23 Free Event Proposal Templates (Excel / Word / PDF)

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A successful event planner presents an effective and comprehensive event proposal template in order to grab the attention of prospective clients. In the event planning competition, a good event proposal sample will make you a front-runner.

You have to do a lot of study for planning an event. Moreover, you have to pay attention to details, organization, scheduling, and follow-up. Your client will get impress by having a well-formatted event proposal letter. He would also recognize in you the necessary skills needed to handle his events or activities.

What is an event proposal?

As its name implies, it is a comprehensive document containing every aspect of an event. At the early stages of an event planning, the event proposal is created. For an event, this document basically serves as a roadmap, a mission statement, and a marketing tool. It can be used for any event such as;

  • Church events
  • Music events
  • Wedding
  • Sponsorship events to fundraising event
  • Photography events and more

The essential elements of an event proposal template:

When planning an event proposal letter, details are important and how much detail will include depends upon the importance and the scale of the affair. Here are the important elements that you must include in an event proposal template;

Event description

The event description involves the event’s theme. The event proposal should provide an overview to the reader on what the affair is all about. Sometimes, the event will not require too much explanation as they are common. To carry out the message, a good planner shouldn’t just depend solely on the event’s title.

Your experience as the planner

A bid that an organization or entity makes for the event must extol their capability and experience as bidders. It is important that the one who evaluates the bidders will ensure that they will put on a good performance. The information regarding the event management experiences of the team submitting the proposal should be concise and relevant.

The venue and all of its facilities

The event’s menu should has a major point of consideration. It should first suit the affair. All the available facilities in the venue should be listed in detail in the venue. Take the following into account in case you are holding the event indoors and describe them in detail;

  • The kind of floor surface
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Air-conditioning if any
  • Seating
  • Electronic equipment

On the other hand, if you are holding the event outdoors, consider and describe the following;

  • The maintenance level of the venue
  • Seating of the spectators
  • Any shaded areas where the guests can stay
  • Fencing
  • Drainage
  • Floodlighting is also worth mentioning

In addition, it is also important to include the number of dressing rooms and the condition for the participants. A floor diagram or map of the venue should be included in the good planners.

The program

In creating the program, the hosting club or organization generally has very little to say particularly after they’ve already set the date. A recommendation for a program to have a flow of how the whole event will progress can also include in the event proposal. The number of hours that decision-makers can use the venue for is also an important item that they should know.

The proposed budget for the event

The proposal should also include a draft of a budget of probable expenditure or income. The budget should be realistic. The sponsors who have yet to formalize a sponsorship agreement, you will have some careful consideration while suggesting them. When you already have taken into account the projected expenditure and income, the budget shouldn’t indicate any kind of loss.

How to enhance your proposal with event technology?

Event proposal leaves the first impression of you and your team on your potential clients. Your document must be stand out in a crowded market. Incorporate event technology into your pitch is another way to do this. Your clients may often ask you to take their event strategy to the next level and for this, you have to use an event management technology.

When you highlight that your team is using technology to meet your client’s requirements, this will take you apart from the competition. Also, it reflects that you’re a trusted partner who understands what they require.

How to write an event proposal template?

Here are some tips that you can follow in order to write an effective event proposal;

Gather all the data you require

The resources that the good event planners have, they aren’t feel satisfy with them. If they require clarification, they aren’t afraid to ask for help. If your proposal contains the data that you aren’t sure of, when you start writing your event proposal, this may translate into confusion. Furthermore, you have to consider the following important things;

  • Your client’s budget,
  • His authority to make decisions,
  • What the client needs,
  • The event’s timeline

Draft an overview of the proposal

You have to state the event’s most relevant details at the onset of the draft. In case, you have to make revisions after delivering the proposal, a good practice is to add a version number. You would deal with a decision-maker right from the starting in an ideal situation. But, you may have to make some revisions in case you’re dealing with a lawyer representative. Versioning will assist you and your client in keeping track of changes.

Explain why the client should select you

You and your planning team have to present the main competencies of your event planning have before your client. To buttress your claims, you can use other client testimonials, referrals or reviews. You as the event planner articulately communicate to your client your perception of what he requires.

Consider the event’s audience, goals, and concept

The next tip will be the real substance of your event proposal after getting your client’s attention. You should have a breathtaking venue or delicious food. But, your main purpose is to send the message to the attendees. Therefore, you should consider the following;

  • Audience
  • Goals
  • Concept

The scope of the event and the services you’ll give

Each event may have a lot of similarities in case your services encompass all of the phases of an event. Likewise, other event planners, it is based on your client’s requirements that what you do along with what you offer may shift.

The design elements

There are no specific rules on how to display your creative ideas. Your designs should be innovative and lively.

Make an initial timeline

Here, you have to provide the most important milestones in the proposal.


Before writing your proposal, you have to collect enough information. In the proposal’s early stages, there will always be some grey areas that contain these assumptions.

An estimation of the budget

Inform your client about the cost of services, equipment, and labor on the basis of your plans.

Ask your client to sign

You should provide the client the chance to affix his signature.

Some tips to consider for making an effective event proposal:

Here are some tips that you must consider in order to make an effective event proposal;

Applying graphic designing

Make use of an easy, free, and DIY design tools to incorporate attractive graphic design into your event proposal. You may also hire a freelance graphic designer in case you don’t have graphic designing skills.

Using visual layouts

You should use strong visuals such as logos, past client event photos, results, and statistics in order to make your proposal appealing. Furthermore, try to use catchy headers and images to add attractive value while telling a story.

Include motion graphics

By using eye-catching motion graphics, you can grab and sustain attention during communicating and reinforcing key points. Motion graphics may include videos, animated slideshows, and image carousels.

Why should use an event proposal template?

Professional and amateur event organizers use an event proposal template as it is a helpful tool that assists them in making professional-looking event proposal. Some event organizers might not require this template to write event proposal. But, they must have to organize their all of your ideas. It makes sure that your proposal is easier for your client or employer to read.

To make your event proposal more polished and professional, you must use event proposal template. By using template, you can save time by avoiding extra steps of re-writing unnecessary sections.


In conclusion, an event proposal template is a document that highlights the key points of the event. If you feel exhausting and frustrating for creating the proposal on your own, you can download an event proposal template from any website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the key components of an event proposal?

The key components of an event proposal are the following;

1- Project name
2- Event date
3- Client name and contact details
4- Your name/company’s name and contact details
5- Date

How to write an effective event proposal?

1- At first, begin with a story. Your story may include a brief description of the event.
2- Next, set clear goals and write them in your proposal.
3- Assign your team a name.
4- Discuss your expertise.
5- List your price.
6- Make use of an appealing design.

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