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A social security card template contains a nine-digit social security number along with other important information. This number will receive by every citizen of America or a permanent resident in the US. With the Social Security Agency, this will make your first and constant connection.

What is a Social Security Card?

A social security card is someone’s essential piece of identification. This card is required while getting a job, collecting social security, or getting other government benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will assign you a nine-digit number when you apply for a Social Security number (SSN). This nine-digit number is printed on the Social Security card that SSA will issue you. You will have to get a corrected card if you change your name.

How can you receive a free Social Security card?

When looking for a job, employers usually require a Social Security number. You require this in order to take social security benefits and other government services. Moreover, keep your social security card in a secure place.

You have to submit original documents or copies certified by the agencies to receive your own card. Keep in mind that notarized copies or photocopies aren’t acceptable. Also, you don’t have to submit expired documents; all of them still have validity. You need the following documents;

Citizenship documents:

Specific documents like a US passport or a US birth certificate get accepted as proof of US citizenship.


A birth certificate is mandatory; if you don’t have it, then you can submit the following documents in place of a birth certificate;

  • US passport
  • A religious record made before you reached the age of 5
  • Your US hospital birth record

If you don’t have the number and you are over 12:

For an in-person interview, if a person’s age is 12 and above request a social security number to show up. You have to provide proof if you fall in this category. Your proof must demonstrate that you don’t have a number yet. Below are the documents you can present as prove;

If you lived outside the US;

  • A previous or current passport
  • Employment or school records
  • Other records that indicate your long-term residence outside the US

If you lived in the US;

  • Information about the schools you attended
  • The copies of the tax records indicate you haven’t received a Social Security number.


Specific documents that have validity and include your name and other analyzing details such as date of birth or age and a recent picture get accepted as proof of identity. You may submit the following documents as proof of identity;

  • US passport
  • US driver’s license
  • Non-driver identification card

In the absence of these documents, the Social Security agency may ask you to submit other documents. These may include;

  • US military identification card
  • School identification card
  • Employee identification card
  • Excepted health insurance card for a Medicare card

How to replace or change your Social Security card?

In case, you lose your card or you want some changes on it, then you have to apply for a new social security card. You can do this by the following ways;

  • Present one document as proof of your identity in order to apply for a replacement card.
  • If you are born outside the US then to prove your US citizenship legal, current, or work-authorized status you should present other documents.
  • In order to make changes on your social security card, you have to present the document that will prove your identity, support the modifications you want to make, and develop your reason for making the modifications.

What to do if your Social Security Card is lost or stolen?

In such a situation, there is no need to worry as you can replace your Social Security card for free if it’s lost or stolen. To get your replacement card, you should avoid the service providers that want to charge you a fee. Furthermore, bear in mind that in a year, you’re limited to three replacement cards and 10 during your lifetime.

Toward these limits, legal name changes and other exceptions don’t count. In addition to this, modifications in immigration status that need card updates might not count toward these limits. Also, if you can prove you need the card to prevent a significant hardship, you aren’t affected by these limits.

Can I print my own Social Security card?

It is a legal government document. You can’t print your own blank social security card, but you can print a temporary one. In case, you lost your card, then for all official purposes, you can apply for a temporary replacement as a placeholder. Bear in mind that a temporary social security card is only valid for 30 days. In this enough time, you can apply for a new one. After receiving your new card, you can get rid of the temporary one, and then you can use the new card right away.

Furthermore, you can receive a replacement for free if you lost your Social Security card. For this, you just have to take the SS-5 application form by the Social Security Agency and fill out it. You can also easily fill out it at home or at office. Since the Social Security office is usually busy, this form surely saves a lot of your time. However, you can get your new card by the following ways;

  • You can apply for it online and within 10 tens you can receive the card to your address by the social security office.
  • Go to the field office and apply for it in person and you can receive the card within the day.

The basic types of Social Security benefits:

There are four basic types of Social Security benefits on the basis of your earnings that are retirement, disability, dependents, and survivors benefits;

Retirement benefits

The workers are eligible for retirement benefits when they retire at age 62 who have worked in “covered employment” for a sufficient number of years. Usually, this indicates that you have worked at least ten years at a nongovernmental job.

At any time after you reach age 62, you may select to begin receiving retirement benefits. But, there are incentives to wait till your “full retirement age.” This is between 66 and 67 on the basis of the year of your birth. If you start claiming the amount of your benefits before you reach full retirement age, it will be permanently reduced by a certain percentage.

As a further incentive to keep working, if you wait until age 70 to put in your claim then the amount of your benefits will be slightly but permanently increased for each year. However, the amount you get will probably be only a small percentage of what you were earning no matter how long you wait to start collecting benefits.

Disability benefits

You can get benefits roughly equal to what your full retirement benefits would be in case you haven’t reached retirement age but have met the work requirements and are considered disabled under the Social Security program’s medical instructions.

Dependents benefits

You and your minor or disabled children might get benefits on the basis of the worker’s earnings record in case you are the spouse of a retired or disabled worker who is enbale for Social Security retirement or disability benefits.

Survivors benefits

You and your minor or disabled children might get benefits on the basis of your deceased spouse’s earnings record in case a worker is enabled for Social Security retirement or disability benefits, you are the surviving spouse of him.

Here are some steps you can follow while applying for a new card;

  • For a new card, during filling out the application form, give some basic information including documents that prove your age and identity.
  • In the application form, fill all of the blank fields and give the necessary documentation. If you don’t follow this requirement, your application may be rejected. Affixing your signature in the form is also necessary. In the case of a younger kid, a guardian or parent can affix their signature.
  • You must submit relevant documentation as evidence in order to make changes of information like your name or marital status. Also, provide a reason that why you want these changes.
  • The next step is submitting the application form whether online or visit the Social Security office in person. You have to go to the office to obtain a temporary printout within the day. Due to security reasons, the government never allows you to print your official card yourself from the website.
  • While working at a company, if you want to apply for a temporary SSN then you have to replace it with a new Social Security Number in your IRS paperwork as well as with your company’s payroll system.

The purpose of a Social Security Number:

The Social Security number (SSN) was formed in 1936. The sole purpose behind the formation of SSN was to track the earnings histories of U.S. workers. It was also used to identify Social Security benefit entitlement and computing benefit levels. Significantly, the use of the Social Security number (SSN) has expanded. Now, it is known as a nearly universal identifier.

The SSN is assigned at birth. The government agencies use the SSN to determine individuals in their records and businesses to track an individual’s financial information.


In conclusion, a social security card template contains a 9-digit number along with other information and this number is received by the citizens of America to report their wages to the government and identify their eligibility for Social Security benefits. It is also a requirement to work and receive government services.

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