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Hiring managers and recruiters use a recruitment tracker template to track candidates’ applications, interviews, and contact details. This tool improves your recruitment process and standardizes your company’s applicant tracking process.

Furthermore, you can use a recruitment tracker Excel template. They provide a comprehensive overview of the entire recruitment process. Also, they facilitate the tracking of important aspects including applications, interviews, and other pertinent hiring details. This template centralizes and simplifies the management of organizations that are dealing with various open positions or high employee turnover.

What is a recruitment tracker?

A recruitment tracker is a template that is used to renew information on the recruitment process for every candidate that is mentioned under the multiple listed job vacancy. It’s a significant tool for recruiters and is used regularly to update the information in actual-time. Recruiters do the screening of hundreds of candidates and enable you to save the candidate’s contact and information.

Best Collection of Recruitment Tracker Excel Templates

Some downsides of recruitment tracker Excel template:

You may have to face the following challenges while using a recruitment tracker Excel template;

Time-consuming data-entry

Entering and updating data manually for each candidate is the main disadvantage of using a recruitment tracker Excel template. Especially, if you are dealing with a large number of applicants or multiple hiring managers are involved in the hiring process then this can be very time-consuming. In addition, it would be difficult to ensure that the data is accurate and consistent as it doesn’t have a proper validation system.

Limited data analysis

You have to generate your own formulas and charts to analyze the data which is another disadvantage of using this template. This can be complex especially if you don’t know about the Excel functions and features. Another inconvenience and insecurity is that you have to export and share the reports manually with your stakeholders.

The significance of recruitment tracker template:

The HR team has to do various task not just candidates application tracking. For each talent acquisition manager of the HR department, there are various jobs to perform. So, they forget or skip important things of any process due to multitasking. Therefore, using different tools for assistance in the hiring process is always preferred by HR professionals.

For tracking applicants, the recruitment team uses whatever approach. Streamlining the recruitment process and smoothly pass from each phase of hiring is the key purpose. Different companies take participate in the kind of university job fairs. Where on the company HR booth, students drop thousands of resumes. It isn’t possible for HR team to filter and identify potential candidates out of those.

There are various digital platforms that HR team use to sort out such matters. They use recruitment tracker Excel templates to streamline things. The recruitment tracker assists in organizing and filtering applicants’ names, email address, resume digital documents, and other useful data. Thus, in searching from piles of printed material, saves tons of time and other resources. Keeping the management and payroll cost to the minimum level is the main goal of the recruitment application flow log template.

Reasons for using an applicant tracking spreadsheet:

An applicant tracking template can keep you organized and on top of the information in case you are hiring a new employee with a team of managers or experiencing high turnover, seasonal hiring surges, or a growth cycle. Furthermore, it can also assist you with the following;

Team communication

By having applicant tracker, the HR team can see at a glance;

  • Where an applicant is in the process
  • What were other people’s impressions
  • In each part of the process, how a candidate fared


You can make sure by recording dates and tracking steps a qualified candidate does not fall through the cracks. You should also check 5 Year Plan Templates.


You can manipulate the data to gain insights by having the tracker in Excel. You can identify the referral process that brings the most candidates and the best applicants. Moreover, determine where the most job seekers falling short in the process are.

Process improvement

For instance, you may need a more stringent phone screening process to weed out the weaker applicants in case candidates are doing well in phone screening. It might also possible to see a correlation among online test results and the best candidates.

Diversity analysis

More businesses are paying attention to make sure they are reaching out to a diverse hiring pool. The applicant tracker can assist you in identifying in case you are reaching a wide range of demographics.

What do you know about recruitment funnel chart?

The recruitment tracking template assists in following the recruitment process. The recruitment phases basically follows a shrinking pattern. We begin by determining potential candidates and ends with hiring.

Each leading phase has less number of candidates as compared to previous one. So, every next step has a narrows width than the previous one in case we map the number of candidates of each phase as the width function. This results in a funnel-like shape. This is much wider on the upper side while at the bottom, very narrow.

Furthermore, the recruitment tracking Excel template also has a function to draft recruitment funnel chart for any hiring process.

Different types of recruitment tracker Excel spreadsheet:

There are various types of recruitment Excel templates. Every type has the similar purpose of providing a better user interface and features to increase the streamlining of the process. Here are the types;

  • MS Excel XLS Template
  • Small Enterprise HR System
  • Candidate Shortlisting Web-Based Tools
  • Linked-In Talent Acquisition and Lead Generation Tool

In addition to these, for every function of the recruitment process, the recruitment tracking Excel templates are available. These are the following;

  • Vacancy Tracker Template Excel XLS
  • HR Application Tracking Form
  • Recruiter Hiring Tracking Excel XLS
  • Recruitment Data Tool Excel Template
  • Candidate Interview Notes Spreadsheet
  • Applicant Confirmation Tracker Template
  • Recruitment Application Flow Log Template
  • Free Recruitment Metrics Excel Template
  • Recruitment Dashboard Excel Template
  • Recruitment Funnel Template Excel

Download Free Applicant Tracking Spreadsheet Templates

The advantages of recruitment tracking template:

There are a lot of benefits of using this template in the hiring process. Let us discuss below the most common ones;

  • In the manual recruitment process, it minimizes the possibilities of errors.
  • It serves as a reminder sheet.
  • It makes the hiring process time efficient as well as saves resources such as manpower and papers.
  • To Expensive HR Solutions, it is cheap and best alternative.
  • To integrate with other Enterprise Reports, it works perfectly and easy.

How do you use a recruitment tracking Excel template?

With Excel and Google Sheets type tools, the recruitment tracking templates are compatible. Also, as per the requirement, these templates are simple to understand and customizable. There are different applications and analysis techniques in different types of tracking templates. A recruitment dashboard excel template gives a summary of the entire hiring process.

The recruitment tracking presents the essence of the entire process in the best way. However, process in the best way are required by an excel recruitment template. After that, you need to follow step by step approach out of the recruitment process. Also, on the recruitment spreadsheet, you have to update the output of each stage.

The basic cycle of recruitment process comprised of attraction, shortlisting, screening, interviews, and hiring. From each step into the applicant tracking sheet, just enter data in terms of candidates move forward, candidates declined, and reason for the decline.

It is essential to complete the cycle on the recruitment sheet and have a summary of the dashboard sheet when the process is complete and the selected candidate joins the company. The dashboard summary proves very helpful for analysis and future use.

Additionally, to manage the process efficiently, professional HR managers use recruitment tracker excel templates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is recruitment tracker?

A recruitment tracker is a template that is used to renew information on the recruitment process for every candidate that is mentioned under the multiple listed job vacancy. It’s a significant tool for recruiters and is used regularly to update the information in actual-time. Recruiters do the screening of hundreds of candidates and enable you to save the candidate’s contact and information.

How do I write a recruitment report?

Here are the steps that will help you to write a recruitment report;

Step#1: Firstly, begin with your basic information. This is because the person who is receiving the report will know that who has created this report. As well as your name also provides information about your job and any other information that is needed.
Step#2: Next, enter the date. Your recruitment report must include the date on which it was made. Include month, day, and year in your date.
Step#3: Then, prepare a list of the persons you have recruited. When you write their names also provide other information about them such as their address, contact details, the job department they wish to apply for, etc.
Step#4: During the recruitment process what expenses were made or what resources were used also mentioned them.
Step#5: Next, explain the problems which happened. There is always something that may have occurred that blocked the recruitment of potential employees. This is the time when you need to know what these problems are and how they can be avoided or prevented in the future.
Step#6: In the end, when you have all done with the above steps make a conclusion that how successful you were during the whole recruitment process.

How Job Applicant Tracking Spreadsheet can be filled?

When you have downloaded the applicant tracking spreadsheet, then fill in the following fields;

1- Job Number: For the position to enter a unique number.
2- Job title: Enter the title of the job position.
3- Applicant number: For the applicant to enter a unique number.
4- Reason for the application: Provide the source of the applicant’s awareness about the job posting.
5- Date of the application: Enter the date when the applicant submits his/her application.
6- Phone screen date: Mention the date of the phone screen interview.
7- 1st and 2nd interview date: Enter the date of the first and second interviews.
8- Recruitment Status: Show the status of the application.
9- Hiring date: If it is applicable enter the date of the applicant’s hiring.
10- Rejection reason: If the applicant was rejected mention its reason.
11- Notes: In the end, you can provide any additional notes.

How can you track the recruitment process?

With the help of different automation software, you can track the recruitment process. For instance, banking recruitment is different from the IT industry; you just have to select an automation tool to customize as per your process requirement.

How do I keep track of applicants?

A CRM (candidate relationship management) system is the best way to keep the track of applicants. This system automatically stores any task taken on an applicant. It enables the recruiters to digitally move candidates with the help of different tools such as workflow stages, folders, and cloud-based resume books.

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