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A proof of employment letter is a formal document that verifies your employment and income status. This letter is attached with the application required by the institution as evidence that you are telling the truth and you are honest. The other names of this letter are;

All these are same letters and serve the same purpose. They make sure the employment status as well as the income of current employees. The information you need to be confirmed is;

  • Current employer
  • Current title
  • The date when you joined the company
  • Your current salary
  • Your job status, i.e. Part and full time.

Furthermore, this letter is required by an individual who wants to apply for a loan, buy the property, and where he needs his income and work details verified. As an employer, you should use the proof of employment letter to explain who you are. You should also provide a truthful explanation of the employee’s duties. Verify the employee’s first date of work with hours, and income. Like all business letters, it is also an important document so you should also print it on professional letterhead. Never forget to provide your contact information so that the recipient will get in touch with you in case of any additional questions they may have.

Why an employee needs an employment verification letter?

Here are the reasons why an employee needs this letter;

  • The lender requires this letter from an employee when he/she is applying for a home mortgage or an auto loan. They confirm through this letter before approving the loan that the employee has enough income to cover monthly payments.
  • When the employee is applying to rent a home, the property management company requires this letter to confirm whether he/she can afford their rent payment and other associated costs.
  • The bank wants to see proof of current income when an employee is requesting a loan payment reduction or deferral.
  • When he/she is moving to another company and their employer wants to verify their information as part of a background check process.

What to include in an employment verification letter?

It depends on what the requesting party requires and state requirements about the types of data employers are allowed to disclose. Before creating an employment verification letter, you should make sure that the details you share do not violate any policies. Also, you should ensure that all details are reviewed by your HR department.

Furthermore, the proof of employment letter must be printed on your company’s official letterhead. It should include the following;

  • Employer address
  • Name, address, and logo of the company requesting verification
  • Name of the employee
  • Employment dates
  • Employee job title
  • Employee job description
  • Employee’s current salary
  • Reason for termination

Make use of standard business letter format if you are writing physical employment verification letters. In the upper-left-hand corner, include the contact details of your company and the recipient, and the date. Also, your letter should be brief not more than 100 words, and just include what the third party requests.

How should the manager write the proof of employment letter?

The proof of employment letter is commonly written by the manager on behalf of employees. The employee may ask you or send an email requesting you write this letter for him. You should be accurate and specific in your writings. Always write the letter on the behalf of the employee. So, you can control the message.

During writing the letter, you should consider the audience as well as the employee for whom you are writing it. If you are dealing with banks and other financiers then you should use formal language. However, if you are writing letters because an employee is moving on to another job, then you can leave finances out of the picture. You should pay attention to the details of his or her daily tasks at your company. Consider the purpose and scope of the letter and professional communications to meet the requester’s needs while writing a letter. You can use the proof of employment letter template as a reference to meet the needs of your employee. Additionally, keep the letter to one page.

You have to qualify people for services on a regular basis if you are working for the government or a nonprofit. Under the federal poverty line, many nonprofits assist people to make a specific income. They also have to fill this form. The proof of employment verification form collects information about the individual’s work condition. Also, talk about hours, salary or per-hour pay, and other benefits that could be considered as income. Only legal questions should be asked.

With the help of template, you can gather all the information in an organized manner. Take the data from these forms and put them into a database. This form leaves out bias. It just states the facts about the person you’re verifying information on.

Above all, ensure that you are familiar with privacy laws in your locality. If it is legal to ask for private information such as gender, religion, sexuality, etc., then it’s your responsibility to know this and make sure that you don’t request this information.

Verification of Employment:

If you are working with a lazy boss, then you have to write your own proof of employment letter. It is a huge responsibility and you have to select the words wisely. You should write the letter in the first person in your boss’s voice. It means it should be professionally phrased and accurate. Only state the facts when writing your letter. Explain who your boss is and it must be clear that the letter is written to verify the information. Moreover, indicate how many hours you work as well as your duties, job title, and any other benefits you may receive as an employee. In the closing, end with a polite salutation such as “Best,” or “Sincerely.”

If you are a business that is interested in hiring new employees, this letter helps you to verify the employment in an unbiased and uniform manner. Include information such as employee duties; verify their work hours, and other information. Also, the employer should verify that the employee is describing his or her background, worth, and skills honestly. Mention your boss contact information so that they contact him in case of any questions.

Employment verification forms:

This form is used to contact previous employers of potential job applicants. On the part of employers to remove any bias or exaggerations, this form can be used. You can search out that the information employer has on hand is more accurate than the information provided by the applicants.

It is important to verify the past employment. It is an essential part of job screening. In addition, it provides you chance to learn about their past performance and skills. You will receive information on the applicant’s job title, salary, and employment dates by the former employers. They can also state the reason the employee gave them for leaving at the time.

How to verify a proof of employment letter?

The process to verify the letter might be difficult, but it must be done. Here are some steps you should take in order to verify the letter;

  • On the Secretary of State’s database of legitimate businesses, have a look at a company.
  • Ask the verifier to ensure that they wrote the letter
  • Ask the employee to bring supporting documents.


In conclusion, a proof of employment letter is a formal document that confirms the employment status as well as the income of current employees. You should include all the important information that confirms the employee’s current income status. Always provide a truthful explanation of the employee’s duties.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to get a proof of employment letter?

Consider the following steps;

1- Ask your supervisor or manager
2- Contact Human Resources
3- From the company or organization requesting the letter, get the template
4- Use an employment verification service

What can be used as proof of employment in place of an employment verification letter?

You can also use pay stubs and W-2 forms as proof of employment.

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