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An information security policy template is a single document or set of documents relevant to each other. A security policy includes a description of the security controls and it rules regarding the activities, systems, and behaviors of an organization. Instead of describing specific solutions to problems, this document define the conditions that will help protect the assets of the company.

Furthermore, an information security policy should address the following concerns;

  • The prevention of wastes
  • The unsuitable use of the resources of the organization
  • Removal of potential legal liabilities
  • The safety of the valuable information of the organization

Types of security policy templates:

A security policy provides the protection of information that is related to the company. It doesn’t matter what the nature of your company, several security issues may occur. These issues may come from different factors including improper sharing and transferring of data. You should create foolproof security policies in order to keep your company protected. There are different types of security policy templates that you can make;

Information security

This will give policies regarding the protection of schools and their stakeholders. The high authorities of the school develop the policies. They make rules to safeguard the most valuable information and assets of the school.

Data security

This will speak about the policies that will safeguard data on computers and servers. It would explain computer and password security and deal with data backup, internet and email usage, and more.

Network security

This type of security policy speak about specific policies. They would pay attention on protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of the network. It will also explain the accountability of the network’s security. The template may contain the risk assessment of the components of the network.

Physical security

This would give policies that will safeguard assets and resources from damages. It can assist in developing and documenting all potential security risks. At a lower cost, the template can also give the execution of safeguarding from risks.

Corporate security

This template is used to make sure the protection of assets, persons, and company capital. You may also like Policy Proposal Templates.

What should a security policy template include?

A security policy would include the policies whose main purpose is to secure a company’s interests. For example, you can use a cybersecurity policy template in order to safeguard all your software, hardware, network, and more. It contains everything that is related to the company that’s relevant to the cyber aspect.

However, a security policy template should include the following relevant information regarding your company’s security policies;

  • Guidelines on how to store transmit or share information safely.
  • The policies that are relevant to the use of devices, machines, and equipment. When using these things, the employees of the company should follow these policies.
  • The policies regarding the use of the company’s network and wireless network.
  • The policies about the usage of sensitive software. This will protect any threats of viruses and malware.
  • The policies regarding monitoring the security.
  • The details about the authority to block any devices that include security breaches.
  • Details about the implementation of policies that are more cost-effective.

A security policy is used by different kinds of organizations. It’s useful in protecting the interests of the company that contains resources and assets.

How to create your security policy template?

Here are some pointers to help you in creating a security policy;

  • May be this is your first time to creating such type of document. You should also undergo the process of risk assessment while developing your policies. In this process, you have to first develop all the potential risk sources.
    After that, start thinking of policies to reduce, transfer or remove those risks. In your company, you also have to apply these to all the employees. All the employees from lowest to the highest should know how to deal with these risks.
  • Identify the scope of your security policy template. You should determine whether it apply to the whole company or just a department. Then, create your policies accordingly.
  • Creating your security policy involves different activities. You just have to sit down with a team and start thinking of the instructions. You have to brainstorm ideas after risk assessment. Make a strategy to overcome all these potential risks. You must do this so that you don’t place any aspect of your company in danger.
  • Next, you have to develop the roles of employees in the security policies. You should determine that which employees have the bigger responsibilities in terms of safeguarding the assets and interests of the company. You may generally select the IT or technical support staff and other employees. All these people can play a significant role in securing your company well.
  • You should ensure to evaluate your current activity before finalizing your policies. Moreover, for security based on your hardware and equipment, assess the minimum requirements.
    This will assist you in developing the suitable security level to set for your company. For example, you have to secure all the computers for your employees. You can set policies such as modifying passwords every month.
  • You can try executing the policies after you have defined them. Before finalizing your document, do this and see if they work. You have to execute the policies well by explaining them to your employees clearly. This will help the employees in understanding better. You can also motivate your employees to ask questions regarding anything that’s unclear.
  • You have to monitor the progress of your company when the policies are already in place. You have to ensure that there are improvements in the security rather than weaknesses. Additionally, you should also keep them updated. You should also check Policy Brief Templates.


An information security policy template is an extremely beneficial document that protect the privacy of the company. This document allows the restriction of employees from performing inappropriate actions. In the document, you can establish policies regarding password security, digital signatures, and so much more.

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