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By generating an amazing and attractive template for your church directory template in word format is simple. Usually, MS Word is also for the purpose for long as standard ideas. This is incredible and customizes the idea to get a ready-made template online. These also allow you to organize the tables and text on the template.

Features of Church Directory Templates

  1. Easily enter church member records
  2. Print church member photo directory
  3. Print church member phone, address list reports
  4. Print labels, id cards
  5. Search church member database by any data field
  6. Easily process your data: sort, filter, view, delete, modify
  7. Enter church member images
  8. Unlimited number of records and church member databases
  9. Export/import church member data from/to text, excel, and other files
  10. Customize Church Directory template by adding your data fields

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a church directory?

A church directory includes the name and contact information for all the leaders and members of the church. It’s an opportunity for churchgoers to contact and get to know each other. In addition, some directories also have photos of churchgoer members and list the committees and the activities in which they participate.

Church director is a practical welcome gift for new members. With the help of the church directory, new members can learn about the aim of the church. Moreover, they can also better acquaint themselves with leaders, staff, and fellow members.

Which church is right for me?

Here are some steps that will help you to determine which church your spirit belongs to.


Firstly, learn about your denomination choices. You should begin reading about the different church options that you have. Reading the general history of the denominations is a better way to start. From every denomination learn different teachings. Remember one thing that every denomination has its own worship taste.

Learn about different churches and shortlist those churches that you think to align your morals.


When you have all done with your research then introspect which church is right for yourself. It’s important to know who you are inside and how your personality will fill it. Also, ask yourself which type of worship will make you happy.


Now, when it comes to the teachings, select the churches with morals you agree with. You should well aware of what you are looking for in life for your spiritual peace is important.


After that, start doing the things for real, visit the church. Interact with church members.


When you are visiting the churches then get information from the members of the church. It’s a better way to ask questions as many of them you can. During the worship service notice how they react.


After seeing the church works, it’s time to realize that you are in the right faith. Then, ask for a statement of faith, also known as a doctrinal statement. However, as a worshipper asking for a doctrinal statement is your right. It contains the essential tenets that the church believes in.


After doing the above steps you are still unsure then the only thing is left is to pray to God. You should ask for some guidance from Him, think you are looking at the best way to serve His will.

How do you create a church directory?

Let us discuss some top-level tips to create a church directory;

  1. Firstly, you have to understand your church’s approval process.
  2. Then, decide either you want a printed directory or an online directory.
  3. Next, identify which member’s details to include.
  4. After identifying the member’s details, gathers that information.
  5. Now, add some special features that make your directory unique.
  6. When you have all done with the above steps it’s time to rolling out your church directory. Share it with your members.

How a church directory helps you?

The church directory helps you in the following ways;

  • It connects your churchgoers.
  • In-reach
  • Adorable families portraits
  • Updates your member’s database regularly.

How to Create Church Directory Template?

  1. Launch Microsoft Office Word and open a new document.
  2. Enhance the font size of the page. The upper section of the word process called Ribbon. So now type your title with the name of church XYZ also organization. Press enter and click the style you want to make, you can reduce your font size. You may also like the Wedding Program Template.
  3. With the click, the button is inserted above the ribbon. Then select the underneath table. You will see a grid of square which will appear. By clicking on the second button you will get the column off to the table.
  4. Make more specify in case if a column is with additional information in the directory template of the church. This is more as automatically placed at the initial filed.
  5. More as the type of name will be the first member in the church directory template. This isn’t necessary that all alphabetize in the directory.
  6. Word will do this after you finish your job. Add telephone numbers of the church.
  7. The next tab and again open a new table to enter the next person’s name. It will continue with the name of the persons. You may also check Petty Cash Log Templates.
  8. Get layouts with the template according to alphabetize. Click and make sure the A column is selected with the Sort By, text, name, and all types of menu. By the click of OK, you will see your church directory and the template will be quickly alphabetized.
  9. So click anywhere on-page and, the layout is you can delete an entry in the directory. The entry to be deleted and click the button, you will see the area of the ribbon. You have to press the delete button to delete the Row.
  10. Customize and delete Rows to delete the entry. You also can select the different directory with is using of the same time and easy to delete all same time.
  11. Inside the page click on the table and click on the design. Usually, it is placing with the ribbon to make a more creative style in the template. Click the style that is shown up in style. But the table style of the page is focused on it. This makes it easier to read and get the best ideas.
  12. In the end, Ctrl-S for the selection of the name and location of the church – click the save.

This is foremost and important to know about the services. Besides the directory of the church is also offering membership directory templates. It is giving more opportunity to have different contact with knowing each other.

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