Download Printable Church Directory Templates

church directory form template

By generating an amazing and attractive template for your church directory template in word format is simple. Usually, MS Word is also for the purpose for long as standard ideas. This is incredible and customizes idea to get a ready-made template online. These also allow you to organize the tables and text on the template.

Features of Church Directory Templates

  1. Easily enter church member records
  2. Print church member photo directory
  3. Print church member phone, address list reports
  4. Print labels, id cards
  5. Search church member database by any data field
  6. Easily process your data: sort, filter, view, delete, modify
  7. Enter church member images
  8. Unlimited number of records and church member databases
  9. Export/import church member data from/to text, excel, and other files
  10. Customize Church Directory template by adding your data fields

How to Create Church Directory Template?

  1. Launch Microsoft Office Word and open a new document.
  2. Enhance the font size of the page. The upper section of the words process called Ribbon. So now type your title with name of church XYZ also organization. Press enter and click the style you want to make, you can reduce your font size. You may also like Wedding Program Template.
  3. With the click, the button is inserted above the ribbon. Then select the underneath table. You will see a grid of square which will appear. By clicking on the second button you will get the column off to the table.
  4. Make more specify in case if a column is with additional information in directory template of the church. This is more as automatically placed at initial filed.
  5. More as the type of name will be the first member in church directory template. This isn’t necessary that all alphabetize in the directory.
  6. Word will do this after you finish your job. Add telephone numbers of the church.
  7. The next tab and again open a new table to enter the next person name. It will continue with the name of persons. You may also check Petty Cash Log Templates.
  8. Get layouts with the template according to alphabetize. Click and make sure the A column is selected with the Sort By, text, name and all type of menu. By the click of OK, you will see your church directory and template will be quickly alphabetized.
  9. So click anywhere on-page and, the layout is you can delete an entry in the directory. The entry to be deleted and click the button, you will see the area of the ribbon. You have to press the delete button to delete the Row.
  10. Customize and delete Rows to delete the entry. You also can select the different directory with is using of the same time and easy to delete all same time.
  11. Inside the page click on the table and click on the design. Usually, it is placing with the ribbon to make a more creative style in the template. Click the style of that is shown up in style. But the table style of the page is focused on it. This makes it easier to read and get the best ideas.
  12. In the end, Ctrl-S for the selection of the name and location of church – click the save.

This is foremost and important to know about the services. Besides the directory of the church are also offering membership directory templates. It is giving more opportunity to have different contact with knowing each other.

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