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A death certificate template is a legal document that serves as proof of death of a person. It is issued by the government. It includes personal details, cause of death, date and place of death of the deceased person. This certificate is a handy document for many legal purposes such as;

  • Settling or closing loans
  • Taking care of bank accounts by the seeker
  • Insurance claims
  • Changes in other legal documents
  • Home ownership
  • Other legal and family purposes

Why do you require a death certificate?

A death certificate is created by a medical practitioner and issued by a coroner or other government office. Since, it contains the person’s cause of death so it is used to understand that why the death occurred. Here are common reasons that why you require a death certificate;

To claim life insurance:

For claiming insurance, your relationship doesn’t matter with the deceased. You always need a death certificate issued by the government to claim insurance. But it may be a very tedious and unbelievably slow process. Sometimes, it may take years before it gets finalized. Therefore, you should file for this document as soon as possible in order to make the process smoother and faster.

To claim pension:

You also need a death certificate to entitle pension benefits upon the death of your spouse. You may also want some other documents to verify your relationship with the deceased.

For the commitment of estate disputes:

When the property owner dies, his spouses and children have to face difficulty in claiming real estate and other types of properties. Along with the death certificate they also have to present financial documents, copy of the deceased’s last will, and a testament.

What information does the death certificate contain?

The information includes in the death certificate may vary from one state to another. However, it should contain the following information;

  • Deceased’s full legal name
  • Complete address
  • Birthplace and date of birth
  • Father’s name and the birthplace
  • Mother’s name and the birthplace
  • Social security number
  • Veteran’s claim
  • Marital status
  • Name of surviving spouse
  • Education
  • Date of death
  • Place of death
  • Time of death
  • Cause of death

2 Types of copies of death certificates:


This type of copy of the death certificate is only for personal use and anyone can request for them.


This may have an official stamp and can be used for the following purposes;

  • When you want to get a cremation or burial permit.
  • In order to transfer the deceased’s personal properties to inheritors.

Nowadays, a certified copy is only given to the immediate members of the deceased’s family, the executor of the estate, and someone who has proof that he has a financial interest in the deceased’s estate.

How to obtain a death certificate?

Never make a fake death certificate for your loved one; you should obtain it by the proper way. Let us discuss below how to obtain this certificate;

Method#1: You can obtain the death certificate at the time of death

  • At the time of death, contact the person who makes the certificate. Since, you are in too much pain at that time, you can let one of your family friends or relatives do the calling.
  • Provide the proper information to the one making the certificate. Also, if you don’t do this you can ask someone else to call the one in charge of preparing the certificate to supply him the proper information.
  • Makes sure that the certificate is already filed. Most states require that this certificate should be filed less than 10 days after the person died. For the certificate’s filing, the cremation organizations or funeral homes are responsible. You should request for them to file it on time.
  • From the mortuary or funeral home, you can request for certified copies of the certificate. In order to have enough certified copies, request for 10. Moreover, ensure that each copy is officially certified and stamped.

Method#2: You can obtain the copies of death certificate at a later time

  • At first, you have to know where the person died because every state has their own vital records of any events which occurred within their jurisdiction.
  • You should contact the state or county Vital Records Office via online or personally visit the office and talk to the clerk. If the death happened in another country then call the department of state. This department prepares a report for you which you can use to claim insurance.
  • In your area, identify the records that either they are closed or public.
  • After that, take the evidence of legal interest or relationship. You will need proof of your relationship to the person who died. You can include marriage or birth certificates.
  • Now, request for the death certificate. You can place the request into three ways i.e. by online, by mail or by going to the Vital Records Office. However, each state has its own way of handling this request.
    You can either request through a letter or request for the document in person. In your request letter, you have to include the important details about the deceased.
  • In the end, pay for the document. Definitely, every state has different fees for death certificate.


In conclusion, a death certificate template is a legal document that indicates the date along with the cause of the person’s passing away. This document usually comes from the funeral home or some other organization which deals with the deceased’s remains. It is considered as an important document for claiming pension, insurance, or for the commitment of the estate disputes.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who gives death certificate UK?

The GP issues a death certificate by visiting the house if the death was expected. You can also call 111 (the NHS non-emergency number) in the following circumstances;

1- You don’t know the name of the GP
2- The person didn’t have a GP
3- In case the death occurs outside normal GP practice opening hours

Who can receive a death certificate in Alabama?

Death certificates less than 25 years old can be received by the following persons named on certificate;

1- Mother or father
2- Husband or wife
3- Son or daughter
4- Sister or brother

What is the cost of a UK death certificate?

It may vary from one country to another. However, in England and Wales, the cost per copy of the death certificate at the time of registering the death is £11.00 and £8.00 in Northern Ireland and £10.00 in Scotland.

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