15+ Free Passport Photo Templates (Word, PDF)

free passport photo template

For your passport photographs, you should use a passport photo template to avoid any issues. Probably, you will need a passport at one point of your life. A photograph is the requirement of your passport for identification purposes. However, there are specific photo measurements for each kind of passport. You can’t use random photos of yourself.

If you don’t follow the specific criteria, it can cause major issues in the future. So, to having a perfect passport photo, you should use a passport photo template as a guide. It is convenient to use and you can download this for free. It helps you a lot from downloading to pasting your picture according to the provided dimensions. This template also makes sure whether you have a perfect passport photo or not. You may also like Shot List Template.

Different types of passport photo templates for different countries:

Not all the countries use a same passport photo template. There are different types of templates for different countries;


For photographs of passports, Australia has detailed and strict instructions of implementation. The template of this country has exact measurements in terms of the size of the real photo and the correct border area.


You can use a 2×2 passport photo template. Use the one that follows the guidelines set by the Canadian government. You just have to download the template, follow the instructions, and customize your photo according to given guidelines.

UK (United Kingdom):

For the UK, you need to be very careful when dealing with the passport photo dimensions. You can also use a passport template Photoshop for UK passports to make this process simpler. At first, download the template, align your picture according to the given dimensions, and then paste it.

USA (United States):

When it comes to making passports, this country has the strictest rules. The guidelines that their template contains are very stringent and you must follow them all. Moreover, only the US passport photo template has exact measures according to the government’s guidelines. This enables you to paste your photograph according to the given guidelines.

How to take your own photo for your passport photo template?

It’s better to take your picture outdoors on a sunny day. Obviously, selfies are not accepted for passport photos. You can use a tripod for taking your own passport picture. Also, you can ask one of your friends to take a picture for you. Let us discuss below how to take your own photo;

Take your picture:

For taking your passport picture, you can use a tripod or ask someone to take your photo. Take your photo in natural daylight without flashes for the best results. Ensure that the sun isn’t behind you. Furthermore, use a plain background. Take a large sheet of white-colored paper or a bed sheet hat you pin to the wall for the picture. To prevent any shadows you should stand 1-meter in front of the camera.

In order to get the best quality picture, set your camera to its lowest compression and highest resolution. You should include more of yourself in your photo that you think you need. Also, ensure that you have adequate space at the sides and the top.

Edit your photo:

Don’t use computer software to edit your photo. This means that you don’t have to run your photo through any photo editing application because it can change the way you look. Additionally, if you don’t want to give yourself a digital facelift, use erasing temporary blemishes to remove them that you don’t want to appear in your passport photo.

Past it to the passport photo template:

It’s time to use the passport picture template you downloaded. When you have resized your photo according to the 2×2 passport photo template, there will a preview appear inside the template that contains instructions for the correct face size in the photo’s frame. Then, drag your photo to get it into position. By using the necessary buttons and tools, resize your photo.

Print your passport photo:

If you feel satisfied with your picture save your photo and print it.

Guidelines for passport photo template:

Your full head from the top of your hair to the bottom of your chin should appear in your passport picture. Your face must have a natural expression and your head must be at the center of the frame. Here a few more guidelines for you;

  • Your photo should have a high-resolution and not pixilated or blurry. Print your photo on glossy or matte photo paper. Your photo should also free from creases, smudges or holes.
  • According to the rules set by the US government, take your photo in the last 6 months. This means you can’t use photo of yourself from 10 pounds or 10 years ago.
  • You should take your photo in normal clothing. Don’t wear uniforms in your passport photograph except your religious clothes.
  • You shouldn’t wear a hat as it hides your hairline or your hair. If you wear a hat for religious reasons then include a statement that indicates that these items in your photo are part of your traditional religious dressing. However, if you wear a hat for medical reasons then mention a signed doctor’s statement that states you wear it daily for medical purposes. With such items, your whole face has to be completely visible and your hairline shouldn’t hide.
  • If you wear a wig, a hearing device, or other identical articles then you must wear them while taking your picture.
  • Don’t wear glasses in your passport picture. If you can’t take off your glasses for medical reasons then mention a statement relevant to it when applying for your passport.

For printing passport photos, what is the best paper size?

You should make use of a digital photo template of the size of 4×6 inches instead of using the classic 2×2 inch printout. This paper size makes you able to print out two passport photos at the same time.

On one photo paper, how to print multiple passport-size photos?

You just have to select appropriate photo template and choose the 4×6 inch layout.

Why should passport photo in 4 x 6 format?

You have a few options on how to get your passport photo when you are planning to apply for your new passport or renew it. You should use 4×6 format for your passport photo as it allows you to print your two passport photo on a single piece of paper.


In conclusion, a passport photo template is a helpful document that helps you a lot for taking the perfect effective passport photo. Each country has different requirements for the passport photo. To get the right size, check your country’s requirements. For taking a high-quality resolution picture, take your photo outdoors on a sunny day.

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