Best Printable Bill Pay Checklist & Calendars Template (PDF, Word, Excel)

free bill payment checklist template

A bill pay checklist template is a document used to track and verify the payment of utility and other bills. Bill Pay checklist & calendar template is preferred for personal use to keep track of the bill payments and to calculate the total of the monthly and yearly payments in the head of bill payments.

The bill pay checklist is a simple tabular sheet enlists all the bills description, due date, and amount. However, other information can be included as per the specific nature of the bill category. You may also like rent payment tracker spreadsheet.

The bill payments checklist & calendar template has many benefits. So, a user can track the payments already been made and remaining. Also, make sure that none of the bills get passed of the due date to pay plenty.

Further, it’s a kind of record that keeps track of the expenses being made under the bills head. So, the person can use the bill pay checklist & calendar template for making a personal income sheet. Also, it helps the user to make a budget. Thus, the payments made under the bills category can be monitored to keep them within the budget range.

Furthermore, the use of bill pay checklist & calendar template as expenses and budget sheet helps to focus on the ways of cutting down the value of bills and generate more savings.

Components of Bill Pay Checklist & Calendar Template

There are many types of bill pay checklist & calendar template. It depends on how the user wants to use it. The bill pay checklist template that only focuses to keep track of the bill payments includes the following elements.

  • Description of the Bill
  • Due Date
  • Amount
  • Monthly Calendar (Jan, Feb, …, Dec)
  • Comments
  • Monthly Total
  • Yearly Total

Moreover, if someone wants to use the bill pay checklist & calendar template to control the expenses and generate savings. Thus, the elements of the budgeted amount and actual expense also have to be included in the bill pay checklist template.

Further, there can be many categories of the bill under the description heading. Most commonly a personal bill includes payments in chunks of mortgage, car loan, student loan, credit card, store card, electricity, gas, water, sewerage, trash/recycling, cable/internet, rent, study fees, and cell phones. You should also check payment agreement template.

How to use Bill Pay Checklist & Calendar Template?

Basic use of bill pay checklist & calendar template is very simple. It’s created in MS Excel or Google Sheet. So, it can be accessed on a mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or can be used as a printed form.

A simple bill pay checklist & calendar template is a tabular sheet. The key elements of the basic sheet are a description of the bill, due date, amount, and monthly calendar.

Let’s suppose someone has paid $1000 for the car loan on Jan 5th. The car loan repayment will be written under description and $1000 under the amount. While due date can be prewritten for many bills.

Now, the monthly calendar section can be used in two ways. One can simply tally mark under the month of payment like in this case January, some simply tick mark the cell under the January’s head in the row of car loan repayment description. On the other hand, the actual date of payment can be written instead of marking some symbols. Like 5th Jan in this example.

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