20+ Free Weight Loss Tracker Templates (Excel / Word)

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The weight loss tracker template is used by people who are more conscious about their health and want to look both mentally and physically good. This template helps you in keeping track of your weight towards the goal of becoming slimmer.

What is a weight loss tracker?

A weight loss tracker is an app that helps you in weight control and assists you to lose weight or achieve your weight goal. This app has a BMI (body mass index) calculator which calculates your BMI and your ideal weight. Here you can also describe your own personal target weight.

The significance of a weight loss spreadsheet:

It has become very common to track weight, particularly with women. Some may want to lose the extra pounds, while some try to gain more weight. There are various reasons that why an individual would want to either lose weight or gain it.

Moreover, keeping track of your weight for a particular period of time is the most important function of a weight loss tracker template. Every time you step on a weighing scale, it becomes important to update your spreadsheet. By doing so, you become able to check your progress in your weight-loss program.

When you look at the recordings on the template and you see there are positive changes in your weight, this motivates you to strive harder. Thus, it becomes easier for you to reach your goal weight.

What to include in a weight loss spreadsheet?

You have to select a weight loss spreadsheet that includes all of the essential details about your weight loss process. You can track your activities and weight loss in it. When you have competition with someone else, it provides you motivation as your aim will be to be the first to reach your goals. You should have a weight tracker chart or spreadsheet for this reason in order to track your weight loss progress weekly. Include the following information in the template;

  • Your name
  • The dates that indicate when you record the details regarding your progress.
  • Your weight every time you check it.
  • The goal that you want to attain.
  • The values that indicate how much weight you lose.
  • Your caloric intake and your diet plan description
  • Your planned weight loss activities description such as cycling, running, walking, and more.
  • Details regarding the total weight you have lost.

How to make a weight chart in Excel?

Knowing how close you are to achieving your weight loss goal is the greatest consolation you can have when you go through your weight loss spreadsheet. Creating a weight loss challenge spreadsheet or graph is another way to motivate you. It provides you a visual image of your progress.

Additionally, it makes you able to notify any plateaus or patterns in your weight loss as time goes by. By using the Excel program on your computer, it isn’t hard to make a graph. To go with your weight loss competition spreadsheet, make a colorful weight loss graph.

Let us discuss below how to make a weight chart using Excel;

  • At first, open a new spreadsheet. Save it by using a memorable file name and in a folder that is easy to locate on your computer.
  • In column A Row 1, enter the word Date and input Weight in Column B, Row 1.
  • Every time you weigh yourself, record the date in column A. input the date continuing down until the end of the column whether you monitor each day, every Saturday or on the first of each month. The format 12-Jan should be used and Excel will read this as January 12 of the current year.
  • For each of the corresponding dates, input your weight in column B.
  • To make a graph, highlight all of the relevant data including your weight values and the corresponding dates. Then, go to insert tab and click on the section for “Charts” and then choose a column graph.
  • Give access to Excel to make a graph of your tracked weight loss over time.
  • To customize it, click on the title and don’t forget to save your work.

Different ways to monitor weight loss:

Here are 6 ways to monitor weight loss. Let us discuss them below;

  • Keep a diary: if you have recently started a journey of weight loss then keeping a diary is an effective way to compare your achievement from day one to later on down the track.
  • Observe your 28-days goals: 28 is a magic number. It is surely a great way to structure your goals as they won’t appear too far away to achieve.
  • Capture progress photos: Capture a photo when you are starting a weight loss journey is a perfect way to compare your progress without becoming fixated with the number on the scales. When you are prepared to compare, you will be surprised to see the physical changes to your body and this thing motivates you to push yourself even further.
  • Use apps: There are plenty of apps that will help you in monitoring weight loss.
  • Reflect: Take a look at your previous day to day tasks and how you feel performing them compared to day one. If you are achieving your goal then you will definitely find day-to-day tasks much easier to perform.
  • Check your clothes: You can easily track your progress by noticing how your clothes are fitting.

How to track your weight?

Here are the tips you should consider to track your weight loss and record it in the template;

Weighing yourself daily

You should weigh yourself daily so that you know how well you are progressing. Getting the motivation to continue with your weight loss activities is the greatest advantage of weighing yourself. A big success for your weight loss plan is when you see your body loses weight in milligrams daily.

When to weigh yourself

Before engaging in any activity or eating any food, you should check your weight when you wake up. Start your morning by weighing yourself. Consider the following pointers while weighing yourself;

  • Weigh yourself at the same time daily to get a consistent comparison.
  • First, visit the bathroom so that you get a more accurate weight.
  • Wear the same clothing daily while weighing yourself.
  • Place your weight measuring tool on a hard surface.
  • To make sure that your weight is distributed evenly, you should be barefooted and stand still.

Why should weight your loss?

Maintaining a healthy life

Many of the overweight people have a hard time to live a healthy lifestyle if you have noticed. Lose some weight is only remedy for such a problem.

Overcome specific diseases

Heavyweight people are prone to diseases like cancer and obesity. One will try as much as possible to lose some weight to overcome this.

Reduce depression and anxiety

Overweight people feel embarrassed regarding their body shapes. To cut down their weight, they will do anything.

Why should you use the weight tracking template?

Monitoring your weight for a specific period of time is the most important reason for using a weight tracking template. Therefore, it is essential to update your records every time you weigh. This makes you able to determine progress in weight loss. You can check on your diet or exercise more in case you start gaining weight.

Weight loss is affected by various types of medicine. You can determine such situations with this template and consult a doctor to give you alternative medication so that it can’t affect your weight loss journey.

When people see the changes in their weight over time, as recorded on the weight tracking template, it encourages them to keep losing weight. Thus, it makes easier to reach one’s goal weight.

Some features of the weight tracking template:

A combination of various features are contained by the weight tracking template. At first, they require some details regarding yourself such as your current weight and your measurements of your body parts. In the weight tracking template, you have to record this data. These details will assist you in identifying whether you are adding some weight or not.

You will be required to come up with a graph in order to correctly track your fat loss journey. On a daily or monthly basis, a graph may be measured. You have to record your weight and record it on your chart on daily basis. The chart will contain your weight and the number of days. The outcomes of your weight loss will be precise on your weight tracking template after some time of severe workouts and diet balancing.

How to make a weight loss calendar?

You need a weight loss calendar to track your goals. You can use it to record your exercise activities daily and dietary restrictions. Here are the steps to make a weight loss calendar;

The calories you want to consume daily

The most important thing you must do to lose weight is to keep track of the calories you take daily. In your weight loss tracker, you must record your calories intake. You can also get the help of a professional nutritionist to calculate your daily calories intake.

Subtract 500 calories

Subtract 500 calories from your daily calorie intake. Doing so is important as your goal is to lose weight and not gain. You will be creating an energy deficit in your body by subtracting 500 calories. This will assist you to start burning fats to cover the deficit. Your main goal is to burn at least 500 calories daily.

Plan your meal and workouts

Planning your meals and workouts will be your next step. You have to eat food that is low in fat/carbohydrates. Schedule the daily workouts you will be engaging in. Record the kind of workout you did after each workout. With the help of a weekly or monthly weight loss tracker, you can see the progress you are making daily.

Do activity tracker help with the weight loss?

Activity trackers are frequently worn on the wrist or waist. They are designed to enhance the more movement throughout the day. People who wear it look to be more physically active. But such people don’t necessarily lose more weight than others.

Is a fitness tracker worth it?

Yes, because trackers can encourage you to stick with your fitness plan. They can tell you the following information;

  • How many calories you are burning
  • How many steps you are taking
  • How far you are running
  • How you are sleeping at night and much more.

Fitness trackers are the best motivational tool. They motivate you to meet a goal; show you the achievement you are making in real-time.

Do you require a fitness tracker or a smartwatch?

Firstly, ask a question yourself why you need a wearable. During exercising if you require one for monitoring your vitals then go for a fitness tracker. On the other hand, if you want a more reliable way to communicate while your hands are not free then pick a smartwatch. Either you should purchase a fitness tracker or a smartwatch it depends on which of these functions is more significant to you.

If you aim for style then you can prefer a smartwatch. And fitness trackers have bland, plastic exteriors built for sweat resistance. However, you must select the product that best matches your needs and budget.

The benefits of using a printable weight loss chart:

  • Keeping a record of your weight loss progress is the main benefit of using a weight loss template. Remember that weight loss patterns keep fluctuating so it is important to update your weight loss template daily. With the help of this record, you can keep adjusting your diet.
  • It discourages you when you cannot see any physical progress. In some cases, your body burns fats which don’t indicate on the scale. You get accurate records when you have a weight loss template. Also, you get motivated to continue when you see an improvement.

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