Real & Fake Pregnant Papers for Pregnancy Verification (MS Word)

printable pregnancy confirmation form template

Pregnant papers are the documents made for a woman who is undergoing pregnancy. These papers are used to get time off work when you have to take some rest to make sure your health and the health of your baby.

Pregnant papers to prove your pregnancy

There are different types of pregnant papers that you can use to prove your pregnancy. These may include pregnancy confirmation letters, pregnancy verification letters, pregnancy test results, and more. All these documents are important for pregnant women in the workplace.

Moreover, some women also make fake pregnancy documents to take time off work. These may include fake positive pregnancy test reports, fake check-up documents, and they look so realistic that can fool employers and HR personnel.

Nowadays, to prove pregnancy online, you can also find fake documentation. You just have to enter your information on the sites that give the documents, print them out, and submit them. Using fake pregnancy documents is always risk, particularly if you plan to use them to ask for a break from your work. Therefore, you should only use these documents when you are pregnant.

Pregnant papers and documents:

You would have to obtain several kinds of pregnant papers when you are pregnant and make for different purposes. Let us discuss below these documents and what they generally contain;

Before giving birth

Patient information

Whether at the clinic, the hospital and in any other institution, you have to provide your personal information. For example, in case, you get admitted to a hospital, you have to give your personal information for their records. In case of emergency, your partner has to provide this information to the hospital.

Admission slip

Admission slip includes your doctor’s instructions that what you have to do at the moment you get admitted at the hospital. As your due date approaches, it is essential to have this particular pregnancy paper.

Birth plan

You should also prepare a birth plan aside from a pregnancy verification letter. On this document, you would discuss the information. Before giving birth, finalize it with your OB-gyn. This document includes important instructions such as your preferred pain relief methods, who you want to be in the room when you give birth and more.

Furthermore, you may also want to include in your plan whether you would agree to a C-section if required. When you have finalized this document, give a copy to your partner, family, doctor, and the nurses at the hospital. Providing them this document makes sure that they know what you want during labor, childbirth, and recovery.

A birth plan can be very helpful whether it’s your first time to give birth or you’ve already given birth before. For your childbirth process, this is particularly true if you have specific preferences or instructions.

Life or health insurance card

You should have a life or health insurance card in case you are an employee. This is one of the great advantage of having a job. Don’t forget to bring your card in case your health plan includes maternity. Also, tell your employer early on to make sure hassle-free processing.

Marriage certificate

The pregnant women who are married, this document is only for them. You have to bring a copy of your marriage certificate in such a case.


Will does hold a lot of significance but creating one isn’t something a lot of people want to do. We all want the birthing process to go smoothly. Additionally, there are cases when the mother dies. So, it is beneficial to have a prepared will in order to take care of the mother’s assets and any other instructions.

After giving birth

Certificate of live birth

You no longer require your pregnancy confirmation letter after giving birth. Rather than this, it’s time to pay attention to your newborn baby’s documents. Your baby’s most important document is the certificate of live birth. Before registering this document at your Local Civil Registry, you should check all of the information on the document to ensure its accuracy.

Make sure that you have this document ready whether you give birth in a hospital, at a clinic or at home. The medical personnel would forward the certificate to the Civil Registrar’s Office for those giving birth in clinics or hospitals. You just ensure to get an official copy after a few days or weeks. For those who give birth at home, within 30 days after the woman gave birth, the midwife, nurse, doctor or the woman’s partner should take the certificate to the CRO.

Baby book

This isn’t a requirement. A baby book enables you to keep track of the most basic information and milestones about your baby. The book may also include records of immunizations.

What to include in pregnant papers?

Include the following basic information on a pregnant papers;

The name of the doctor

On your pregnancy verification letter or in any documents for pregnancy verification, you have to include your doctor’s name. You should also check birth plan templates.

Doctor’s contact details

Include your doctor’s contact details if you want to make sure that your document doesn’t look like a fake pregnancy document.


When you visited your OB-gyn for check-ups, include the dates. It is also important to include your estimated delivery date so that your employer can prepare for your maternity leave.

Accurate information

On your proof of pregnancy documents, you should ensure to include accurate and truthful information.

Symptoms of pregnancy

Include the symptoms of the pregnancy that you experience as it helps your employer and coworkers know what to expect from you. Some common symptoms are;

  • Breast tenderness
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

Doctor’s note

Your doctor can include any medical information for this part. This information may include how many weeks you’re at, any recommendations, and other relevant details.


In conclusion, the pregnant papers are important documents for pregnant women to take leave from work. Submitting such papers act as evidence of your pregnancy.

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