Free Printable Happy Birthday Card Templates (Word / PDF)

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You can use a birthday card template to design birthday cards for your friends, colleagues, siblings, or loved ones. These templates are specifically designed by using the fundamental elements of the birthday such as cakes, candles, balloons, and gift images.

Nowadays, people send e-birthday cards to their loved ones on social media. You can create impressive birthday cards for them by using an editable birthday card template. For creating the card, take your time and design one that best fits the person you care about most.

Generic Structure of a Birthday Card

The structure of a birthday card is dependent on the relationship as well as the design of the card. However, there are a few elements that are present on each type of birthday card.

  1. Name of the subject person or the receiver of the card. Calligraphic fonts are preferred to write down the name.
  2. The body of the card is the main section where birthday greetings and wishes are expressed.
  3. This section normally includes a quote, picture, and loving or wishing expression as per the relationship.
  4. In the end, it is recommended to write down the name of the sender and any relational phrase.

Free Happy Birthday card templates for word

There are a number of greeting expressions to write in the body of the card. These are purely related to the relationship. But some generic wishing expressions can be added. Like “Happy Birthday to You” or “Wish you many happy returns of the day”.

Why you should send greeting cards to your loved ones?

You should send greeting cards to your loved ones because they enable you to show your feelings and emotions with sympathy, pleasure, thanks, and gratitude. With the help of these cards, you can attach in an emotional way to the people who are playing an important role in your lives.

Sending greeting cards is a great way to make someone feel special and smile. You can show people that you care about them by expressing your emotions and feelings with the help of cards. When sending cards, there are various options to consider. However, you can send cards through postal mail if you want to send cards to express love and devotion to someone. Sending cards through postal mail will be unique because people like digitalizing everything nowadays.

These days, there are various events that need one to send cards to express emotions and sentiments like anniversaries, engagements, weddings, Christmas, Independence Day celebrations, New Year celebrations, and many more.

Let us discuss below various reasons for sending greeting cards to your loved ones;

To tell your loved ones that you have not forgotten them

You are telling your loved ones that you have not forgotten their special day by sending them a greeting card on their birthday, wedding anniversary, or any special occasion. For instance, you can send your best friend who was mad at you for not remembering their birthday the previous year a very nice wish by telling them how much you love them and how much they are important for you, and all the lighthearted sentiments.

To explain that they are essential to you

By sending greeting cards to your loved ones, you can tell them that they are important to you. You tend to care for someone who is important to you and means a lot to you by taking care of everything in their life. Therefore, a greeting card assists you to foster relationships better than before. For example, an employee who works in the organization for years and really pulls out all stops to make ends meet, you can send a greeting card to them by showing that they mean a lot of the firm. This will surely encourage them.

When you want to congratulate your loved ones

There is nothing that can beat the happiness of getting something one has always desired for. You should send congratulation notes to your friend if he has gotten good grades, your sister if she has been blessed with a baby or your significant partner has recently graduated. You can really make them feel happy by sending well wishes for even the smallest of achievements. Furthermore, you can become a source of motivation for them and will put a smile on their faces.

To tell your loved ones that you miss them and want to say something special

Always tell your loved ones when you miss them. Nowadays, people are so busy in their lives. They send messages about missing and tell them how much they love them. But, in reality, when sent in excessively, messages have lost their value. So, you should send a card to express your feelings and how badly you want to meet them. By receiving this, they would think how much effort you have put in to send it. Also, they realize how genuine your feelings are towards them. In addition to these, cards are the best and most romantic way to pen down your feelings when you want to say something special to your significant partner.

How to get creative with birthday cards?

Just imagine receiving a heartfelt birthday card from your significant partner, friend, or loved ones. You would definitely feel great. Also, handmade birthday cards are now out of fashion. You can make use of several card apps and birthday card templates for your ease. You can create your own personalized cards for your loved one’s birthday with the help of online tools at your disposal. From the numerous layouts and designs that suit your style, you can select the card of your choice.

However, try out the following in case you want to be creative and want to make your personalized cards;

Change the Layout

You can see several layouts, designs and themes in the cards that are available online. It is better to change the theme in order to give a new look and a different outlay to your card. If you are sending a card to a girl then she may like a pink layout based or perhaps a floral theme. For your card template, you can select any layout.

Change the Image

The card usually come with its own pictures. In case, you don’t like the pictures or want to place you and your friend’s image on the cover page, then you can also replace it. Furthermore, you can also select a picture from the library of over 1 million stock graphics, photographs and illustrations. You can make use of a creative font style and color from the hundreds of fresh styles along with the images. Also, don’t forget to change the color of the text boxes in case you want to add extra flair to your text.

Present them in Style

Your card will almost be ready after selecting all the images, colors and texts. To put it in an envelope, you should print it quickly. You may want to present it in style after printing it. You can put a sticker on the envelope in order to style up your card. To share your true feelings and emotions for someone, these are one of the best and creative ways.

In addition to this, make use of shorter sentences, they catch your attention and make them feel special. Not only this, by taking advantage of the unique patterns and shapes of waste products and other materialistic objects, you can also present your card in style to your loved ones.

How do you make a birthday card online?

Here are some steps that will help you in making a birthday card online;

Step#1: Firstly, select an online birthday card design. There are various online birthday card generators that have templates for grade school kids to grandparents. Select the template that you like the most for a birthday boy or girl. After that, click ‘Personalize’.

Step#2: Secondly, select a birthday photo. The card maker also allows you to upload photos from any device such as phones, computers, etc. Also, there are multiple photos in the online birthday card maker; you can see them by clicking each turn by turn and select one that you like for your card.

Step#3: Next, you can also edit the text and add any message you want. You can also add music and colors you want.

Step#4: When you have all done with the above steps, you can send the birthday card to the birthday boy or girl online and in print. You can send it online via email, social media, etc. If you want to give it by hand then print it.

How do I make a birthday card on MS word?

Let us discuss step-by-step how do you make a birthday card on MS word;

Step#1: At first, in MS word open a blank document. Then, click on the File list and select New. After that, under the MS office, Online Templates select the Greeting cards option.

Step#2: In the second step, from the Greeting Cards menu choose Occasions and Events. Then, select a template that you want to use for your birthday card. Next, from the bottom right corner click open.

Step#3: In this step, you can change the font, text type, font color, or whatever you want to change by going into the Home menu.

Step#4: Next, adjust the layout of the card.

Step#5: Then, add clip arts to your birthday card. If you don’t like the available clip art then just select the object and delete it.

Step#6: In the end, save your birthday card and print it.

How do you write on your friend’s birthday card?

Some friends play a significant role in our lives. When their birthday comes so it’s become difficult to find the perfect words to wish them. Here are some tips that will help you in wishing your friend that play such an awesome role in your life;

  1. You should mention your favorite memories of yours with your friend.
  2. Tell them the reasons why you are glad to have him/her as your friend.
  3. Include the greatest things about him/her.
  4. Also, mention when he/she made your day wonderful.
  5. Include the reasons why you love him/her.
  6. Comment your friend’s favorite quality.
  7. Involve the sweet compliment.
  8. You should also write a friendship quote, it will definitely make your birthday wishing wonderful.

How to make your own birthday cards?

Here are the steps to follow to create your own birthday cards;

Think about the card recipient

Definitely, there is a difference between the type of card and message that you make for a young person as compared to what you make for a colleague or parent. You can find a wide variety of birthday card templates online. Don’t send an inappropriate message to a person with whom you haven’t a close relationship or not to a parent, sibling, or employer.

Select the design of the birthday card which is relevant to the recipient. You get an idea about the happy birthday template after considering who will be the card recipient.

Collect the materials for creating a DIY birthday card

You will create your card after selecting your preferred free birthday card designs and then printing it out. In order to make the printed card look presentable, you can try another process. For this, you need the materials to create a DIY birthday card. Gather the following materials;

Printing paper

There is a wide variety of printing papers for cards. Some of the ideas are;

  • Embossed paper
  • Cardstock
  • Construction paper
  • Art Card or colored paper

Material for coloring

  • Watercolor
  • Crayons
  • Pencils
  • Paint
  • Brushes

Other essential items

  • Buy a good quality adhesive
  • You may need stickers
  • Purchase glitter
  • Use ribbons they can add beauty to your card

Select a card design

There is a wide variety of card options that you can make. The things that matter are the number of folds or the type of shape you want to make. If you want to fold the paper then select the thickness that will not break while folding. Selecting the birthday card design you want to make depends on the happy birthday template.

Signing a birthday card:

It is a challenge for many people to sign the card. When signing a message to a spouse or the person you love, you might not have a problem. But, signing a card for a colleague, employer, employee, or someone else is the main challenge.

Your message should be just right and enough. The type of message to write will be identified by your relationship with the person. You can consider the following examples to sign your card;

  • Your best child
  • With lots of love
  • Celebrating you
  • Missing you
  • Endless hugs and kisses
  • Enjoy your birthday

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