20+ Free Payment Agreement Templates (Word / PDF)

free printable payment agreement pdf

A payment agreement template is a document used to outline the terms and conditions of a loan. Although many sections are involved in the payment agreement to understand before signing it out.

In this article, a brief understanding of the payment agreement template will be developed by answering the following questions:

  • What is a payment agreement?
  • How we can use it?
  • What are the critical terms involved in the payment agreement template?
  • How we can create a payment agreement template?

Usually, the payment agreement is signed by both the lender and the borrower. The payment agreement used for personal and business needs. Therefore, the payment agreement can be very simple and very complex.

The payment agreement also is known as a promissory note. It involves details about the parties involved in the agreement, terms of the loan, and details of repayment.

Moreover, it is used in our daily life where people borrow or lend money. So, the draft or template of the payment agreement is easily available on the internet.

However, unless a person has a good understanding of payment agreement sections. There is a high risk that a wrong template will be used that doesn’t perfectly fit the nature of the agreement being made between the parties.

What is a payment agreement?

A payment agreement is an agreement to repay a loan. A pay agreement document describes the terms such as the number of payments, frequency of installments, the due date of first payment, and much more. Moreover, it outlines the significant terms and conditions of the loan. However, you are lending or borrowing money, this document acts as an acknowledgment of the loan.

You can use the payment agreement for the following purposes;

  • For borrowing money
  • For lending money
  • If you want to prepare an amortization table.
  • If you wish to figure out and document the monthly payments and interest.

Critical Elements of a Payment Agreement Template

There are several types of payment agreement templates. The elements involved in each type varies to some extent. However, a few of the common types are:

  • Business Payment Agreement (Investment Payment Agreement)
  • Personal Payment Agreement
  • Installment Payment Agreement

The above classification is made based on the amount of money involve and the repayment method.

Let’s define the critical elements of a generic payment agreement template:

  • Details of the Parties Involved in the Agreement
  • Services and Payment Terms
  • Description
  • Payment Amount and Rate
  • Payment Schedule
  • Payment Method
  • The procedure of Dispute or Termination Management
  • Agreement between the Parties
  • Signatures of both parties
  • Signatures of the Witnesses

The components of a payment agreement template:

Here are the important components of a payment agreement template;

The debt amount

The amount that the debtor wants from the creditor is the foundation of the payment agreement. As a creditor, it is important to get a gauge of what the debtor wants the funds for.

Payments and repayment schedule

Capturing the borrowers’ repayment schedule is another important element of any payment agreement template. Parties have to make sure of how and when payments will be made.

Payment defaults

Ensuring that borrowers make consistent payments under the terms of the contract is the key to a successful payment agreement. The creditor is allowed to declare the remaining amount in case debtors fail to adhere to the payment plan.


Circumstances may change the nature of your agreement no matter how much planning you do. Include a clause in the agreement that makes sure all parties sign off on the new terms of the agreement.


A payment agreement must contain the signatures of all parties in order to make the agreement legally binding.

How does a Payment Agreement work?

Here are the steps that explain how the payment agreement works;

  • Firstly, a borrower has to make a request for such a document. The purpose of this document is to outline the details of the loan or debt.
  • You have to submit a financial statement for bigger loans or business loans. This document will contain financial information such as the details of your income, the details of your expenses, and the details of your assets.
  • When the borrower’s request is accepted, then a formal document is written. It involves all the terms and conditions of the loan.
  • The borrower may present a payment schedule and payment amount, but the financial institutions don’t have to accept it.
  • After the finalization of the agreement, neither party can change the terms. But if both parties are agreed, then the existing agreement can be canceled.

How to use a Payment Agreement Template?

A payment agreement is a type of legal document that is used as a security for both the parties involved in the agreement. It contains all the information about the payment agreement that is necessary to define the loan and repayment.

It is used by a person who is planning to borrow money. Also, equally helpful for the person who is thinking to lend some money. Moreover, amortization tables can be prepared easily using the payment agreement template.

How to Create a Payment Agreement Template?

Many people came across the need to write a payment agreement. It’s a legal way to protect the lending and borrowing of an amount. Therefore, a draft should be made and openly discussed between the parties to clear all the terms.

The document is really simple to write once the details have been agreed upon between the parties. So, it is recommended to discuss the details of dates involving:

  • The date from which the agreement will be effective.
  • Schedule of Payment and Repayment
  • Grace Period
  • Due Date

Moreover, it must be finalized how the disputes will be managed in case one of the participants violates the agreed terms. How the late payment will be handled?

Why should make a payment agreement contract?

Here are some reasons why should you make a payment agreement contract;

  1. If legal issues arise then this contract can be used as a piece of evidence in court.
  2. It can remove any potential confusion which may occur in the future.
  3. It performs/acts as a protection for both borrower and the lender.
  4. Moreover, it can also be used at the time of divorce.
  5. This agreement is also valuable for people who want to fix their credit reports.

How do I write a payment agreement?

Let us discuss step-by-step how to write a payment agreement;

  1. At first, download a sample payment agreement as a guide while drafting your own.
  2. Open a blank document in MS word and drafting your payment agreement. Also, setting the font to a readable size and style.
  3. Between the right and left margins add the title in bold and in all caps and use the same font face.
  4. The next step is to identify the parties making the loan, who is the lender and who is the borrower.
  5. After that, include your consideration. Then, identify the loan and amount and the interest rate.
  6. Next, describe the schedule of payments. You must include the date when the loan will be paid in full. You can also grant a right to prepayment.
  7. Then, explain that the seller can charge additional interest if the borrower is late with a payment.
  8. The last step is to identify the default. Default happens when the borrower doesn’t follow the agreement.

Do you require a payment plan agreement?

Never trust someone’s word that the payments will be made because this may lead to the capability of the debtor to walk away from the debt without consequence. It is essential to follow the payment plans correctly. You cannot enforce the payment agreement that was talked about when there is no legally binding document to hold the debtor to their word.

A payment plan agreement is an essential document for any business. Businesses use this document to offer payment plans to their customers. It ensures that both of the party’s rights are represented accurately. Having a payment plan in place is critical for business requirements, larger purchases, or even smaller installment debts.

Additionally, it is important to have a document that binds both parties to the agreement as money can complicate any kind of agreement between two parties. This legal document assists you in defining the expected timeline for this repayment process. Also, it ensures that the repayment process is prioritized when there are payments that have to be made and set deadlines that they must be made.

Some other considerations regarding a payment agreement:

You must include a section in your agreement that states the consequences of not honoring the payment plan and missing the payments. You have to clearly specify the consequences of missed payments or the payment agreement. The signature of a person on a payment plan shows that they are agreed not to miss a payment and to make a repayment by the end date of the agreement.

Payments are missed often so you must mention in your agreement what will happen if payments are missed as well as the interest these payments will accrue. Some payment plans are drafted in such a way that they can make the missed payments again at a later time in the month automatically. This way, without having to assess fees and other charges on payments, you can collect payments.

There must be a detailed explanation in the payment plans that are done by autopay. Specify that when these plans are pulled each month and before the agreement is null and void, indicate how many attempts are made to collect payment. This assists in describing to the debtor how this part of the process will work..

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it a legal requirement to have a witness while signing a payment contract?

No, it isn’t a legal requirement. However, it would be ideal to have a witness while signing a payment contract.

How to terminate a payment contract?

You can terminate a payment contract in the following scenarios;

1- Either of party violates the conditions of the payment agreement.
2- All involved parties agreed to end the agreement.
3- When the debtor has paid back all debt to the creditor.

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