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A birthday card is a greeting card sent to someone to wish and celebrate the birthday. There are different types of birthday cards depending on the relationship with the subject person.

The tradition of birthday cards along with the birthday cake is different related to the culture of society. However, the use of electronic birthday cards and messages has given a new height to this beautiful greeting culture.

In this article, we will briefly discuss the types of birthday cards for different relations and the structure of birthday cards.

The Importance of Birthday Card Template

In digital era electronics are such as emails, social media and instant messaging. Just think about getting a colorful card envelop among the bills. It will instantly make your day brighter.

It gives emotional affection that someone loves and cares so much. That to leisure some time and send a special birthday greeting. It will definitely bring a smile on the face. These emotions can’t be generated via email or instant messaging.

Birthday card to employees lifts their morale due to its sentimental and goodwill nature. Similarly, a birthday card to Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Wife, Son, Daughter, or Best Friend will have different jargon and sentiments. However, the basic structure is common in every birthday card for any relation.

Birthday cards express all the emotions, joy, love, and excitement It connects us on an emotional basis with the people for whom there is a special value in our hearts. The personalized birthday cards allow expressing the sentiments and feelings for the loved ones. You may also like weekly calendar templates.

Best Collections of Birthday  Greetings Card Templates

Although, in this era of electronic media. People love to hear birthday wishes via social media or instant messages. However, if someone does something special and wrote the feelings on a card. Just like, even the same note sent via email will make a different emotion for the loved one if sent via a birthday card.

Our birthday card templates are easy to customize to best fit any relationship. However, relation specific birthday card template is also available to serve the purpose well. These are integrated as printable birthday cards.

Generic Structure of a Birthday Card

The structure of a birthday card is dependent on the relationship as well as the design of the card. However, there are a few elements that are present on each type of birthday card.

  1. Name of the subject person or the receiver of the card. Calligraphic fonts are preferred to write down the name.
  2. The body of the card is the main section where birthday greeting, and wishes are expressed.
  3. This section normally includes a quote, picture, and loving or wishing expression as per relationship.
  4. In the end, it is recommended to write down the name of the sender and any relational phrase.

Free Happy Birthday card templates for word

There is a number of greeting expressions to write in the body of the card. These are purely related to the relationship. But some generic wishing expressions can be added. Like “Happy Birthday to You” or “Wish you many happy returns of the day”.

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