Free Printable Table of Contents Templates [Word, PDF]

sample word document with table of contents

A table of contents template is a list of all the sections or chapters or titles or brief descriptions along with the beginning page numbers. It is usually included at the start of every written work. However, sometimes referred to as a list of contents, contents, and TOC.

The use of a table of contents in any written document aspires the reader to quickly find out the desired content. Moreover, it can be found everywhere like books, dissertations, magazines, newsletters, blogs, and articles.

There are several types of table of contents. It depends on the nature of the written content. However, mostly the table of contents is limited to the first-level heading. You should also check the savings goal tracker sheet.

Free Printable Table of Contents Templates

Although the second level headings within the sections or chapter can also be included. Moreover, some written work also includes the third level headings in the table of contents, but it isn’t recommended by the professionals.

The table of contents template is very useful. These templates are available for all the types of table of contents. The professional writing tools such as MS Word have a preset tool of the table of contents. The key feature of these templates is their ability to automatically pull out all the required data from the whole content.

Let’s suppose someone has written an article of 50 pages. That includes 10 first-level headings and 30-second level headings. The user can simply choose the desired template of table contents to use. Just on a click, a table of content will be created involving all the desired details opted while selecting the template.

Moreover, different apps, software, and plugins are available to create the table of contents for the content written on the blog site.

Formats of Table of Contents Templates

There are several formats available to create a table of contents template. The user can select the best one based on the nature of the content. The details have to be included in the table of contents usually depends on the length of writing.

Usually, it is recommended to include a table of contents on a written document if it has ten or more pages.

The standard practice of the publishers is to include the table of contents at the beginning right after the title and copyrights page. However, in journals, the abstract is also written before the table of content. You may also like a memorandum of understanding template.

Best Table of Contents Examples

Moreover, the list of figures, list of tables, and the preface must be written after the table of contents.

The following are the elements of the table of contents templates created using MS word. One can choose any combination of below to make a customized table of contents.

  • Level of Headings (Up to 9)
  • Format (Simple, Classic, Formal, Fancy, Modern)
  • Font (Style and Size)
  • Page Number
  • Hyper-Links
  • Alignment
  • Tab Leader (Periods, Dots, Continuous Line)

The standard practice is to make a printable table of contents includes two levels of headings, period leaders, page numbers, right-aligned, and simple format.

However, the overall format and location of the page number can be selected by the publisher keeping in view the overall graphics of the written content.

Also, normally the page number is written after the text separated by the use of tab leaders. However, a table of contents having page numbers before the text can be seen in the books.

Moreover, the books that involve the content written by different authors must include the name of authors along with the title and page number.

The table of contents for digital media usually uses the hyperlinks technique instead of page numbers. One can simply click on the text to navigate to the content.

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