20+ Free Thank You Letter for Job Offer [Samples and Examples]

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A thank you letter for job offer is a formal document that you have to write after receiving the job offer. Sending this letter makes you able to formally confirm the new position either you have already accepted the job offer verbally. It confirms your new position and expresses gratitude.

Thank you letter for job offer can be sent as a hard copy or an email. Most importantly, use a polite tone and a business letter format as it is a formal document. You should use a respectful salutation and a complimentary closing. If you are sending a letter via email, you must place your name along with the words ‘Thank You’ in the email’s subject line.

Purpose of sending thank you letter for the job offer:

The main purpose of sending thank you letter is to inform either you accept the position or decline it. It also expresses your gratitude for the job offer. It is the best way to share your intentions officially. Furthermore, with the help of this document, you can clarify your agreement. If you accept the offer then this letter is your first interaction with the company as an employee. It makes a better impression. However, if you decline the position, the letter is the perfect way to politely decline and you can still make a good impression. In the future, maybe you can again apply to the same company. Thus, by writing thank you letter you can make a good relationship with the employer.

Importance of sending a thank you letter for job offer:

Writing this letter after receiving the job offer reinforces your personality as a professional. It makes you able to stand out. It has become the rule and common courtesy to send a thank you letter when you have accepted the job. It keeps your positive image with the company.

What to say after receiving a job offer?

If you receive a job letter, your first action should be a letter of thanks that shows your appreciation. You can send the letter either by post or via email to the hiring committee or HR department who offered you a job. Additionally, you should send the letter in a timely manner i.e. within two days of receiving the offer. Also, type your letter with proper formatting. It includes the following;

  • Show heartfelt and sincere gratitude towards the employer who put you into the hiring process and offering you a job.
  • A statement that indicates you are excited to start your new job and work with them.
  • Provide answers to every question that they asked you during an interview such as when you want to start your job.

Make sure that your letter doesn’t contain any unnecessary information. The unnecessary details may be related to your compensation and calibrations to the responsibilities of the position. In addition, it also includes the issues that you should discuss with an HR manager. We discussed above that this letter is an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation. It develops professional relations and makes your image as a professional. However, if you decline the offer, the letter still helps you to maintain good relations with the company.

Why should you draft a job offer thank you letter?

If you accept a job offer, you should write a job offer thank you letter to establish a good relationship with your new employer. You can also write the letter even if you decline the offer to stay in contact with the company which can lead to future job opportunities. Hence, the job offer thank you letter is a valuable career tool.

What to include in your letter?

The content of your letter varies based on whether you accept or decline the offer. However, your appreciation for the offer is the most important thing to include in your letter. If you accept the offer, include the following details;

The terms of the offer

Although this letter isn’t legal, you must clarify the terms. It is helpful for both you and the employer. Specify your start date, the job title, and any other relevant information.

Your contact details

You must include your contact number and email address in the letter so that the employer can contact you in case they have any last-minute details regarding start times or documents to bring with you.

Any queries

In this section, you can ask any questions regarding specifics, such as needing clarification on benefits, salary, etc.

How do you write a thank you letter for a job offer?

Some basic techniques are applied either you send the letter by email or you select the traditional route by giving a handwritten letter. Some of the basic techniques are as follow;

Say ‘Thank You’:

These words are contained by every than you letters. This is because your main purpose is to express your gratitude. You have to say thank you to everyone who is involved in the hiring process and puts their time and effort into your hiring. Before selecting you for the position, the HR department has to go through several resumes and held as many interviews. So, you must have to mention the position that you accepted.

Show enthusiasm:

Next, show enthusiasm that you are very excited to work with the company, all employers, and the hiring managers. Keep it concise; don’t add a lot of exclamation points to the sentences. You have to write all this by maintaining professionalism. You should show your eagerness in a way that’s comfortable with you.

Specific details:

It’s better to confirm some specific details i.e. your start date and any other important details about the job. If there is any ambiguity in your mind related to your job, ask it in a letter. You just have to stay away from sensitive topics and the topics that require face-to-face communication.

Explain your worth:

You can also state that you are a valuable addition to the company and you have also proved it during the hiring process. You should also keep it precise. This will realize the hiring team that they have made the right decision by selecting you.

Some additional tips for writing a job offer thank you letter:

Here are some tips for you;

Proofread your letter thoroughly

It doesn’t matter if you are at the very end of the hiring process, you still have to show professionalism. Double-check your letter is highly important and especially make sure that you get all the important information correct.

Keep your letter concise

Keep in mind while writing the letter that hiring managers just have a few minutes to read the letters of prospective candidates. Therefore, keep your letter precise and get to the point quickly.

Be professional and polite

Although you are very excited to start your new job, don’t forget to maintain professionalism and politeness while writing a thank you for the offer letter. You need to focus on the following;

  • Greeting
  • Formal language
  • Expression
  • Sign-off and closing

Remove irrelevant information

If your letter contains any information which irrelevant to the position then removes it. Also, exclude those details that you should speak with the HR representative or manager directly.


In conclusion, a thank you letter for job offer is an effective tool that maintains a good relationship with the company either you accepted the offer or not. The letter should contain a polite and professional tone because it is a formal document. You should express your gratitude and enthusiasm in the letter. After receiving the offer, it is your very first interaction with the company. So, you should aim to make a good impression.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When should you send a thank-you note after a job interview?

After a job interview, you should send a thank-you note within 24 hours. This makes sure that the hiring manager quickly receives your message.

How to negotiate a salary counteroffer?

First, search for appropriate salary ranges for the role. To communicate your request and explain your research and skills, send a polite and professional email or letter to the hiring manager.

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