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A birth plan template helps expectant mothers to design their wishes about an upcoming birthing experience. It is relatively a modern phenomenon. Some people don’t take interest in it because they consider it to be a waste of time. However, it is essential to formulate.

What basically a birth plan is?

A birth plan is a written document that states the medical advisor about the expectant mother’s preferences and choices regarding the baby’s birth. It contains a set of instructions that help the medical team at the time of delivery and the mother can stay flexible on certain things. By formulating a birth plan in the form of a document makes things happen your way. Additionally, when you are in the delivery room, it refreshes everything you told your medical team.

Some nurses and other medical staff are new to the experience of going through labor. So, this document informs them what type of things you want when in labor. Some hospitals also provide birth plan template to highlight the policies and plans for childbirth. Furthermore, this plan provides a great platform for the communication of important details with the people responsible. Sometimes things not happen according to plan so you have to remain reasonably flexible in your desires. You may also like Birth Certificate Templates.

Different Types of Birth Plan:

People create different types of birth plans. A few of them mentioned below;

  • Baby birth plan
  • Baby center birth plan
  • Cesarean Birth Plan
  • C-Section Birth Plan
  • Home Birth Plan
  • Hospital Birth Plan
  • Hypnobirthing Birth Plan
  • Mercy Birth Plan
  • Natural Birth Plan
  • Parental Birth Plan
  • Twin Birth Plan

What to include in a birth plan?

Here are some basic elements that you should include in the birth plan;

Birth Place:

At first, you have to decide the place where you would like to give birth at. The birthplace is commonly the hospital. Every hospital has different birthing rooms that contain equipped facilities and all important things. However, some people may select their house for birth. But if we compared the hospitals and your own house then hospitals are the best because they have the necessary facilities compared to your own home.

Delivery environment:

Another important thing is the delivery environment. You should also mention the details about the delivery environment. The expectant mother states that what she would like to have in her delivery room. The things that she may want are the attached bathroom, shower, television, and much more. Moreover, she can also talk about the moment of delivery either she allows any male staff to come in or not. She also wants to keep the lights dim during delivery.

People in the labor room:

Next, indicate the number of people she wants to accommodate in the labor room. She may prefer her husband or her mother to be with her to console her. In this regard, she has several options such as mothers, coaches, doula, friends, family members, etc.


A woman should keep herself relax during delivering a baby. So, she has to select birthing apparatuses carefully. The birthing bed is one of the main things that a woman selects. During delivery, special types of beds are used. There are various types of beds that are used during delivery and you can raise their back and adjust them the way you want. In addition, if the woman is not feeling comfortable on the bed then she can opt for a birthing chair. Special types of chairs and stools are designed for pregnant women on which allow her to be in a squatting shape and position. In this way, she can exert more pressure and the delivery process becomes easier.

There are some other positions like side-lying, kneeling, lying down, and squatting. All these four positions provide ease to the backache because the woman puts her face downwards, and uses her knees and hands to rest on the upper section. Hence, it depends on the ease that which birth apparatuses and positions a woman selects. You should also check Birthday Card Templates.

How to write a birth plan?

Let us discuss some tips that will help you in writing an effective birth plan;

  • You should keep your birth plan straightforward. It is just one page long so that the medical advisors can understand you birth plans easily.
  • To explains your birth plans use short sentences and bullets. During delivery, no one has enough time to read long paragraphs or go through page after page of a lengthy birth plan.
  • Keep several copies of your birth plan. It is helpful in the case of nurse shift when you are either in labor, hospital, or birth center.
  • Most importantly, ensure that the person who will be there to support you should know all the information on the birth plan. This thing helps in decision making and makes sure as much of your plans happen.
  • Also, include a backup plan for unexpected situations in your document.
  • You should create a plan that indicates your desire for a natural birth. You know why you want it natural and you should mentally prepare for it.


In conclusion, a birth plan template is a precise document that a pregnant woman used to list down her preferences and requests for delivery. Usually, it contains the location of delivery, whether you want pain relief, who is permitted in the delivery room, etc. It’s totally up to you what to include in your birth plan. you should be concise and as clear as possible.

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