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A background check form is a document used by the employers, landlords, and educational institutes to record important information while running a background check on potential employees and tenants. A background check is basically an operating procedure run to find out of their financial or criminal histories.

What is in a background check?

It is common practice for an employer to run a background check on potential employees. It is conducting to confirm the information they provided. This check may contain various aspects of the applicant’s background. You can learn more about the applicant’s past with a background check. Moreover, a background check confirms the information that the applicant given in their application, resume, and interviews. The check discovers any possible issues in the process.

The main purpose of this check is to make the best decision possible while hiring employees. When conducting a background check and using a background check form, there is no standard procedure. Also, there are no any formal rules about whether an applicant would fail or pass this procedure. This is because it depends on your decision as an employer. Furthermore, include the following elements while creating a background check authorization form;

  • The applicant’s complete name
  • The applicant’s current address
  • Date of birth of the applicant
  • Social security number of the applicant

What is a background release form?

You require the authorization of the person involved before running the background check. You need the background check form for this from the person whose history you want to check. You can get this information without the person’s consent. But, for doing this, you may have legal implications.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act has set rules that you have to follow. These rules are for the people who provide the information that you will input in the background check form. They also determine that who can request the information and the reasons for performing the check.

On the basis of the information in the report, if you will reject a person for tenancy or employment then you have to provide a reason for your decision. Keep in mind that running the report without the applicant’s consent can come with legal ramifications.

What is background check authorization?

There are several reasons for using a background check form. A person can run a background check if they are planning to rent out an apartment. They conduct it on applicants who want to rent a property before renting. With this, they can get details regarding the applicant’s financial information, work, education record, or check for any criminal activity.

Furthermore, when conducting background checks, you have to follow Federal laws. You have to get the person’s permission via a background check authorization form before running any background checks.

Different types of background check forms:

The main types of background check forms are;

FBI Background Check

This check is run to verify an applicant’s criminal history on a federal level. Crimes such as counterfeiting, bank robbery, embezzling, and so on is included in it. For visa applications, high-security employment or other circumstances where sensitive data gets accessed, this is basically a requirement.

In addition, the person who the report is about can request this check. With a background application, they have to send another form with their fingerprints. After that, they require a background check release form to claim their report.

Tenant Background Check

This type is commonly done by landlords. It helps them in selecting reliable tenants. The check may involve the verification of the potential tenant’s criminal and credit histories. For this procedure, the landlord will pay a small fee.

Employee Background Check

This has become a standard for employers to heck a potential applicant’s background. The main goal is to select the best employees. In some states, you may also have to pay the cost of running the check.

The components of a background check form:

Conducting a background check is one of the integral parts of the hiring process for any organization or company. With this check, the employers can get information that assist them in knowing the potential employee’s character and attitude. For hiring the best employee, the information that you get through a background check release form can prove extremely useful. Some details may include the following;

  • Criminal Offender Profile
  • Employment History Verification
  • Misdemeanor or Felony Criminal Search
  • Address History
  • Drug Testing
  • Education History Verification
  • Federal District Court Criminal Search
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Record
  • Reference checks
  • Social Security Number Verification

How does an employer do a background check?

With the help of background check form, you can review an applicant’s driving records, criminal records, and other essential information about their past. This check is usually conducted by a background check company or service provider. It may also contain credential and credit checks.

Consider your main goal while thinking about your background check application. This assists you in identifying what you have to do;

Criminal Records Check

This check gives you with the applicant’s criminal history. When the position needs security and trust, this is particularly important. The report must have both county and national records.

Social Security Validation

This check makes sure the legitimacy of the applicant. It provides all of the important information associated regarding the applicant’s social security number. The report lets you know whether the applicant has lived in undisclosed locations or under aliases. This can reveal a criminal record that you wouldn’t have discovered elsewhere.

Address History Check

The report discovers the applicant’s past addresses. It informs you jurisdictions where you have to perform criminal background checks.

Sex Offender Registry List

This is important for positions that need trust. It is essential to conduct this check as an employer.

The causes of a red flag on a background check:

Let us discuss below the most common “red flags” that you should look out in your background check consent form;

Employment Gaps

In an applicant’s employment history, gaps may indicate unreliability.

Criminal History

You would also ask all applicants whether or not they have a criminal history. In case, they don’t admit it and later you discover that they have a criminal history then this indicates that the applicant isn’t trustworthy.

Exaggerated educational achievements

When it comes to applicant’s educational background, then it’s not rare for applicants to make exaggerations. They may state that they have a college degree even if they don’t have one.

Failed Drug Tests

These days, in the hiring process, most companies include a drug test. Failing a drug test already represents a huge red flag. It indicates that you can’t trust the applicant to have the accurate state of mind while performing the job they have to do.

Exaggerated Skill Sets

In the application, some applicants state that they have specific skills to enhance their chances of getting hired. However, the background check will indicate that they aren’t very trustworthy.

Reasons for using a background check form:

Here are the reasons for using a background check form;


This is the most important reason that why you must conduct a background check. You must run it for avoiding risk or different legal liabilities to the employer or other people. This may involve harm to;

  • Other employees in the form of violence or sexual harassment
  • The business’ customers
  • The public in the form of negligent driving
  • The employer’s business in the form of image or reputational issues or financial loss


A significant indicator of an employee’s future performance is the past performance. It indicates someone’s professionalism, job skills, communication abilities, and productivity. You can distinguish between true high-flyers and the mediocre posers with a background check.

Data verification

May be the applicant’s qualifications impress you or not. Verifying the provided information is one way to find out if these are all factual. Conducting a background check is an effective way to confirm the applicant’s qualifications. You can also get an insight into the motivation and reliability of the applicant through this check.


In conclusion, a background check form is an effective tool for subjecting prospective applicants through a comprehensive background check. This form allows you to verify an applicant’s driving records, criminal records, and other important information about their past.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you require authorization to run a background check?

Yes, it is important to have the consent of applicants to run a background check on them.

What is the FCRA consent form?

FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) consent form is basically a background check authorization form that is compliant with the FCRA.

What is a pre-employment background check?

It is an investigation of an applicant in order to verify the information provided on their application. It may include;

1- The credit history
2- Criminal record
3- Work history
4- Driving record
5- Living conditions
6- The personal character of an applicant

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