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A travel log template is used by various businesses for payments to employees for their business trips. People can also use it to track their travel moments and determine the type of chores carried out during a trip. Furthermore, it enables you to monitor data such as distance, travel cost, time, and petrol prices. All this information helps you to maintain the vehicle.

What is a travel log?

A travel log is a sheet or a document that keeps a track of the traveler. It is used for non-formal purposes such as travelers used it for personal reasons, to rate their experiences. Nowadays, companies have made a strategy to keep the database of their employee’s trips. Companies use the travel log to keep track of their employees. Moreover, it is drafted in the form of a database that contains columns, rows, and tables where you record the information. Also, it is self-updating as it updates information automatically.

Why do people use travel log?

Individuals use the travel log to remember the experiences that they had at that time. Here you can also insert pictures of the things or places you enjoyed a lot. In addition, people use it to share the time they had enjoyed with their families and friends.

Travel log is used by organizations or companies to keep track of the expenses used. By knowing these expenses, they create a detailed report for compensation. With the help of this log, companies know the amount spent over a particular time period. Moreover, employees use it to show in detail where the money dispatched went. If they don’t do this then they will have to pay from their salaries and may be accountable for it. You may also like Vehicle Maintenance Log Template.

What to include in a travel log?

Let us discuss what should a travel log contain;


In this section, you have to mention the place you intend to visit. State how far you are from that particular place and how you intend to get there. Additionally, you can also mention the places you are going to visit and the things you are likely to see.


It includes the spending time that you will spend at a specific place when you will be traveling to your destination. Also, discuss when you intend to come back. However, some organizations make a schedule on which the time is allocated for a particular event.


In this part, indicate the amount of money that will be required for a trip. You can estimate the amount before going on the trip or you can also use a detailed method where everything you spend is recorded to the activity.


Everything you do on the trip should be recorded in this part. This section is very broad because it may include the place, the food, the culture, and everything you don’t have with prior experience.


This part is optional and also an informal one. You can share your pictures here to remember everything you did while in that place. You should also check the Mileage Log Template.

Different types of travel log template:

There are various types of travel log templates, few them are mentioned below;

Daily travel log

In this template, you can record all your expenses information daily and keep a record of your spending. Hence, it helps you to organize your travel expenditures.

Business travel log sheet

As its name implies, it is for a business trip where you can track your movement. You just have to mention the leaving and returning time, the purpose of the trip, and the gasoline consumed.

Vacation travel log

If you are on a vacation to your favorite place with your relatives then a travel log can help you a lot. You can use this template to record the activities you did, brief descriptions of the places, etc.

Student travel log template

This type of travel log is used by the students when they are going on a trip with their educational institution.

Other types of travel logs:

You can use different types of travel logs if you love travelling such as;

Vlogs and Videos

On social media platforms, this type of travel log example has become very popular. You can make a vlog, make videos of your travels, and talk directly to the camera. They can be a lot easier to share with others as this can be less visceral than a written trip log sheet. Furthermore, the worry of carrying heavy and expensive camera equipment is the disadvantage of vlogging. Another disadvantage is to find the right lighting and sound to capture the perfect moment.


To document your travels, it is great to use apps. These days, we have purpose-built journal apps. In which, you can take notes, upload photos, record videos, and add captions. The destination you have visited, you can also auto-link the website that destination.

How to record my travels?

Here are the steps to follow to record your travels on travel log templates;

Buy a durable but it should be lightweight journal with a hardcover

You should ensure that the journal you select has a strong binding. It is very easy to write or sketch on. Also, select one that’s large enough to hold photos and postcards.

Buy art materials

The things that you know you will feel comfortable writing with bring them such as pens, markers, or highlighters. Since there may be sights worth portraying on paper, bring with you tools used for sketching. For embellishing your tip log template, highlighters are cool.

Buy adhesives too

You have to attach postcards, photos, and other mementos to your log. Adhesives will assist you. Since glue sticks aren’t messy and they occupy very little space so they are a great option. To attach your travel souvenirs to your journal, use decorative tapes.

Pack a ruler and scissors

You can trim with these some of the things you will place in your log.

Search for a clear folder that’s expandable

You might not have the time to attach them all right away as you will collect mementos for your journal. Without losing any of your mementos, you can keep everything organized by bringing along a clear expandable folder. Here, you can collect your mementos and keep them secure.

Purchase or print out a map

You can search several cool retro maps online. Select one that’s appealing and unique. After that, paste this on the cover of your log. In order to fit it perfectly, adjust the size of the map particularly if your itinerary includes various destinations.

Write as you go

It’s recommended to write down events as you travel in order for your log to capture the mood and the tone of your travels. This is because you might find it difficult to remember the most essential details later when your trip is over.

Definitely, this doesn’t indicate that you have to draft diary-style entries that describe everything that transpired every day. To write down sights, experiences, and activities that come to your mind right away, try to bring out your log a few times a day.

Consider to who you’re writing the log

To serve as a personal memento of your exciting and interesting experiences in life, travel journals are mainly intended. The log in many cases is also meant for sharing with your friends and family.

In this way, if they make a decision to take a similar venture in the future, they can vicariously experience or get ideas. If you know who you’re writing for, you can think of the best tone of writing and style.

Come up with a theme

If people have the main mood or idea to focus on, they find it easier to compose entries. Consider all of the things you have done and seen. After that, try to see in case you can spot a recurring theme that will assist to shape your log entries.

Collect mementos

At the beginning of your trip, chronicling your journey should start. The materials that will fill the pages of your log, start gathering them. This can involve the following;

  • Boarding passes
  • Tickets to tourist attractions
  • Postcards
  • Business cards from hotels or restaurants
  • Logo napkins
  • Paper menus from restaurants
  • Local newspaper clippings
  • Local beverage and food products, from labels
  • Receipts from the things you have bought

Capture a lot of photos

Without pictures, no trip will be truly complete. These assist you recall what transpired for many years to come and what you have done and what you saw. From these visual reminders of your escapade, it will be your log that will benefit most.

How to create travel log?

You need to download the template in order to make a travel log. Then, start editing the important fields that might need. On the basis of your requirements, you can create daily, weekly or monthly travel logs. Select the one that suits you as it comes in both generic and professional format. Edit the needed field to include own figures and details. You can record a lot of things in it such as;

  • Date of travel
  • A vehicle used
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Users name
  • Contact, and destination
  • A purpose of the trip
  • Time
  • Return time
  • Odometer readings
  • Signature of the corned persons

Difference between a business travel log and a personal travel log:

A business travel log is used for official reasons like tax deductions by IRS. This log contains a record of business expenses, purposes, and outcomes of a business trip.

On the other hand, a personal travel log includes an exciting detail of your trip, your experiences, emotions, scenes, and reflections on your vacation.

Reasons for using the travel log:

Personal travel logs use by people to assist them to remember the experiences they had at that time. You can insert pictures of the place or of things you enjoyed doing there. It assists anyone in sharing the time they had with their families and friends.

A travel log helps an organization to keep track of the expenses used. They can now present a detailed report for compensation when they have that amount. In addition to this, the log helps the businesses in identifying the cash spent over a time period.

Employees have to report about travel logs. This is because they require to show in detail where the money dispatched went. They will be held accountable for it if they don’t. Also, they will have to pay from their wages and salaries.

Some tips for keeping a travel log:

Here are some tips for keeping a travel log;

  • Before you leave, start writing in your log about the planning and the places you want to visit.
  • Explain a story about your experiences rather than making lists of things you did.
  • State how you felt and thought while visiting the places.
  • You should also specify your not-so-good experiences.
  • When the thoughts are fresh in your mind, write them immediately.
  • To recall your many experiences, take lots of pictures.
  • Summarize your experiences, funny moments, and the best part of your trip.
  • Fix a specific time every day to write in your log and summarize your day.

What to avoid while keeping a business travel log?

You should avoid the following mistakes while keeping a business travel log;

  • Not including the business purpose in the travel log. Just telling the sequence of events for the entire trip doesn’t make sense without stating the purpose of the trip. It is a common novice mistake to write a business travel log without the business purpose.
  • Rather than the actual cost, use business trip estimations. Stick all the tickets in your log for all your purchases related to the business.
  • Including too much business jargon which makes your business travel log difficult to read. Instead, use straightforward language in your log and keep sentences precise. Just include the business trip details.
  • Tracking your business trip is challenging without including the travel itinerary. The travel itinerary that is relevant to the business purpose, attach it.


In conclusion, a travel log template is a helpful tool for a company or any traveler. With the help of this document, you can share your experience and also keep a record of your expenditures. Moreover, there are various types of travel log templates, you can easily download your desired template from our portal

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a travel journal?

Unlike a travel log, a travel journal contains whatever you want to include about your tips. Depending on the people’s needs, they may include the date, place, memories, places they stayed, budget, cost, and more.

What are some other names of travel logs?

These are as follows;

  • Travel Journal
  • Journey Log
  • Journey Plan
  • Log Book
  • Travelers notebook

What is the purpose of a travel log?

The main purpose of a travel log is to keep track of interesting experiences about your trip. You can include your adventures, stories, and memories in your travel log so that you remember everything you experienced.

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