32 Two Weeks Notice Letters & Resignation Templates

best 2 week notice letter

A two weeks notice letter is a formal document used for forwarding your intention of resignation to the management. It is delivered two ways from the farewell day. Moreover, the Two weeks time period is a standard resignation time frame in many counties and clears the way for a formal departure.

In this article, the comprehensive details of writing a formal Two weeks notice letter will be given. It must involve concrete reasons to justify the resignation in the formal way and jargon. You should also check the Termination of Employment Letter.

Important Aspects of the Two weeks Notice Letter

There are a lot of aspects to consider before putting forward the resignation using a Two weeks notice letter. Following aspect of the current position and plan must be analyzed carefully.

  • Employment Aspect: Analyze the details about what’s the next job, when it is going to start, and downtime between the jobs?
  • Financial Aspect: To analyze how the resignation will affect your financial position? Is there any downtime between jobs?
  • Social Aspects: How your resignation is going to affect your coworkers? Leaving any bugs in the work to burden them out?
  • HR Aspects: How the PTO’s and other details will be countered with the HR department? How the smooth will be the clearance process?

Best Two Weeks Notice Letters:

Two weeks Notice Letter Template

Putting forward your resignation case in front of the manager isn’t as simple. One needs to write a formal letter carrying all the essential details about the departure.

Therefore, a reference notice letter proves a helping hand in this hour of need. It provides a formal format for writing down a resignation letter. Moreover, the cover of the letter carries the following details:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Designation
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Name of the Line Manager
  • Date of the Letter

A simple Two weeks notice letter helps in the following situations:

  • Assist the newcomers to put forward resignation to follow career growth plans.
  • In a situation when the reporter isn’t too familiar with the nature of the line manager.
  • It helps to choose a formal and neutral jargon.
  • If one doesn’t want to include the reason for resignation in the Two weeks notice letter.

Formal 2 weeks notice Templates:

Must Haves of Two weeks Notice Letter

It is difficult to format a Two weeks notice letter after spending more than 2 years at your work. One has to look into several factors such as social, financial, employment, and HR aspects.

Moreover, the following details must be included in the Two weeks notice letter for a relatively senior position than a newbie.

  • The Reason of Intention of the Resignation
  • Date of the Last Working Day
  • Assurance of Loyalty towards the work during the Notice Period.
  • Any negotiation margin to help both the employee and company during the notice period.
  • The appreciation to the employer for providing opportunities and facilities over the service period.

Resignation Letter Examples


In conclusion, the Two weeks notice letter is a formal document issued by the employee to the employer to put forward the intention of departing from the work in the standard notice period as per company policy.

It includes all the details to answer the questions that may come into the mind of the line manager about the reason for resignation and pending tasks.

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