25+ Free Appreciation Letter (Samples & Examples)

appreciation letter for teachers

An appreciation letter is received by the people who have done right for someone else. Sending this letter is always a good etiquette. This type of letter is common in professional and personal situations.

What basically an appreciation letter is?

It is a sophisticated and formal thank you letter that is written for thanking a senior level professional or an official. This letter is usually written for professional purposes instead of personal ones. In case of personal situations, this letter often known as a letter of thankfulness or a thank you letter.

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How to express gratitude in the letter?

Expressing gratitude can be psychological boost. When you are writing a letter of gratitude to your colleagues by expressing thankfulness you should let them know that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Also, you should make use of right gestures that leaves a good impression on them.

Reasons for writing an appreciation letter:

There are various reasons to show appreciation to someone on particular situations. Here are some reasons for sending a letter of appreciation to someone;

  • You can send it to your supervisor for making a reference letter for you.
  • If a client makes a reference letter for you, send this letter to him.
  • For conducting an interview, you can thank a networking contact.
  • For interviewing you in-person, you should thank a potential employer.

Furthermore, you can also write this letter for someone who made a significant contribution to a supervisor and has recommended you for a promotion. You can also send this letter to a client for a referral or an introduction. Writing an appreciation letter can maintain your relationships with the people in the network.

Different types of appreciation letters:

Let us discuss some different types of appreciation letter;

Job search appreciation letter:

Searching for a job is not just a process of submitting applications for a particular position. Most people get job because of connections who have recommended them. So, write an appreciation letter for such people is highly recommended.

Appreciation letter for colleagues:

An appreciation letter is also written for a colleague or an employer who helps you a lot in getting employment. When you get the job, take some time and write an effective letter for them to thank them for giving you support at work.

A referral appreciation letter:

Referrals come from professionals. It makes difference either you will get considered for a job or you successfully source. However, if your business depends on referrals then appreciate them by writing an appreciation letter so that people who have referred your products or services will continue doing so.

How to write a letter of appreciation?

Below are the some tips for writing an effective appreciation letter;

  • Firstly, after the favor or other actions for which you feel thankful for, write the words of gratitude shortly. According to etiquettes rules, you have to write this letter within 3 days. If you don’t do so for some reason then still send the letter is appropriate.
  • Write your letter in a professional manner as much as you can. You should use a professional format and your letter must be printed on a high quality paper. In addition, if an individual you are thanking is very close to you then you can send him a clear and legibly handwritten letter.
  • Your appreciation letter must be precise i.e. not too lengthy. You can easily express you intent without going on too long and also the concise letters are the best. Keep in mind that not to go overboard with your appreciation.
  • Start you letter with the proper title of salutation. Also, you should include a title in the salutation of the people whom you aren’t well-acquainted. On the other hand, the people whom you know well, you could be more casual or personal.
  • Every formal letter should start by stating the reason why you’re writing the letter. Next, state appropriately for what you are showing gratitude. Here you have to discuss in detail their kind of efforts. It can also remind the receipt about the work he has done for you.
  • In case of donation, explain how you plan to use their contribution. Make sure them that their donations will go to good use. You should also introduce them a litter about yourself and inform them who or what will take benefit from their donations.
  • Then, conclude your letter by stating that their contribution is both valuable and important.
  • In the end, every professional or formal letter uses the word ‘Sincerely’ to sign off. Affix your signature and include your full name under your signature.
  • Before sending the letter, you should proofread it for misspellings, grammatical errors, and typos.

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How to show appreciation in an email?

Here are some tips that you should consider when writing an appreciation letter;

  • An appreciation email is only sent to those people who have made a contribution to the team or to colleagues.
  • In case of project, send the email to the individual who has worked hard. It is usually sent to the people who took additional tasks and helped others in the workplace. Appreciate them by stating that their contribution has duly noted.
  • You can also send appreciation email to the people who have assisted you in making your job easier.
  • Moreover, you can also send it to the people who make your day better.


In conclusion, an appreciation letter is the best source for developing good relationships with professional connections. In this letter, you are expressing your thankfulness by letting him know that his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. With the help of this letter, you can appreciate someone who has helped you in a particular task.

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