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A home inspection checklist template comes in handy during buying and selling a house. A home inspection is of paramount importance whether a house is newly built or an old one. The buyers of home not just examine the house they also do different types of home inspections each month to keep a check on the maintenance.

What is a home inspection?

By using a house inspection checklist, a home inspection is an extensive and comprehensive form of examination of a home. A home inspection can protect you from expensive headaches by visualizing the physical systems and structures from roof to floor. This process is usually done at the time of sale of a house. Moreover, it is an inexpensive way to see the actual condition of a house.

Reasons for performing home inspection:

Here are some reasons that why you should perform house inspection;

Maintenance enhances the value of property:

If you neglect the maintenance of your house then it can really trouble you with expensive headache. And, if you want to sell it then no one likes to buy an improper maintenance house. But if they agree to buy it then they will demand lower prices for it.

According to an expert, the value of the property could be decreased by 10% if a house is in worn out condition. The first impression of the house is strongly relatable with the price. A study conducted by the researchers state that a buyer can really increase the value of a house by 1% every year.

Economic age matters:

Economic age is one of the chief factors that really matters to the buyers. It helps to identify the devaluation and valuation of the property. The home’s worth increases by improving and upgrading the house. If you do the excellent maintenance the buyer can surely give you good money. Furthermore, the buyers can expect your house survive for many years. A healthy and well-maintained home will depreciate slowly than a poorly maintained home.

Common types of home inspection:

Below are the some specific common types of home inspections;

Heating and air conditioning:

In this type of inspection, you have to identify either the heat exchanger is in proper working condition or not. You should hire an inspector to perform this job. They will inform you how much cost it needs and if it needs replacement or not.

Wood destroying pests:

Wood destroying pests come in warm climates. If you are living in a warm country then you need to see this. In the inspection, you can see whether or not there are beetles, termites or dry rot in your home.

Electrical faults:

Professional home inspectors are the best to detect electronic faults. The electrical box of your home may be really old that it does not comply with the city code. If it is really old then the inspector will suggest you to replace it with most appropriate and best brand.


The brick inside the chimney can be crumbling. And, it may not have flue liners in case chimney is older. So, home inspector helps you in inspecting everything.

Roof inspection:

You have to get your own if the seller does not pay for the older roof or a roof certification. A home inspector tells you the reputable and credible company from where you buy it. They also help you in case of any claims.

Plumbing issues:

Some pipes get so clogged that hardly the lead of the pencil passes through them. You should immediately replace the pipes with new ones if there are any plumbing issues.

Septic and Sewer System:

You can see that the sewer system is not connected properly if you are buying an older home. In such situation, you require to get a sewer system. Nowadays, sewer lines have camera that are inserted through the main line. You may also like Construction Schedule Templates.

Things covered under the home inspection checklist:

Following are the major house inspection things that are usually found in the home inspection checklist;


Roof is the most important item. Examine that ceiling is solid so that you will be protected from heavy storms and hurricanes. Check whether or not the roof is straight and leveled. You have to carefully check the deterioration like broken edges, curling, warping, etc. You should get them fixed to prevent the chances of the roof falling in.


Next, chimneys come in the checklist. There pipe and cap shouldn’t be broken and there are no any brakes or missing mortars.

Soffits and Fascia:

They are made up of different materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum, etc. So, you should see which material they are made up of. Also, check either or not they need painting due to rot.

Gutters and Downspouts:

For the gutters, you have to check over the rust and peeling paints. You should make sure that the gutters slope towards the downspouts put you at relief. Additionally, the downspouts must be extended to the foundations.

Windows and doors:

The new windows may not have any cracks or require painting and if the window has broken wooden components and then you should change the material or get them painted.


For the floors, you should see the slope, deteriorated or cracked areas, and sagging issues and check which material they are made up of.


Look for cracked, loose plaster, stains, physical damage to examine the walls. The horizontal and vertical element of the wall must be checked.

Bathrooms and kitchens:

The kitchen and bathrooms are the two main part of the house. You have to carefully check the condition of the amenities installed in the kitchen and bathroom.

Electro Mechanical Consideration:

Electro Mechanical Consideration covers the heating and cooling system in the house and check the covers the heating and cooling system in the house.


In conclusion, a home inspection checklist template is a helpful document in case of buying and selling a house. You can download it from any website and then use it to examine your house properly.

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