20+ Free Church Bulletin Templates (Word, PDF)

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A church bulletin template is a document that states what your church is all about. You can use this document to share information to first-time visitors and to those who want to know more about your church.

Essential components of a church bulletin:

Each church is unique and has its own staff, its own followers, and its own way of running things. Here, you need a church bulletin template. In order to fit your target audience and the needs of your church, you should have your own church bulletin ideas.

Your church bulletin template has layout that provides you an excellent starting point. It saves you a lot of time and effort. You have to practice some restraint in order to design church bulletins. Moreover, there is no need to share a lot of information because people don’t read a bulletin that’s too long. You should include all of the essential information that makes sure the effectiveness of your bulletin. This includes the following information;

  • Details regarding your church’s website and social media profiles
  • The physical address of your church
  • A contact number
  • A welcome statement or message
  • A list of the most essential events and activities

How to create a church bulletin?

Here are some pointers that will help you in creating a church bulletin;

Think about the design of your template

The design is important for any printed document. This is because it can either compel the readers or make them feel disinterested. You should come up with a clean and organized design to convey your message. Keep the following tips in mind for the design;

  • For the cover, use a simple design and add your welcome message.
  • Select the fonts carefully. Never use more than two.
  • Make the headlines and sub-headlines bold, to emphasize them.
  • To make a distinction between the information, you can combine sans-serif type fonts with serif-type fonts.
  • You should use images or graphics sparingly. It ensures that they match with the content of your bulletin.

Choose the content carefully

There is no need to make too many pages just to make it more interesting. You should consider the most relevant and essential information that you’d like to communicate each week or month. In this way, the readers only receive the key information without getting distracted by fillers.

You should ask your readers to visit your church’s website in order to learn more about an event, an activity or any other thing featured on your bulletin. This also makes them aware that your church has a website that they can visit. You can include the following information about your church;

  • Weekly or monthly updates
  • Schedule of services
  • Some sermon notes
  • Inspiring quotes

You can keep adding information as there is still space on your bulletin. You should think from the perspective of the readers not from your own while you’re thinking about the content. This way, you can also identify what information to include and what information to exclude.

Be both consistent and creative

You should use the same template or formatting for the church bulletin. This assists everyone in knowing what they are to expect from you each time the bulletin comes out. People can see your bulletin as a dependable tool if there is consistency in the content and the design. They can find the updates and information they need easily.

It doesn’t mean if you are using the same layout and format, you shouldn’t insert your own creativity and can’t change things up a bit. You can make modifications from the content to the graphics and the fonts.

In addition, you can ask your readers to share content like short anecdotes and inspiring stories in order to engage them. You can also make these a part of your church bulletin. Keep in mind that you have to make this as interesting as possible. You can do this effectively by involving the readers. Also, there are no “standard” rules for you to follow for making your church bulletin template. Moreover, the process of creating the template becomes easier if you know what you should share with your readers and how you want to share this information.

How do you design your church bulletin like a “SAINT?”

After creating the content of your church bulletin template, it’s time to think about the design. There are several design principles you can use. But, this is for a religious purpose then you should design it like an “S.A.I.N.T.”


Less is more for such a design. You should use minimal decorations and concise text. That way, you can convey your message clearly.


This indicates your message clearly in design. Hence, you can use a combination of small and big fonts, dark and light colors, thick and thin shapes. This makes it easier for the readers to understand everything.


It’s best to only include important information as we have said above. This refers to design as well. There is no need to add unnecessary graphics, shapes or borders. All these things might clutter the design.


You should break up the information into sections if you want that your church bulletin layout looks neat. In this way, on each section, the readers only have to read a small bit of information.

Type and Images:

Across all headlines and paragraphs, you should maintain the same font and font size. Don’t try to use too many types of fonts. Also, you should use the high-quality images that are both relevant and appropriate. You should also check Church Directory Templates.


In conclusion, a church bulletin template is a document that includes all the details that what your church is all about. The first time-visitor of your church use this document to know more about your church. Therefore, you should include all the essential information about your church in this document.

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