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Either a vehicle is in personal use or maintained by a company. It’s important to keep on monitoring the performance of the vehicle. Sometimes due to performance issues, the vehicle mileage factor reduces significantly which results in financial loss. Vehicle maintenance log book helps to keep a record of service activities performed as periodic, preventive or breakdown maintenance.

The purpose of owning a vehicle is to get transport at the most affordable rate as well as with full comfort. When a vehicle starts causing a problem. It not only troublesome in monetary terms but also badly affects the comfort of the owner. You may also like Printable Driver Log Book Templates.

What are the benefits of the Vehicle Maintenance Log Template?

The vehicle maintenance log template is used for a number of purposes. It serves an important role in maintaining the service record of the vehicle.It helps to perform all periodic changes in a timely manner to get rid of any major breakdown. At the end of a certain period, the owner can calculate the mileage as well as cost per mile for the vehicle.

Companies use a vehicle maintenance log to manage a fleet of pool vehicles. It helps to maintain the health and performance of a vehicle and to ensure the availability of the vehicle in the fleet to minimize the chances of breakdown maintenance.

What are the Basic Elements of Vehicle Maintenance Log Template?

There are different type of vehicle maintenance log templates. Personal and business fleet vehicle maintenance log books cover almost similar kind of information. The basic elements that must be present in each type of logbook templates are;

  1. Vehicle Information (Model, Make, Year, and Registration Number)
  2. Mileage Record (Beginning Mileage and End Mileage)
  3. Log Book (Date, Mileage, Services Formed, Performed by, Cost and Comments)

How to create a Vehicle Maintenance Log Template?

Vehicle maintenance log templates are used as logbooks as well as excel sheets to keep a record of every vehicle individually. It’s a simple excel spreadsheet type template that is printable and formulated to performed different calculations about vehicle maintenance cost. You may also check Daily Time Study Templates.

Follow the below basic guidelines to make an effective vehicle maintenance log template;

  • At the top, write down the title of the logbook as the Vehicle Maintenance log sheet.
  • Below the title make a small table to mention the vehicle information.
  • Such as make, model, year, engine number, price and registration number of the vehicle. Also, cover the mileage record of the vehicle as starting and ending mileage.
  • In the body section, make a large table for a number of entries about the vehicle maintenance log.
  • Title the columns of the table as date, mileage at the time of service, services performed, services performed by, cost of each service and comments.
  • Some vehicle maintenance log templates are integrated with checklists.
  • To make sure all the periodic maintenance tasks must be performed on a timely basis.

Vehicle maintenance log templates are easy to make and have importance in managing the personal as well as business vehicle fleets.The above steps are just to make a basic vehicle maintenance log template. One can also add business-specific information on the log template.

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