Free Printable Meal Plan Templates (Excel, Word, PDF)

free meal planner template

Meal planning is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a meal plan template is a planner document used to define the basic three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner for a specific number of days.

Meal planning is an approach to spend some time on defining any number of meals for a defined number of days such as daily, weekly, or monthly meal planners.

The meal planning is also taken as the approach to ask the question about what to eat once for a certain number of days, instead of every day, and then go to the grocery to make sure the availability of ingredients as per requirement.

It isn’t just limited to planning a few things. The template can be used to plan any type of food so one doesn’t need to spend money on restaurant food on the hour of need.

The goal of using a meal planner template is not to start from scratch for every meal. There are a lot of reasons for planning meals. However, the important thing is to make sure the grocery must be available for what has been planned out at a particular time of the day.

So, there are three simplest steps in the planning of meal using a meal plan template;

  1. Define the breakfast, lunch, and dinners (along with recipes if needed)
  2. Go to shopping to buy the required ingredients.
  3. Prepare the ingredients for cooking.

Significance of using Meal Plan Template

There are a lot of reasons for using a meal plan template. The basic goal is to select the meals for a certain number of days and take steps for meal preparation.

The meal planning approach can be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. However, weekly meal planning templates are used to plan three basic meals of a day for the whole week.

It helps in many ways to the planning. Talking specifically about the template. So, it’s compatible with the MS Excel and Google Sheet. So, can be used without any professional skill of the tool. Also, compatible to use on desktop as well as mobile phones.

There are three major benefits of meal planning in terms of time, health and money.

Meal planning focuses on the approach to meal preparation ahead of time. The meal planning saves time by reducing the number of trips to the store for groceries. Also, a well-planned meal contains a grocery shopping list to avoid wandering randomly at the grocery stores.

Meal planning is also used to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It helps in planning healthy diet plans to eat the right food in the right amount.

Moreover, a list of ingredients prepared. Therefore, the buyer saves money by planning to buy on ingredients that are required to prepare the planned foods.

Key Elements of Meal Plan Template

There are different meal plan templates available to use. However, a basic three meal weekly template is the most commonly used one.

The date or week number for the planning week is written at the top. There are 8 subsections in the template. Seven for each day of the week while one for the grocery or shopping list.

The days’ sections are named by the name of the day. Also, subdivided into three further sections to write down the food for breakfast, lunch and dinner separately.

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