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A training manual template is given to the new employee in order to help them know the training plan in detail. With the help of training manual, they achieve their goals or perform tasks properly. An employer makes this document for the organization so that everything flows smoothly.

Why do you require a training manual template?

A training manual contains quality training manual examples for the various positions in your company. The availability of this document in an organization makes sure continuity of operations whenever new employees get hired. Moreover, the document also plays a significant role when personnel transfer from one job to another in your company.

The main objective of this manual is to give a consistent technique of communicating instructions to employees on how to so the tasks of their jobs. The manual not only provide benefits supervisors in charge of educating employees about their jobs but employees as well. In the training of new hires, training manuals give the structure and content important. This document also monitors the performance of incumbent employees.

What to include in a training manual template?

A well-crafted training manual template should include the following;


The introduction of your manual should be concise, clear, and attractive. It should contain the main purpose of the training program.


This is an essential section as it provides guidelines on how to navigate through the different sections of your training program.


Here, you have to introduce your employees to the objectives. The objectives should be clearly presented and defined from the beginning. This make your employees get ready to navigate the rest of the contents.

Main content:

Main content is the substance and heart of the manual. On the basis of program, the contents of each manual vary. It’s up to you to use any other type of media in order to maximize the delivery of content. Furthermore, this is highly beneficial for your employees’ learning processes.

Surveys or Assessments:

These aren’t an integral part of your manual’s content. You can create it separately. But, it can be considered an important element because it helps in identifying the effectiveness of your training program or manual. In addition, it can also explain if your employees can apply what they have learned efficiently.

Summary and Follow-Up Steps:

In this section, you have to summarize the main points of your manual in an effective way. It should involve the follow-up steps to increase the ability of your employees.

Schedule or Timeline:

In many cases, for some training programs, employees get the option to learn at their own pace and time. This is more practical than allocating timelines that they can’t achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This section makes your employees able to look for a solution to their queries.

Supplemental Material or Related Sources:

Include any addition information here that is relevant to your training program and can help your employees further.

How to write a training manual template?

You should first have a plan in place in order to make an interesting and informative training document. Here are some pointers to write an effective training manual template;

What is your goal?

Likewise any other plan, here you also have to first define a clear objective. After completing the training, your employees should have the capacity to perform and complete the tasks on the manual.

Ask for help:

You will need all the help as writing this manual involves a certain degree of difficulty. On the basis of the information you provide in the manual, keep in mind that your employees will count on you as the whole work they will have to do.

Consider what to include:

Gather all the relevant information you need to include such as knowledge, information, checklists, processes, and more. With each point, always be thorough. You should also have everything you require to write the manual. You should never rely on your memory alone if you are good at retaining information.

Consider your audience:

When crafting the manual, don’t consider your intended audience that may be your employees. It is a common mistake that many companies commit. Keep in mind that the content will directly based on the audience who will utilize it.

Organize the information:

When you formulate the idea of what information to include in your manual, you should organize the information. Try to make an outline of the flow of the manual into parts and chapters.

Add the table of contents:

In your manual, you should always include a table of contents. If you are planning to make a lengthy manual then must add a tale of contents. With the number of pages you create, the requirements for this section increases exponentially. You will definitely know what the table of contents is. For a manual, it assists your employees in navigating through the document. This will also make it easier for them to quickly locate a specific topic.

Summarize each of the sections:

With a summary of the contents, you should end each of the sections. This will provide great benefit to your employees. You should also check Training Needs Analysis Templates.

Tips to consider while creating training manual:

Consider the following tips to make a great manual;

  • Make use of easy words so that they can easily understood by the average user. You should only use those technical words that are the part of the workplace vocabulary. But, describe these terms in simple and understandable language.
  • Don’t make use of lengthy sentences and paragraphs. Break down the lengthy paragraphs that contains multiple thoughts and use numbered steps.
  • Include the graphics in case you think by using them you can explain a point more effectively.
  • You should insert table of contents in full detail.
  • Proofread your entire document and it is very elementary step.

What are the benefits of using a training manual?

A well-researched and a well-written training manual provides you the following benefits;

The time required to train gets reduced

For employees, a well-written manual proves very useful when it comes to perform their tasks. The manual includes procedures that makes the employee able to perform his assigned task without the help of their supervisors. This way, the employee’s time and effort get saved as well as it boosts their confidence.

The continuity of a business is guaranteed

Work does not stand still when the co-worker is absent. In order to make sure that there is no vacancy in the continuity of that job, go to the SOPs section in manual to find out who else can take over the absentees job.

Procedures and processes get standardized

You can easily find out by having manual what policies and procedures are in place in order to deal with repetitive situations/tasks.

Delegating become easier

A good SOP manual contains a precise job descriptions and contact details for each staff member. The SOP document is always for the better.


In conclusion, a training manual template is a helpful tool for training employees in your organization. With the help of this document, you can consider developing a solid core while remaining flexible. This document can also serve other functions and give a personalized user experience. You can create your own training manual or even download a template online.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there any difference between handbooks and manuals?

Handbooks and manuals are generally the same. Manuals contain guidelines and instructions, on the other hand, handbooks contain rules, regulations, and policies.

What are the different ways of training?

These are as follow;

1- Job rotation
2- Internship
3- Lecturing
4- Apprenticeship or mentoring
5- Job shadowing
6- Game-based training

What are the three stages of training and development?

1- Planning
2- Implementation
3- Evaluation or assessment

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