20+ Free Software Test Plan Templates [Examples]

free printable software test plan template

You have to make a software test plan template in order to perform a software test. Usually, the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of intended activities are included in a test plan. When designing your test plan document, you should consider the following pointers;

  • Without omitting important details, make the plan as precise as possible.
  • Don’t be redundant or superficial. Avoid being reluctant in your decisions.
  • You have to be specific with your facts.
  • When and where you need, make use of lists and tables.
  • Don’t use long paragraphs.
  • Before send it for approval, ask a colleague or an expert read your test plan.

Types of test plan templates:

Depending on the testing scope, there are different types and levels of plans;

Alpha testing

This type of testing is conducting by the clients at the developer’s site. It is known as a preliminary software field test.

Black box testing

This type of testing also refers as the partition or behavioral testing. The main point of the test is to identify the functional requirements of the program. The tester has to make a set of conditions for input.

Functional testing

Basically, this testing explains what the system does. It will give correctness, reliability, and accuracy of the report output.

Graphical user interface testing

It enables the users to interact with electronic devices. Graphical icons and visual indicators are the factors through which they can interact. It includes the;

  • Look
  • GUI guideline violations
  • spelling mistakes
  • error messages and more

Integration testing

At first, you have to combine individual software modules here. Then, test them as a group. After unit testing and before validation testing, it usually occurs. This type of testing is used to pinpoint mistakes linked to interacting.

Performance testing

The performance testing is done by the client. It is the method of assessing the quality or capability of a product.

Access and security control testing

Access control is a security technique done by the client. You can use it to regulate who or what can use resources in a computing environment.

Stress test

To maintain effectiveness, it is used to test the ability of a network, program, or device.

System test

It is conducted to check complete and integrated software. The main objective of this test is to ensure that the system complies with the specified needs.

User acceptance test

The real software users test the software in this test. In real-world scenarios, they ensure that it can handle required tasks.

The important components of a test plan template:

Let us discuss below the important components of a test plan template;

Test plan identifier

All deliverables receive a discrete identification number that could be alphanumeric or numeric. Usually, it depends on the configuration management of the company. Moreover, test plans have to follow configuration management policies as a policy.


This section gives information about the program or software. Also, for the most current release, indicate its objectives.

Test items

It is an introduction and a precise synopsis of the software that you’ll test.

Features to test

Features to test include in-scope features. These features may be new features, newly added ones or updated ones. Also, include indirect features. These features have technical and functional dependencies on the new or updated ones.

Features not to test

These are considered as the out-of-scope features. From the current plan, they are the excluded features. You should provide reasons that why you excluded these features. These provisions may include that these features are non-impacted or less-impacted. Furthermore, you can also indicate that they have less essential features.


Explain the strategy on how you’ll be testing the software. Also, define what kind of tests to conduct. Tests on functionality, performance, and security are included in it. The latter test may include manual, automation or a combination of both.


Include all the testing deliverables such as approaches, reports, test cases, and more.

Item criteria

Commonly, criteria depend on specifications. It is a standard on which a test procedure can be based. An entry criterion includes certain conditions or on-going activities. All these should be present before a process can start. An exit criterion involves the requirements required to accomplish a certain task.

Testing tasks

All tasks or steps that you require to do the test include them.

Environmental needs

Demonstrate all the infrastructures that you will require for testing and application.


Indicate the duties and responsibilities of your team and their roles for the various testing and support activities.


You have to prepare a well-made schedule. You have to do this for essential deliverables and milestones of your testing. During the testing, make detailed tests schedules at the appropriate times.

Risks and mitigation

Determine the risks involved for relevant items. Also, mention a plan for mitigation.


Here, you should mention the approval date and date signed.

Why should you create a test plan template?

Here are the reasons that why you should make a test plan template;

  • It will assist in identification of the required effort. It will verify the features of the application to you will test.
  • It is a helpful tool for the business managers, developers, and customers. They can learn about the details of the testing with the help of this document.
  • It will act as a guide in your thinking. It contains a set of rules that you should strictly follow.
  • It includes information such as test estimations, test scope, and test strategy.


In conclusion, a software test plan template is a comprehensive document that outlines the test strategy, objectives, and resources required for testing. It may consist of test estimations and deliverables. For software testing, it is basically a blueprint in conducting activities. You can use it for meticulous monitoring and controlling. You can make your own software testing plan template or download one online.

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