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A password list template is a very convenient way to list all your accounts. This way, you can remember all your passwords. Definitely, you have to keep this list secure so that no one can access your accounts without your permission. These lists are usually used in office settings.

Employees aren’t allowed to create secure-enough passwords for their office accounts because it is the task of IT department to secure the accounts for them. Moreover, they use a printable password log to make their work easier.

It is suggested that don’t use the same password for all your accounts. This is because it becomes easier for hacker to break into all of your accounts. So, you should use different passwords for different accounts.

The importance of a password list template:

It is an important document to keep track of all your usernames and passwords. Nowadays, you have to sign-up for different accounts on different websites. You have to keep this information secure. It doesn’t matter whether your information is personal or professional. If an unauthorized person may get your password then he/she can gain access to your accounts and this can be very dangerous.

Furthermore, you can access your login information anywhere and at any time with a printable password log. There is no need to reset your passwords frequently. People often do this as they can’t remember them and this will also keep them safe from hackers and other nefarious individuals.

These days, you have to remember passwords of your personal email, your office email, social media sites, professional servers, and many other accounts. Also, all these require new passwords. Thinking of complicated passwords is the worst part of it. You have to come up with one that isn’t easy to guess. Also, there are a lot of things to think about each day and it isn’t possible to remember all your passwords accurately.

Hence, a password list template is the best thing to do to keep track of all your passwords.

Some common types of password list templates:

You can make or download different types of templates. If you want to use it personally then you can create a fun and colorful template. A basic template is also suitable in order to store your details. For example, you can use a password log spreadsheet template and make it in Excel format. It will assist you in recording all your essential login details. You can also include more columns to indicate all your information. Let us discuss below some common types of templates you can use for your home or office;

  1. Online password spreadsheet template
  2. PIN & password record spreadsheet template
  3. Password tracker spreadsheet template
  4. Password list spreadsheet template
  5. Password log for website accounts
  6. Password log spreadsheet template
  7. Website password list

Aforementioned types are common ones that you can make. However, you can also create others that you want.

Useful tips for your passwords:

You should think of unique and strong passwords in order to keep your account secure. Below are some useful tips;

  • We have discussed above that reusing passwords isn’t recommended. It is dangerous to use the same password for all your accounts. If an individual get your password, then he’ll be able to access everything. This individual can take control of all your digital assets with enough effort. He may get all of your sensitive information. Therefore, using different passwords for different accounts is advisable.
  • A password that contains a range of different characters is strong one. You should use random ones instead of using significant words and numbers. You should use a long sequence of alphanumeric characters.
    Use random symbols to make your password stronger. Also, don’t stress yourself about memorizing it; you just have to write it on your list.
  • Using a printable password log is optional as you can also use a digital file and store it on your computer. Then, encrypt this file so that no one can access it. Doing so is important if you’re saving the file on your office computer.
  • In case, you are using a paper file then also keep it secure. Don’t place it around the house or office for everyone to see. In addition, make a copy of the list. Then, you should store it in a permanent safe place. And, if you need to access your accounts then use the other copy.
  • You also have to make sure that your password list is confusing. It is another security measure. This way, if another individual get your list it will look meaningless. To make your password more confusing, think of a system. For example, write down the next letter or number in the sequence. You should only do this if you won’t get confused by the passwords.
  • By keeping the password to you is the best way to secure it. Don’t share it with anyone, especially if it contains sensitive information. There is no need to send passwords via email. Don’t store the file without encrypting it first. If you feel that you’re passwords get hacked, change it immediately. Also, modify the information on your list too to keep it updated.
  • You should also verify the strength of your passwords. You can use a low of password checker tools online. After verifying that it’s strong enough, you can use it. You should always come up with strong and complex passwords. If available, enable the password-recovery option.


In conclusion, a password list template is a convenient tool for both personal and professional use. You can list down all your login details in a secure and organized manner. They make you able to access your passwords immediately when you need them. Using such a template is highly beneficial as it can keep your passwords more secure.

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