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A title page template is a written document that contains information about your character as a writer. This page allows the reader to identify your work easily. This page makes your written assignments look more professional.

Importance of a title page:

After submitting your essay, the first thing that your teacher looks is your title page. This page is considered as a simple part of the process of writing an essay. But, it has an important effect on your instructor’s opinion. With an incomplete title page, don’t submit an essay. Moreover, you should properly follow the proper APA title page format otherwise your teacher may think that you didn’t put any effort into the rest of your paper either.

You just have a few minutes to write this page including the proper formatting. A well-crafted page can make a memorable first impression. This impression will get carried over to the rest of your essay. If you aren’t asked your teacher then you might not even need this page. This page is a requirement for APA style papers. You can use professional and student versions of the title page depending on your teacher’s instructions.

Student version:

This version includes the following;

  • The title of your paper
  • Your name as the author
  • Your affiliation
  • Course name
  • Number for which you’re submitting the paper
  • The name of your instructor
  • The due date of your paper
  • The page number

Professional version:

This version contains the following;

  • The title of your paper
  • Your name as the author
  • Your affiliation
  • Author note
  • Page number
  • Running head

Difference between a cover page and title page:

The title and the cover page don’t have the same purpose. They have some similar aspects as well as some distinct differences. Likewise the cover of a book, a cover page usually involves a picture, a title, and a hard surface. On the other hand, a title page contains a title and other important information. It appears right after a book’s hardcover page.

How to create a title page?

The APA style manual of the title page template should include the following;

Running head:

According to the 7th edition of the APA style manual, the running heads are only required only for professional papers that you submit for publication. At the top of the page, include a running head along with a page number flush right on the same line. It should be typed by using upper case letters only as it is the abbreviated title of your paper.

On the left of the page header of all of the pages, align the running head. The running head shouldn’t exceed 50 characters according to the guidelines of the 7th edition of the APA. Moreover, place the page number on the same header at the right. You have to position the header 1 inch from the top but some guidelines also allow measurement of 1/2 inch.

Paper title:

At the upper half of the page, place the title of your paper. Use boldface and center the title. In your title, capitalize all of the important words. It is suggested that the title should not exceed 12 words. Also, it shouldn’t include abbreviations or words don’t serve a purpose.

Author name(s):

Just below the paper title, place the author’s name. It should be double-spaced, and centered. There is no need to use degrees or titles. In case, there is more than one author then before the name of the last author place commas.

Institutional affiliation:

Under the names of the authors, place the name of your university or school. Also, align it at the center. If you are writing a student paper then also includes the following;

  • Your course number
  • Course name
  • The name of your instructor
  • The due date of your assignment

Some other formatting tips:

Basically, the title page template includes a running head, the title of your work, and your affiliation. In the creation of the title page, any research paper requires a lot of concentration. After all, it is the APA front page of your paper. Consider these formatting tips while making this page;

  • In the 7th edition, the APA style instructions have increased flexibility in terms of font options. It’s up to you whether you use Arial 11, Calibri 11, Times New Roman 12, Georgia 11 or Lucida Sans Unicode 10.
  • Center all of the words. Additionally, capitalize the first letters of the important words.
  • Keep in mind that the running head in APA format contains the abbreviated form of a title. It always appears on all of the pages in the header. Therefore, include a header along with the page number.
  • You should focus on the font size, alignment, and number of characters you use, especially for the running head.
  • Some students capitalize all the words they used in the title. If you are required to follow the APA format then this isn’t correct. You just have to capitalize the first letters of select words.
  • If the title of your work includes a colon or a dash then after punctuation you need to capitalize the very first letter of the word.
  • If you have made a research paper in a group activity, you should use an ampersand which is the & symbol.


In conclusion, the title page template is the first cover page of a paper or book that includes the title and some other important information. The title page is the very first thing that your teacher would see after submitting your essay. So, you have to make it eye-catching. This page allows the reader to determine your work easily.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the 5 components of an APA title page?

The 5 components that compose an APA title page are;

1- The title (the name of the label or the name of an entire research paper)
2- The running head
3- The author byline (the complete name of the author)
4- The name of the institute or the institutional affiliation
5- The author’s note

What is the difference between an MLA and an APA title page?

The title page or cover page in the MLA writing style is fused with the introduction of the entire research paper. In short, the MLA title page is a single paragraph that prefaces the paper. On the other hand, the APA title page is a single component in the entire research paper that evokes its page.

Can an essay have a title page?

It depends on the school or educator presiding over the essay. Usually, the essays do not have a title page. Instead, it follows the MLA format that have the title over the initial paragraph.

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