Printable Money Management Worksheets (Excel, Word, PDF)

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When it comes to your finances, money management worksheet is the best tool to make smarter decisions. You can use this worksheet for budgeting, assessing your current financial situation, and more.

Why do you require a money management worksheet?

You need money management worksheet in order to manage your finances better. This worksheet allows you to;

  • set financial goals
  • find out your net worth
  • keep track of your cash flow
  • keep an eye on your expenses

This makes you able to improve your financial health in the long-run. You can also use this document to examine your financial history. It allows you to come up with a plan for your future savings and spending. The worksheet assists in finding out how much you can afford to spend. In order to achieve your financial goals, it informs how much you should save every month. You may also like Account Statement Templates.

The significance of money management worksheet:

By having a correct money management worksheet, you can get a lot of benefit. Here is the importance of managing your money;

  • You are overspending if you’re not able to save but you have a lot of debts have. Before solving this issue, you have to find out how big of the issue you are dealing with. Debts and other financial issues originate from overspending. But, by using a money management worksheet, you can keep track of your finances and then there’s a reduced likelihood of your overspending. At your disposal, it will provide you a better idea of all the financial resources.
  • You have a better idea of how much you have and where you spend your money by having money management worksheets. You can also create a financial planning worksheet in order to prioritize the things you need to spend on. This assists you in sticking to your budget better.

What to include in your money management worksheet?

Money management is considered as an essential aspect of life. To achieve your financial goals, you should learn how to manage your money properly. Include the following information in your worksheet;

Your financial goals:

In this section, you have to mention things you plan to spend on. Also, specify what you wish to do with the money you earn within a particular period of time.

  • Short-term goals: These goals must achieve within a year.
  • Mid-term goals: you have to achieve them within five years.
  • Long-term goals: achieve these goals over a period of five years or more.

Your net worth:

The progress you are making towards achieving your goals, if you want to evaluate it then find out your net worth. This may indicate the difference between your assets and your liabilities. You should find out your net worth at least once a year in order to stay on track financially.

Your essential expenses:

The expenses that you have to pay regularly such as insurances, household expenses, tuition, and others are included in it. Include all these expenses in your money management worksheet so that you know that part of your income goes into them.

Your monthly income:

From all of your resources, create a list of all your net and gross income. You should specify all those figures that you receive from your job to those which you don’t receive on daily basis. Divide the total by 12 in order to get the value of your monthly income.

Your unsecured debts:

These debts include the following;

  • personal loans
  • credit card charges
  • outstanding medical bills
  • installment loans and more

Moreover, the interest rates, total owed balances, minimum payment required, and the name of the creditors are also included in it.

Different types of money management worksheets:

On the basis of what you want to keep track of, there are different types of money management worksheets;

Basic budgeting worksheet

It is designed to assign something for each dollar you earn. You assign each dollar as needed as money comes in. In order to make adjustments, you just have to change the values around.

Debt snowball worksheet

This is the best worksheet for the debtor to get out of debt. It allows you to prioritize all of the debts you owe. It assists you in identifying which debts to save up for first and then you can pay them off bit by bit.

Future expenses worksheet

This worksheet is used to plan your future expenses. Save an amount from your income so that you can take money from when you need to make huge expenses in the future.

Health plan worksheet

For health plans, there is a lot of people want to start paying but selecting the right one can be highly challenging. But, with the help of health plan worksheet, you can list all of the financial details and this makes the task of selecting the best plan a lot easier.

Net worth worksheet

By establishing a net worth worksheet, you have an accurate picture of your financial situation. This worksheet motivates when you see that your number are increasing as the years go by. To calculate the quarterly value of your net worth, you can also use this worksheet.

Personal capital retirement worksheet

It is used to make estimation that how much money you require until you have adequate money for all of your expenses for the rest of your life.

Savings worksheet

Savings worksheet indicates you how much this delay costs you in the long-run. With the help of this type of money management worksheet, you can learn how to save more effectively.


In conclusion, a money management worksheet is an effective tool to analyze your money management patters. This document helps the people in managing their finances well. Creating or using this isn’t difficult. You can download it online or create one on your own using any software of your choice.

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