15+ Printable Travel Expense Report Form (MS Word)

printable travel expense report form

The employees have to submit a travel expense report form when they from a business trip. This document includes a lot of information regarding what the employee spent while on the trip. The travel expense report serves a very important purpose.

The report assists in identifying whether the employee’s expenses on the business trip were valid or not. The travelers use this form to report all their expenses. This is an important document particularly if the traveler wants to get reimbursement. Usually business traveling includes planning along with follow-up. This makes sure that the trip reaches all the goals.

Furthermore, the report also makes sure that the travelers get back the money they spent for their travel. This document verifies all the expenditures made for business-related activities. All the receipts of expenses should be included in order to verify that everything you spent was for the trip. You may also like Travel Log Templates.

When and how to submit a travel expense report?

You should know how to use travel expense report template for your business before making your own report. The employees have to submit this report as soon as possible. On the next working day after their travel, they should accomplish and submit it. Additionally, the employees still have to make this report in case they don’t have time for it.

The employees should also ensure to submit the document at least within a year of their travel. You have to submit this document for a couple of reasons. First, from your trip, you may want to reimburse your expenses. If you received a travel advance before your trip, you also have to submit this document. You have to provide the report and all the receipts as attachments.

You may also have to attach some documents to it other than the report. You have to do this before submitting the travel expense report to the person-in-charge of business-related travels. Below are some other attachments for the report;

  • Documents that acts as prove you attended a conference. For example, the program of the conference you attended, you can attach it. This clarifies that you traveled on business.
  • All the receipts of your expenditures. This is highly essential in case you want to ask for reimbursement. Make sure to always attach original receipts. You can make copies of the original receipts for security purposes.
  • Receipts from your hotel/accommodation.
  • Travel receipts
  • Parking fee receipts.

Which travel expenses should be included in your report?

You have to submit a report regarding all your travel expenses after you return from a trip. This report is very useful particularly if may want a reimbursement for what you’ve spent. Also, attach receipts for all your expenses as they acts as evidence of all your expenditures during your trip. You should include the following most common travel expenses in your report;

During your travel, meals you

Along with your report, attach all your meal receipts. It doesn’t matter what the amount is, you have to keep and attach the original receipt. Sometimes, you may have to ask to have your name written on the receipt. This proves that you’re the individual who ate the meal. It is highly suggested don’t lose your meal receipts until you don’t require to have them reimbursed.

Vehicle expenses

You have to write down all your automobile mileage and the rates. Likewise meals, you should also have a budget for your vehicle expenses. The mileage becomes very important in case you used your own vehicle for travel. Moreover, you have to indicate some information along with it. This may contain your origin, destination, and purpose of travel.

For reimbursement, you may also keep any toll and parking receipts. But, you won’t get reimbursement for gasoline costs in some companies. You can use a rental vehicle if you don’t have your own vehicle. This is generally the last resort for travel. If renting a vehicle would cost less than taking other means of transport then you should go with it.

It’s also useful to get rental insurance when you select to rent. Do this, while you are traveling, in case anything happens. You can receive the minimum liability insurance. However, this isn’t involved automatically in the rental contract. If your budget allows for it, you can go for all insurance coverage. Likewise personal vehicles, you also have to attach receipts for toll and parking fees.

Train and airplane tickets

According to your requirement, you can purchase train and airplane tickets. If your company doesn’t purchase the tickets for you then you can buy it for your own first. After that, ask for a reimbursement after your trip. Though, you have to include supporting documentation in order to get reimbursement. The receipts or a copy of your ticket can be included as a supporting documents.

You should provide all information of your entire itinerary with all the details. The flight number, ticket cost, class of service, and other such details are included in it. If you traveled by plane, it’s better to attach your boarding pass. Furthermore, to make the attachment more official, include your proof of payment.


It’s your company responsibility to book the hotel accommodation for you. But, sometimes you may have to make your own bookings. In such a case, ask your daily budget so you can begin looking for rooms.

Then, you should submit the receipt along with your report. It includes the room rates, the date/s of stay, and a proof of payment. On your trip, you may book a more expensive hotel if you select to. You may have to pay for any extra costs.

In your travel expense report, these are the common things that you have to include. You should also check Travel Agency Invoice Templates.


In conclusion, you have to fill out a travel expense report form after returning from a business trip. This report contains details of all the expenses you made while on the trip. It contains useful information about your trip so it is an important report.

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