22+ Printable Grocery List Templates (Excel / Word / PDF)

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Using a grocery list template while going into the grocery store is a great way to save money and time. This list stops you from overspending and ensures you only buy what is on the list.

Additionally, you can find various formats of grocery list templates online. They are all designed to suit different preferences and lifestyles.

What are some types of grocery list templates?

You can use different types of shopping list templates for grocery shopping. Let us discuss below some common types;

Blank grocery list template

You can use a blank template if you want to type all the items on your list. Also, you can use it with columns to write down your items as per your meal plan. If you purchase a lot of items regularly then this template proves very useful.

However, you can use a simpler blank template in case you usually shop for yourself only or for fewer people. Make use of a neat and basic template to clearly write down your required items. Also, you can write down the prices of the purchased items with a blank template.

Colorful grocery list template

If you want to make your grocery shopping more fun then you should use a colorful template. Select one which has all your favorite colors in order to inspire yourself while shopping. In addition, a colorful template can also be used to categorize the items in your list. You can color code the items as per the aisles in case you are familiar with your grocery store.

Downloadable grocery list template

You can select a download template if you don’t want to make your own template. You can download the grocery list template online and then print it out to use. Each time when you are going to the market, you just need to write down the items.

What to include in a grocery list template?

A well-drafted grocery list should include the following;

Categories or sections

For smoother navigation and optimized efficiency, it would be recommended to make categories in your list based on store layout or specific dietary requirements.

Item description

Your list must have space for the names of the items, specific labels, and required quantities.

Additional notes

Create a section for additional notes where you can write down particular instructions or reminders.

Here are some additional elements that you can include in your grocery list to make it more comprehensive;

Price column

Including a price column in the grocery list will be beneficial for people who have a tight budget or are aiming to track expenses. It enables them to monitor and compare prices of different items.

Discounts or coupons

Incorporate discounts or coupons section in your grocery list if you frequently use coupons or take advantage of store discounts so that you won’t miss out on discounts.

Why should you use grocery list while shopping?

Sometimes in life when you go to a store in order to buy just one or two specific things, but in reality, you come up home with so much more than you wanted to. You are more likely to impulse shop if you don’t take grocery list along with you. Basically, impulse shopping means that you buy things that you never intended to buy.

You have more focus when you shop is one of the biggest benefits of making a plan and sticking to it. Let us discuss below some other benefits of using a grocery list while shopping;

It assists you to stick to a budget

Before going for shopping, when you write down what you want, you can ensure that it fits into your weekly budget. You won’t have to worry about overspending when you stick to the plan. Furthermore, you are more likely to randomly buy things that appeal to you at the moment if you go to the store without knowing what you need. Maybe these things you can’t afford to buy.

In case, your budget is limited then you should make use of an excel spreadsheet and insert the prices of the items you need to buy. Your total sum will calculate by the spreadsheet. This will allow you to control your food budget.

Save you time in the store

When you use printable grocery list templates, you can place similar things in the same area of the list. For instance, place all produce products in the same spot and all your dairy products in another. This way, you save time in the store.

You will find yourself walking back and forth randomly with no plan. The reason behind is that you forgot something you wanted in another area of the store. This indicates that you can get in and out of the store so quickly.

Pressing for time is one of the most important benefits of using a grocery list. Aisles are the most effective way to organize your grocery list. You can add the aisle number to each section in case you usually do your grocery shopping in the same store. If you have someone occasionally do your shopping for you, this will also be helpful.

Meal planning become easier

You should make sure that you shop with meals in mind and select the items you need for the week. Every day, write down the dinner, lunch, and breakfast ideas. Then, purchase only what you require at the store. This also makes sure that you don’t stop at the store at the last minute.

Stick to your diet more easily

Having a plan is very important for those that are trying to watch their weight. You can ensure that you purchase healthy food and snack items so that you have the willpower to resist the late-night cravings. When you are shopping, you must ensure that you stick to your list and don’t put unhealthy treats in your cart. Sticking to a grocery list is the key when it comes to the benefits of using a grocery list. You should also check master grocery list templates.

How to create an effective grocery list template?

It is very useful to going for grocery shopping and using a grocery list. To write down all the items you need for your home, you can use a printable shopping list. By doing this, you will become able to pay attention to what to buy.

You also won’t forget to purchase all the items that you require. You can make your own shopping list template if you want to save time. You can write down items throughout the week if you are planning to go to the grocery store on a weekly basis.

It is recommended to keep your list in your kitchen so it’s easily accessible. Also, you can ask other members of your family to write down the products that they require on the list.

Let us discuss below to create your own grocery list;

  • It’s better to categorize your list into different food groups. When you are doing this, you should make sure that from all the groups you have a mix of foods.
  • Also, you can categorize your list as per the arrangement of items in the grocery store. You can do this in case you know the layout and the arrangement of the supermarket.
  • You must know the arrangement of the store if you want to shop this way. While shopping, go through all the aisles and keep them in mind. After that, you can create your list in a more organized manner.
  • When you are drafting list, you should also think about the non-food items that you require. Not just food and beverages, grocery stores carry different products. For all the non-food items, you can also make a category. Before inserting items to your list, an inventory of what you already have at home, take it.
  • You can add some food items that you purchase regularly in your template. Mention them into the list before printing it out so that you don’t have to jot them down every time you draft your list.
  • Mix up your food items while making your list. By doing this, you don’t get bored with eating similar things week after week. This is particularly beneficial if you have children at home. Your children might get bored by eating the same food over and over again.
  • It is suggested to use a pencil rather than a pen while writing on a list so that you can easily erase some items when you change your mind.

How to use your shopping list template?

Consider the following tips for using your shopping list;

  • You should just write down those items which you need. To avoid unnecessary purchases, make sure to stick to your list while shopping.
  • In case, you are planning meals then to make your list use your plan as a reference. The foods, beverages, and ingredients required for your weekly meal plan just write them down.
  • Categorize the items in order to keep your list organized. However, you can also mention the items as per the arrangement of the items in the store.
  • Write down the brand names of the items that you purchase regularly. It would be recommended to try different brands in order to identify which ones are the best.
  • In case, you don’t know the name of the brands then just specify the names of the items you need. When you are at the grocery shop, choose which one you want to buy.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is perimeter shopping?

Perimeter shopping refers to only shopping on the outside aisles and avoiding the inner sections. This is because in most grocery stores all the healthier items are placed on the perimeter.

What is a paper and pencil list?

A paper and pencil list is excellent for people who require a physical response rather than using a digital list on your phone. This way, they can remove the things as they buy. This encourages them to continue using the grocery list templates.

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