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character reference letter

Traditionally and occasionally, someone you know will ask to submit a personal reference. The best character reference is referencing form someone you’re connected to personally.

Either a former employer needs a written note in the best way. You can ask to write a personal reference for a friend, neighbor, acquaintance, or advisor. Also, someone, you are a volunteer with to ask.

This type of letter is also known as a personal letter for a friend. This is a document written by an individual who knows personally. The basic idea of the document is to attest to all abilities. Until and unless other recommended letters are by a person who isn’t an employer or coworker.

Usually, people use character references in addition to an alternate employee letter. Yet, people may use this when their priority to record isn’t perfect. This is also if he/she doing their first job. Some of the given commands that how to write a character reference letter or note for a friend. As well as examples and samples for a friend also. You may also like a fake doctor’s note template.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a character reference?

A character reference is a letter describing your personality, integrity, and skills provided by someone who knows you personally and can describe your character and abilities. It is also known as a personal reference or personal recommendation.

Which people you have to choose to write a reference letter?

If you want someone to write a reference letter for you then choose a good person. The person maybe anyone who knows about your best characteristics. Here is the list of some persons who will make the best letter for you;

  • An academic teacher or professor
  • A business colleague
  • Close friends
  • A good neighbor
  • A close fellow
  • Your club coach and any person who knows you very well.

You shouldn’t choose someone whom you have direct personal relations because the references from such persons will not be considered authentic.

What should a character reference letter include?

A character reference letter includes the following information;

  1. Firstly, state your relation with a person, a small paragraph about yourself, and how long you have known him.
  2. Then, state the reason why are you writing this letter.
  3. State the person’s characters in the next 1-2 paragraphs. Mentions his qualities and skills that may you think to help him to stand out in the respective field. You can also mention the goals that he has achieved, the volunteering he has done, and all his good deeds. Support each claim about a person with certain examples.
  4. In the end, provide your complete name and contact details at the bottom.

How can you write a reference letter for a friend?

You can write an effective reference letter for your friend by considering the following steps;

  • If you can provide a quality reference and you feel that you can write a genuine and enthusiastic letter with specific reasons for your friend then accept his request.
  • Ask from your friend about what technical skills and attributes are necessary for the job or for which purpose he needs a character reference letter.
  • And then discuss with your friend about his career path and professional goals and what professional plans he is made over the next 5 or 10 years.
  • At the starting of a letter briefly mention that how long you have known each other, where you met for the first time, and the bonding of your friendship.
  • In the body of a letter, state the abilities and attributes of your friend with specific examples.
  • Frame the reference letter around your friend’s success to convey constant improvement and by mentioning the level where your friend started when you first met.
  • In the end, provide your full name and contact information.

What are some tips for writing a reference letter?

Here are some tips that can help you while writing a reference letter;

  • Ask about all the information you need.
  • Be specific
  • Follow the business letter format
  • Provide the contact details
  • Determine the qualities that companies or schools might be looking for.

Tips for Asking for a Character Reference Letter

Deem whom to ask

This may be someone who is recognizing you well. It can also speak to your best and positive qualities. Actually matters the most is, a person can provide you with an honest reference. By asking a family member those who suggestions will be considered prejudiced. You may also see payroll template excel.

Offer information

When you have asked to give her all the information, need a reference. Also, tell her what duties you are applying for. This is how to submit a letter and the deadline for submission. To give him/her any material this may support to write a letter. For example resume or another letter. You may also check out the daily checklist template.

Send a thank-you note to the writer later

Make sure to highlight how much you appreciate him/her. By taking the time to write your references note.

When Are Character Reference Letters Necessary?

So, there are two primary phases of a character reference letter for a friend. These two are most needed. For a legislative purpose such as background check or court case. In this case, the orientation letter is used to offer evidence. The related person you are writing a letter about is the overall best person. It also should be found innocent sentence paroled etc.

You can also ask to write a character reference for a friend who is applying for a job. If he/she doesn’t have much experience but need a reference letter to apply for a job.

Whereas, programs, clubs, and the school also demand a character reference letter. They also need to sign a lease as these reasons are less unusual.

How to Write a Character Letter And What Should It comprise?

  • Introduction or opening
  • How do you know your friend/partner
  • The character of your friend previously
  • The remorse you have seen (Optional)

Character Reference Letter for a Friend

character reference letter for a friend


Sample Character Reference Letter for a Friend

sample character reference letter for a friend


Character Reference Letter for a Friend Example

character reference letter for a friend example


Sample Personal Character Reference Letter

sample personal character reference letter


Character Reference Letter for a Friend Template

character reference letter for a friend template


Sample Character Reference Letter for a Friend for Immigration

sample character reference letter for a friend for immigration



Lastly, reference letter by saying thanks to the person reading it. Thanks and regards for their time and offering to answer any extra query. Also, include your full name and information at the end of the letter.

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