22+ Free Income Verification Letters (Word / PDF)

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Once in a life, you surely find the need for an income verification letter. This document is highly helpful for you in certain situations such as while finding a job, renting an apartment, and more.

Different types of income verification letter:

Let us discuss below the two main types of an income verification letters;

Self-written verification letter

In case, you are self-employed, you have to write the letter yourself as you have no choice. After writing the verification letter, you can have your employer sign it. When you have done with this, ensure that you print out the document on company’s letterhead.

Aside from your salary, add some information about your work in the company. A self-written letter serves the similar purpose as one written by your employer. You can also include any additional income sources in your letter. Moreover, to prove these income sources, you need to attach documents. It usually depends on what the requester is demanding of you. Sometime, you have to explain all the information in full detail. If needed, you may also have to notarize the document. You may also like proof of income letters.

Verification letter written on your behalf

You can request the letter from your employer in case you don’t want to write the letter yourself. Generally, you just have to state your reason for requesting the said document. The letter would definitely be on a letterhead if it comes from your employer. To make it more official, it may also have a company seal.

Additionally, the letter must include all necessary information. Your name, your job title, employment status, and your current salary should be included in it. The entity who is issuing the letter provides his own details and his signature at the end.

Why do you require an income verification letter?

An income verification letter is an important and formal letter given by an employer when an employee requests for it. Verification is very important when it comes to matters related to work. For example, if you’d like to rent a house or an apartment, you may require such a letter.

Banks and other financial institutions may also ask you to submit this letter. This is particularly true when you are applying for a loan, a mortgage or even a credit card. You may also require this letter when you’re planning to apply for a new job. The new employer may ask for this letter while negotiating your compensation. It would give details on how much you were making in your last job. Letters that verify an employee’s salary play a significant role in business.

Furthermore, nobody has real stability when it comes to career. It’s a fact that people move from one job to another in order to find better opportunities. It is important to have verification letters ready in case you’re one of these people. Along with it, you also have to organize all your supporting documents. This letter also proves useful when you want to indicate that you’re truthful about your income.

How do you write your own salary verification letter?

Here are some steps to follow while writing your own letter;

  • Firstly, at the very top, write down your contact information including your complete name, office address, phone numbers, and email address. Also, include the name of your business if you are self-employed.
  • Next, provide an explanation on your letter’s purpose. For it, you just have to use a few words and a memo format. This precise explanation will also act as the subject of your document.
  • By using a polite greeting, start your letter followed by the name of the recipient. You must ensure that you sound professional from the beginning as this is an official document.
  • Write the introduction and provide a longer description for your purpose. Explain why you’re submitting the letter in the first place. It is essential to write this quick summary in the starting.
  • After that, provide the details about your basic income. Indicate in an outline how much money you earn and how you earn that money. In addition to this, specify how long you have been earning that amount.
  • Keep in mind that this information is very important. So, you have to ensure that you only write down accurate information. In the future, you may also have to provide additional proof and documentation.
  • Show if you have any additional sources of income. These may include pensions, annuities, benefits from the government, and even gifts. You must clearly state that how much you’re making and how often you get this additional income.
  • Summarize the total amount of all your incomes to finish off this section. Then, provide a recommendation on how you can sustain or enhance the amount in the future. You have to write down on facts on the basis of any suggestions not just on what you hope to happen.
  • Then, express your gratitude to the reader and thank him for taking the time to read it until the end. Conclude the letter by an official closing salutation followed by your complete name. Between your salutation and your full name, leave some lines to affix your signature after you’ve printed it out.
  • Type the word ‘Enclosure’ under your name. This is added to show that you’ve included supporting documentation with the letter. You can the following documents with your letter;
    1- Copy of your most recent pay slip
    2- Check stubs copies
    3- Your tax returns copies
    4- Bank and financial statements
    5- Social security income
    6- Retirements or pensions
  • Affix your signature above your full name after printing your letter and to make it official, you can have the letter notarized. You should also check the proof of employment letter.


In conclusion, an income verification letter is a formal letter issued by an employer when an employee requests for it. This letter comes in handy in certain situations. Before writing the verification letter, think about your purpose for writing it.

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