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A travel log template is used by various businesses for payments to employees for their business trips. People can also use it to track their travel moments and determine the type of chores carried out during a trip. Furthermore, it enables you to monitor data such as distance, travel cost, time, and petrol prices. All this information helps you to maintain the vehicle.

What is a travel log?

A travel log is a sheet or a document that keeps a track of the traveler. It is used for non-formal purposes such as travelers used it for personal reasons, to rate their experiences. Nowadays, companies have made a strategy to keep the database of their employee’s trips. Companies use the travel log to keep track of their employees. Moreover, it is drafted in the form of a database that contains columns, rows, and tables where you record the information. Also, it is self-updating as it updates information automatically.

Why do people use travel log?

Individuals use the travel log to remember the experiences that they had at that time. Here you can also insert pictures of the things or places you enjoyed a lot. In addition, people use it to share the time they had enjoyed with their families and friends.

Travel log is used by organizations or companies to keep track of the expenses used. By knowing these expenses, they create a detailed report for compensation. With the help of this log, companies know the amount spent over a particular time period. Moreover, employees use it to show in detail where the money dispatched went. If they don’t do this then they will have to pay from their salaries and may be accountable for it. You may also like Vehicle Maintenance Log Template.

What to include in a travel log?

Let us discuss what should a travel log contain;


In this section, you have to mention the place you intend to visit. State how far you are from that particular place and how you intend to get there. Additionally, you can also mention the places you are going to visit and the things you are likely to see.


It includes the spending time that you will spend at a specific place when you will be traveling to your destination. Also, discuss when you intend to come back. However, some organizations make a schedule on which the time is allocated for a particular event.


In this part, indicate the amount of money that will be required for a trip. You can estimate the amount before going on the trip or you can also use a detailed method where everything you spend is recorded to the activity.


Everything you do on the trip should be recorded in this part. This section is very broad because it may include the place, the food, the culture, and everything you don’t have with prior experience.


This part is optional and also an informal one. You can share your pictures here to remember everything you did while in that place. You should also check the Mileage Log Template.

Different types of travel log template:

There are various types of travel log template, few them mentioned below;

Daily travel log

In this template, you can record all your expenses information daily and keep a record of your spending. Hence, it helps you to organize your travel expenditures.

Business travel log sheet

As its name implies, it is for a business trip where you can track your movement. You just have to mention the leaving and returning time, the purpose of the trip, and the gasoline consumed.

Vacation travel log

If you are on a vacation to your favorite place with your relatives then a travel log can help you a lot. You can use this template to record the activities you did, brief descriptions of the places, etc.

Student travel log template

This type of travel log is used by the students when they are going on a trip with their educational institution.


In conclusion, a travel log template is a helpful tool for a company or any traveler. With the help of this document, you can share your experience and also keep a record of your expenditures. Moreover, there are various types of travel log templates, you can easily download your desired template from our portal

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