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blank phone tree template

A phone tree template is known as an emergency tool in businesses and organizations. This template is used to get into contact with the most important people in your organization. It is also referred as a call tree template or an emergency phone tree template. It is very easy to make but highly beneficial.

What is a phone tree?

A phone tree is basically a communication system. It is used for activating a group of people through the telephone. It is an easy and quick way to send a brief message to many people. After setting up and activating the system, it can be used for;

  • To remove the need for posting a brief message through email. Thus, you can easily cut postage and print costs.
  • It can be used to invite people personally to increase turnout.
  • To mobilize voters
  • To inform the members regarding last-minute changes, actions, meetings, etc.

Moreover, you can use a phone tree template for including the names and contact details of your main points of contact as well as the group of people to whom the message will be conveyed.

The benefits of a phone tree template:

A phone tree template is a useful tool in order to create an incident or an emergency response strategy in your organization. Everyone who is part of the template will make it easy for you to contact them. Let us discuss below some benefits of creating your own blank phone tree template;

  • This template makes you able to communicate with various employees in a short amount of time.
  • Without having to overload a single system or person, the template can convey your message quickly.
  • It allows two-way communication among the recipient and the caller. In case, the person you’re supposed to contact isn’t answering, you can also report back to your superior.
  • This document assists in making a common information source for all of the members of your organization.
  • The template indicates that the organization has a vested interest in its staff’s welfare.

The limitations of a phone tree template:

A phone tree template also has some limitations;

  • The effectiveness of the template is compromised by human error. This is particularly true if one or more of the employees mentioned on the template isn’t clear on what they’re supposed to do. Also, they don’t know who is supposed to call during an emergency.
  • In case, if one person isn’t contacted then it indicates that everyone he’s supposed to call won’t get contact either. Some of the employees may not even be physically able to make a call on the basis of the circumstances of the emergency.

How to build your phone tree template?

A blank phone tree template is an important aspect of a system. It enables you to communicate with a group of employees through the telephone. To a big group of people, the system can assist you in getting a short message across in a fast and efficient manner. When you have completed your phone tree template then you can use it for the following purposes;

  • When you need to call for an emergency meeting, you can use it to mobilize your employees in a single location.
  • It is used it to spread the essential message in case of an emergency.
  • To hearings or meetings, you can use it to notify your employees of tasks or last-minute modifications.
  • To enhance the number of people who attend the meetings you set.
  • You can use it to reinforce the information that you have sent through email.

Here are some tips to guide you in order to build your own template;

  • You should make a comprehensive list of names. Then, update the contact information of the people you want to reach through the phone tree. Cell numbers, office numbers, and home numbers are also included here.
  • You have to contact to the head of the branch if you’re calling employees from other branches so that they can provide you with the relevant details. Also, ask them to let you know regarding any changes in names or contact details if required.
  • Choose a small group of dependable employees from your main list. These are the people who will assign to call and activate the other employees on your template.
  • You should speak to everyone who is involved in the phone tree system before implementing it. Also, inform them they will contact you in case the people they’re supposed to contact aren’t picking up.
  • Notify your employees to inform you if they will take a break from work. This is because they can assign other people to take responsibility. You may also see call sheet templates.

How to activate your phone tree template?

The coordinator is the person who starts the phone tree. If that is your job then you must know how to activate the phone tree. You should come up with a short script to share with the Key Group. Here are some pointers to help you out;

  • Give each member of your Key Group a call if they aren’t with you in the office. But, if they are in the office then call them in for a meeting to discuss the message you want to convey.
  • Then, remind them of their responsibilities. You can also ask them to provide you feedback regarding the calls they made and how the recipients responded.
  • For the key group, if you made a script, discuss it with them too. This way, they will have all of the information required to tell the other members of the phone tree.
  • On the effectiveness of your phone tree, perform a spot-check. You can do this by providing a few random people a call. This ensures that they obtained the information completely and rightly from the person assigned to contact them.
  • Thank the members of your Key Group when you have confirmed that everyone received the message. Also, congratulate them on a job well done. This appreciates their efforts and motivates them to perform well the next time.
  • You can also create an organization chart along with the phone tree template. For the members of the phone tree, it acts as a guide.
  • Furthermore, to contact the members of your phone tree template, think of other ways other than just calling them at work.

What are the applications of phone tree?

Within the corporate world, phone tree system has a wide range of applications. The phone tree can be used in companies with call centers for gauging and classifying the caller’s requirements. After that, refer them to an available agent. For example, this system can be used by consumers for getting details via phone calls regarding the;

  • Movie show times
  • Bank balances
  • Event schedules


In conclusion, a phone tree template is a powerful tool in organizations and businesses in order to convey urgent or essential messages to a group of people efficiently and quickly. This document enables them to divide the responsibility. With the help of this document, you can contact with everyone who’s part of the template.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How a phone tree works?

When the coordinator has to deliver a message, they notify the key members of the phone tree. Each key member has assigned a branch to whom they have to share the information. This process continues until everyone receives the original communication.

Are phone trees still using by the people?

No, due to the developments in communication technology most companies automate the system rather than relying on manual phone calls. However, the phone tree is a very effective and quick way of communication.

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