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A thesis statement template is used to create an effective thesis statement which is an important part of an essay. This statement indicates the essay’s main point. Let us discuss a thesis statement in the context of persuasive essay. In the persuasive essay, you have to convince others that you have a logical and interesting point of view. State that your point of view is the most accurate and logical one.

In a single sentence, state your main point after writing a short introduction. This single sentence is known as thesis statement. Moreover, there are different types of thesis statement like an argumentative thesis statement, expository thesis statement, analytical thesis statement, etc.

Bear in mind that your thesis statement template must:

  • Inform the reader that how you make a strategy to explain the relevance of your topic.
  • Acts as the “road map” for your whole essay. So, it should inform the reader what to expect from the very starting.
  • It gives a direct answer to the question. Keep in mind that your thesis statement is the explanation of a subject or a question and not the subject itself.
  • Make a statement that others can argue with.
  • At the start of the document, just write a one sentence. Commonly, it is written at the end of the first paragraph. The main goal of this statement is to present your argument to the reader.

Different types of thesis statements:


Let us discuss below the most common types of thesis statements;

Expository thesis statement

This type of thesis statement describes an issue or a topic to the reader and includes the key aspects of the topic to be discussed in the document.


Analytical thesis statement

The analytical thesis statement outlines the key points of the analysis and mentions the resulting conclusions. It is used for essays, research papers, and other documents that require to analyze or assess various aspects of a topic.

Argumentative thesis statement

An argumentative thesis statement specifies a topic and the particular position of the author on the topic. This statement is generally used to persuade readers.

How to create a thesis statement?

Before creating a thesis statement, you have to go through a long process of thinking. In the process of writing essay, formulating your thesis statement isn’t the first thing. There are some other things that you have to do first before coming up with an argument for any topic.


At first, you have to collect and organize your evidence. Search for relationships such as similarities or contrasts between the known facts. Also, consider the relevance of these relationships. After that, you have working thesis in your mind that indicates your main idea. Make a draft of your thesis statement format. Then, by using the information you have collected, support your argument. During writing an essay, may be you have to modify your initial draft of the thesis statement and argument.

Qualities of a thesis statement:

Consider the following qualities for creating a strong thesis statement;



The length of your thesis statement depends on how many points you plan to mention. This statement is generally brief and short sentence. It may include two clauses. However, you can also limit it to about 2 lines only.


At the beginning of your easy, you should place your thesis statement because it tells the reader that what you are about to talk about in the essay. However, you can also place it according to your instructor’s requirement.


In the end, you should make your thesis statement arguable. Don’t create such statement that everyone will agree with. Make it interesting so that your readers will continue with the rest of the content.


Tips for writing an effective thesis statement:

A thesis statement usually pays attention on your arguments and ideas into a single sentence. It presents your essay’s topic. You should share your point of view regarding the topic. Furthermore, your thesis statement guides your writing process and assists you focus on your arguments. Here are some tips for you to follow;

  • At first, identify the type of paper you want to write. If you are writing an analytical paper then breaks down an idea into its basic parts. Then, perform an evaluation. In the end, you can display your breakdown and evaluation to your readers.
    If you are writing an expository or explanatory paper then give an explanation about the main point to your readers. However, for an argumentative paper, make a claim about a specific point. By using the evidence you have gathered, justify this claim. An evaluation, an opinion, an interpretation, or a cause and effect statement can be your claim. The purpose of this type of paper is to convince the audience about your claim depending of the proof you have provided.
  • You should make your statement as specific as you can. Bear in mind that you only have to state what you plan to discuss in your essay. It’s better to include facts that you can support with evidence.
  • Sometimes you might have to makes changes in your thesis statement. This is because during writing your paper, your topic might change. Therefore, always make revisions to your thesis statement as required.
  • You should limit your thesis statement to the information you can achieve in a certain number of pages. Also, you should remain specific so that you can deliver your message successfully to the readers. Doing this is also more effective because if you just write about general concepts, it will make the readers feel confused.
  • Your thesis statement just reflects your point of view. It must also announce how you will evaluate or identify the topic.
  • The thesis statement is just one sentence so try to make use of your own words.

The significance of the thesis statement:

The main objective of the thesis statement is to develop the purpose of a paper and sets up the primary argument of the author. The readers set expectations for the statements through the thesis statement. In addition, the thesis also helps author to keep their writing focused by stating the purpose of an essay or research paper expressly. It becomes easier for authors and researchers to develop their arguments by identifying a clear research statement. Also, it gives instructions to the reader through the main argument in a piece of writing.

Difference between thesis statement and research hypothesis:

The thesis statement and research hypothesis both address the research question but they serve different functions.

The thesis statement summarizes the main point or argument of a research paper and academic essay. It is a short and direct statement and you can find them in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methods.


On the other hand, a research hypothesis is a statement used in experimental research. It can be proved or refuted on the basis of the results of the study’s research design. The hypothesis proposes or predicts a relationship among two or more variables on the basis of research methodologies and the types of research design.


In conclusion, a thesis statement template contains a main idea, a central message or the main point of your essay. The argument you make must be a reflection of this main point. In addition, the sentence that indicates your point of view is the thesis statement. It takes long time and effort to think about this statement than other parts of your essay.

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