations, businesses, government agencies or companies, don’t use the word ‘Dear’ for them. You can only use this greeting when you are writing a letter for individual persons.
  • Provide a short introduction to your change of address letter. Don’t write a too lengthy and too word introduction as it may confuse the reader and defeat the purpose of your letter. If you want to keep your letter about one page in length then you should make it brief and straight to the point.
  • Your next step is to write the body of the letter. You have to provide the date that will indicate when you officially move to the new address. In this way, if your recipients are planning to send you a letter or a package, they will know whether they should use your previous address or your new one. Furthermore, you should send the letter as early as you can in order to provide your recipients time to get it, change your information on their records, and use the information you provided appropriately.
  • You should also include your new address in the body of the letter. Inform your recipients that they can send all future correspondence to your new address from the date you’ve specified. Mention the address in the same way as you would format it on an envelope. This makes it easier for your recipients to copy.
  • Include any other important information if required like your contact details. You may need to include information on the basis of the situation like whether you will move by yourself, with your family or if your whole business will move to a different place as well. For businesses, state that during the period of the relocation whether or not your business will stay open.
  • Thank the recipient for reading the letter all the way to the end before closing it. Keep the closing short and to the point just like the introduction. In case, you are writing the letter for a business associate, then include a statement that states how you appreciate and value their business.
     Next, give the recipient your contact information for getting in touch with you. You can either provide your email address or your mobile number so your recipients can get in touch with you in case they have any concerns or questions. If you are relocating your business, this is very important. Give the contact details of a person that your recipients can speak to regarding any concerns in case you think you’ll be too busy to communicate with your customers during the move.
  • After that, complete your closing part. It would be recommended that you should compose this part first before drafting the body of the letter. The word you will use for the closing should depend on your relationship with the recipient/s.
  • Make sure to use a formal closing like “sincerely” or “best regards,” in case you’re writing a business change of letter address. But, you may use a more informal closing word such as “thanks” or “regards,” if you will send the template you create for both business and personal contacts.
  • If you have the time, craft several templates to send the letter to businesses and close personal contacts. You should do this so that each time you print it out, you won’t have to keep on changing parts of the letter. Create templates for businesses, financial institutions, friends and family members, and more. You should ensure that all templates include essential information, most importantly, your new address. You should also check the address book template.


In conclusion, a change of address letter is an essential tool that you can use to inform your significant people regarding your plan to move. Before sending the letter, you should make sure that all the information is accurate.

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