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Do you in the procedure of the recruit for any job position? If you are looking for a recruitment tracker template this is simply an easy effective solution to manage. As well as its performance from effective recruiting strategies. So here is all for you.

This is easy and best excel to track the status of the candidates in well organize idea. So get some best idea of how many candidates are in the queue. This is how to channel candidates are dropping off. Such as you can also view the top of trends, why candidates aren’t chosen. You may also like the employee profile template.

The free recruitment tracker excel template is very easy to use.

  • Follow the steps below
  • Enter job details
  • Enter four stage of recruiting
  • Enter applicant’s information
  • Enter hired applicant name

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is recruitment tracker?

A recruitment tracker is a template that is used to renew information on the recruitment process for every candidate that is mentioned under the multiple listed job vacancy. It’s a significant tool for recruiters and is used regularly to update the information in actual-time. Recruiters do the screening of hundreds of candidates and enable you to save the candidate’s contact and information.

How do I write a recruitment report?

Here are the steps that will help you to write a recruitment report;

Step#1: Firstly, begin with your basic information. This is because the person who is receiving the report will know that who has created this report. As well as your name also provides information about your job and any other information that is needed.

Step#2: Next, enter the date. Your recruitment report must include the date on which it was made. Include month, day, and year in your date.

Step#3: Then, prepare a list of the persons you have recruited. When you write their names also provide other information about them such as their address, contact details, the job department they wish to apply for, etc.

Step#4: During the recruitment process what expenses were made or what resources were used also mentioned them.

Step#5: Next, explain the problems which happened. There is always something that may have occurred that blocked the recruitment of potential employees. This is the time when you need to know what these problems are and how they can be avoided or prevented in the future.

Step#6: In the end, when you have all done with the above steps make a conclusion that how successful you were during the whole recruitment process.

How Job Applicant Tracking Spreadsheet can be filled?

When you have downloaded the applicant tracking spreadsheet, then fill in the following fields;

  • Job Number: For the position to enter a unique number.
  • Job title: Enter the title of the job position.
  • Applicant number: For the applicant to enter a unique number.
  • Reason for the application: Provide the source of the applicant’s awareness about the job posting.
  • Date of the application: Enter the date when the applicant submits his/her application.
  • Phone screen date: Mention the date of the phone screen interview.
  • 1st and 2nd interview date: Enter the date of the first and second interviews.
  • Recruitment Status: Show the status of the application.
  • Hiring date: If it is applicable enter the date of the applicant’s hiring.
  • Rejection reason: If the applicant was rejected mention its reason.
  • Notes: In the end, you can provide any additional notes.

How can you track the recruitment process?

With the help of different automation software, you can track the recruitment process. For instance, banking recruitment is different from the IT industry; you just have to select an automation tool to customize as per your process requirement.

How do I keep track of applicants?

A CRM (candidate relationship management) system is the best way to keep the track of applicants. This system automatically stores any task taken on an applicant. It enables the recruiters to digitally move candidates with the help of different tools such as workflow stages, folders, and cloud-based resume books.

Best Collection of Recruitment Tracker Excel Templates

Applicant trackers are easily stored data of applicants for specific posts. These are all in one sheet and further help to track and scrutinize candidates efficiently.

Meanwhile, HR demands workforce management during the procedure of recruitment. They also need to micromanage everything from responding candidates to the hiring of employees.

These templates are very useful for recruiters and managers to manage their all procedures. This is a very handy idea to save jobs and candidates received for all those jobs. Usually, designs are to make it easy and simple to track the progress of all candidates. A completely automated recruitment tracking spreadsheet, that offering the related key strategy to analyze to customize your recruitment procedures.

The process of recruitment is the core of any successful organization. Being an expert manager you need to juggle and quality of hire and meet the industry’s needs. Eventually, success is often dependent on quality and ability to early procedures. You can adjust your complete hiring according to the best metrics. You may also like To whom it may concern letters.

Download Free Applicant Tracking Spreadsheet Templates

This is a more applicant tracking system excel template that makes it simple to quantify your procedure. It is an efficient idea to get an overview and its performance. Usually, a dashboard also uses a unique strategy to check the effectiveness of your sourcing hardworking.

Plan and Manage your Candidate Tracking Spreadsheet

Ultimately, this is tough to find great and expert talent after a lot of work. For instance, you are re-hiring for different jobs and positions it may rapidly tough to manage all applicants. There is always a proper pipeline to coordinate the best recruitment process along with external applicants. You may also check the salary slip format in excel.

The idea of using these amazing templates is very useful for a company. You can monitor every candidate in recruit procedures. As well as save all necessary contact information and catch complete interview feedback.

  • You can also see all the details in one place. Besides a human resources manager has to come with preparation.
  • Every applicant gets a consistent experience and tracking with all details that’s information doesn’t get scattered.
  • The best stage of applicants that’s in. besides applicants who see each candidate is the process to make sure. It is also made a smooth process according to schedule.

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