Free Printable Workout Log Templates

free printable workout log sheet pdf

Exercise is considered a healthier habit if practiced calculatedly. It is always important to have a proper tracking system in hand for your daily workout routine. Here, workout tracker templates play an important role in managing and tracking time to time workout activity for fitness regards.

Working out isn’t just linked to going gym and do whatever you want without any regular pattern. For fitness purposes, it’s equally important to follow a systematic pattern of working out. It’s irrelevant if you are doing it for years or just thinking to start a workout routine for the first time.

Before going into the details of the workout tracker, It is important to follow the below guidelines on how to start working out. So, the tracking system should have any purpose; You may also check weight loss tracker template.

  1. Identify the goal to know, what you want to be good at?
  2. Do the research and reach the people who already have made it.
  3. Focus on the main idea instead of following the details.
  4. Don’t haste; Go slow with the rhythm.
  5. Be punctual; don’t miss the workout session.
  6. Choose the best exercise aligning with the goal and get started.

Importance of Workout Tracker Templates

To achieve the fitness goal set before starting the workout routine. It’s important to be punctual, have patience and rhythm in the working out the pattern. Just going on randomly with different exercises and diet plan isn’t really going to make any difference. Therefore, it becomes essential to make a workout tracker that should accomplish the below goals;

  1. The workout tracking template must be easy to use and quick.
  2. So, it must not take a lot of time for recording the workout instead of doing it.
  3. The workout tracking template must have only the useful information.
  4. Information that isn’t really required must not be present or recorded.
  5. A simple workout tracker just has 3 sets of information.
  6. Firstly, what I have todo? Secondly, what I have already done? Finally, what is the next session I have to do?
  7. The workout tracking template should be versatile enough to record different styles of workout.
  8. Means, the one template should be enough to fulfill all needs of workout tracking.

How to make the Workout Tracker Templates?

A good workout-tracking template is one that fulfills all the purposes briefly jotted in the above paragraph. So, an efficient, as well as effective workout tracker template can be developed by following below guidelines; You may also like doctor’s note templates.

  1. Write down the date of starting a new workout session and bodyweight.
  2. This practice can be followed daily or after any set milestones.
  3. Decide the workout plan and formalize the way of writing the workout plan.
  4. One can follow the (Exercise – Weight – Sets x Reps) format of writing workout plan.
  5. Choose the workout plan for the initial days of working out very carefully.
  6. Use tally marks or any other method of recording the sets completed after each set.
  7. Better to go for the tally mark system as it’s easy and the quickest one.

This system of tracking workout is versatile to use for any style of workout, also the quickest one and records only required information.

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