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fillable blank business check template

A blank check or cheque often refers to a cheque signed by the authority before filling in the other information such as date, payee, and amount. So, a blank check template is used to design a blank check of a bank for the account holder.

There are several purposes of using a blank check. It’s helpful in businesses when is the person authorized for signing the check is taking leaves. So, the signing authorized trusts the blank check holder to fill in the blank checks as per requirement in his absence. Thus, the bank check template is helpful for businesses as well. You may also like the Deposit Slip Template.

Fillable Blank Check Templates:

Though, it’s very risky and has very little control over the system. As the person having blank checks in hand can issues it to any person for any amount. Therefore, the blank check template is important to keep very safe in an encrypted format to avoid any monetary loss to the company. So, it must stay out of reach of unwanted persons. As anyone can fill in any information to withdraw the payment.

While sometimes, a blank check is also referred to as a new complete blank check that is just received from a bank as a new checkbook. These checks are completely blank and don’t even have a signature of an authorized person as in the case of another concept of a blank check.

So, the bank uses the blank check template to print the checkbook for its customers. Such type of blank check templates includes the information of the account holder in printed form. While the information of issuing the check is filled by the account holder for payments.

In companies, these blank check templates are inserted into the printer and all the payment details created in the computer using blank check templates are printed on the actual blank check.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Blank Check?

A blank check is a check that has been signed by an authorized signer but does not yet have the amount of money written on it. It shows sometimes that a large, uncertain amount has been authorized in order to achieve something.

Is it legal to write a blank check?

No, it is not against the law. But the person whom you are giving a blank check can write any amount on it he desires and in the end, you would be stuck on it. Under American law, a blank check is considered to be an incomplete instrument. Without the authority of the signer writing an amount in a blank check is an ‘’alteration’’.

How can I print a blank check?

You can print a blank check with the help of Print Blank Check Wizard. Let us discuss step-by-step how to print a blank check;

Step#1: Go to the print menu and select the first option. Under the check tab, print blank checks on blank paper.

Step#2: Next, select the account from which you want to print checks under the Account name drop-down menu. Then, go to the checkbook section and enter the next check number in the respective field. If you want to make changes to the checkbook, click on the Edit checkbook button to open the checkbook information wizard.

Step#3: Enter the number of pages that you want to print in the ‘how many pages would you like to print’ field.

Step#4: Go to the Print Method section and select whether to print continuously or in booklet format. As they print check the decremented number to decrease checks the numbers. Furthermore, if you want to prevent the information of the account holder and the bank information from printing on the checks then check the respective boxes to check each option.

Step#5: In the end, verify that checks are print correctly or not. If any check didn’t print correctly clear the OK checkbox. This will enable you to reprint the checks without incrementing the check numbers. Click the Clear All or Mark All buttons respectively if you want to clear or recheck all checkboxes.

What you have to do if your blank checks are stolen?

If your check has been stolen or lost then you first need to contact your bank. If the check has already cashed then ask your bank to put a stop payment on it. As it’s a formal request that check will not be cashed out by the bank if someone appears to be deposited or presented to cash it. You can request to stop payment either by calling your bank or visit a branch. Some banks also allow you to request it online. For stop payment, you have to provide a check number, the exact amount of the check, and which person made it out to. If you provide any of that information incorrect then the check might still be cashed.

What do you mean to write a blank check?

Writing a blank check means that the check has signed without any stated amount. It is also considered as an unrestricted authority or a free hand.

Important components of blank check:

You need to know about every component of the blank check if you want to understand it. Some important components of a blank check are as follows;

  • Firstly, at the top of your check, write down the name of the bank.
  • Enter the date in the top right corner of the check.
  • Name of the receiver who will receive the check. In addition, write your name if you cashed the check by yourself.
  • Write the amount in words and numbers.
  • The next component is a signature line which is the essential component of the check. It serves as the permission document to release a certain amount of money. At the bottom right, affix the signature of a drawer to make it legal.
  • Check number
  • Account number
  • Routing number
  • Drawer

Main Types of Blank Check Template

There three main types of blank check templates based on the application and concept of use. Two types are already explained in the above section. So, the summary of all three types of blank check templates is briefly described below.

The first type of blank check template is a template that already has the signature of authority and available to write any information about payment and person. While the stock of newly printed completely blank checks is the second type of blank check template which is also sometimes referred to as check stock. You should also check the Profit and Loss Statement Template.

Finally, the least common type of blank check template is a type of document that defined the name of the person and the signature of the authority. However, it doesn’t contain any value of the amount. These checks are used when an uncertain amount of money is being authorized to someone to accomplish something important.

For example, a company owner may give a blank check to a company research and development team to spend any amount of money to find a solution to the underlying challenge. Thus, the R&D team will be able to receive payment unless the task has been completed.

Different kinds of blank check:

There are different kinds of blank checks which are as follows;

Bearer blank check:

When the bearer section present on a check isn’t canceled or marked then this check is known as a bear check. This check is payable by any person who presents it in the bank. However, this type of check is not safer but it is very helpful in some cases. In nature, the bearer blank check is a risky check.

Order blank check:

When the bearer present on the check is canceled or marked then this check is known as an order check. It is only cashed by the person whose name is mentioned on the check. No one can release money except the payee. Furthermore, this check is more secured than a bearer check because it is only cashed by the payee.

Crossed blank check:

When two parallel lines appear on the check, then the given check is known as a crossed check. The crossed check is not uncashed on the bank counter only the credit is shifted to the payee’s account.

Open blank check:

The open blank check is easily uncashed at the counter of bank.

Anti-dated blank check:

This type of check has a duration of three months to cash. If payees cash the check before the mentioned date on the check, then it is considered as an anti-dated check. Moreover, if this check isn’t cashed for three months then it becomes invalid.

Stale blank check:

A check is said to be a ‘stale check’ if it presented in the bank after three months. Also, it can’t be uncashed by the bank.

Why do people still require paper checks?

There are multiple reasons that why people still require paper checks. Some reasons are as under;


In terms of security and management, checks are the best method of payment. Small businesses or organizations use checks for their payment rather than online. With the help of checks, you can keep a track of your payments. Furthermore, you can use different types of checks for different purposes. You can use paper checks for money transactions in small businesses such as insurance companies, hospitals, government offices, etc.


If you use a different method of payment, then you have to pay a specific fee. Therefore, many small businesses or organizations use paper checks because using this method of payment doesn’t require any specific fee.


Most importantly, it is useless for thieves. The check carries the name of a payee so it means it is only payable by the person whose name is mentioned on it. In case of misplacement, the finder isn’t able to encash it. You can also ask the bank to stop payment through checks. Hence, it’s a secure payment method.


Next, it is the most suitable method to keep a track of your payments. A carbon copy of your check acts as evidence of your payments. In addition, paying bills with these checks is much easier than other means of payment.

Advantages of paper checks:

Every payment method has various benefits so let us discuss the advantages of paper checks;

  • It is the safest and most secure way of payment.
  • It allows you to keep a track of your all payments.
  • Paying bills with paper checks are much easier than any other method of payment.
  • As the check is only payable by the person whose name is mentioned on it so it will be protected from thieves.
  • Next, the carbon copy of your check proves the payment you have made.

Some important key points about bank check:

  1. A check may be issued by someone who has a current bank account.
  2. You have to write the date when you signed the check.
  3. The check is valid only for three months or till the date written on it.
  4. Never create a bearer check.


In conclusion, a blank check is the safest and easiest method of payment. There are also different types of blank check templates that you can easily download from any website. Also, these templates are perfect for any official bank.

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