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The applicants fill out an employment application template when applying for a specific position in the company. This document contains the applicant’s personal details, skills, and work experience. Employers use it to determine whether or not the applicant is the right person for an open position.

What is an employment application?

Organizations use an employment application to screen the applicants who applied for the job. The information mentioned in the application helps employers identify the applicant’s skills, experience, and other relevant details. However, the general application form asks about the following;

  • Special Skills
  • References
  • Prior Employment
  • Questions related to the position

Smart employers usually use the employment application as they know the importance of this document. They ask every candidate to fill out the application for a specific job. This is an efficient tool used to gather consistent data about employees.

By using employment application forms, employers can collect information in a consistent manner from each and every applicant. The reason behind this is that every applicant receives the same document having similar questions.

Different types of job application forms:

Here are the different types of job application forms;

Online applications

You can find an online application on a company’s website. Larger companies need you to complete extensive applications because they have large databases of candidate details. Some websites have their own built-in application process. They have a few questions from the employer. In addition, it also contains a link to your profile or resume.

Email applications

The email application processes are specifically useful for remote positions, employers prefer them. You may have to answer questions throughout an email chain as well as take tests and fill out small forms.

Physical applications

This type of job application form is less common. However, businesses keep it as a primary part of their hiring process. Candidates having physical applications apply in person and potentially meet with a manager. In case, you are attending a job fair or applying to work for a small business, you may have to fill out a paper application on-site. Before writing your answer, you have to write legibly and think carefully in order to make sure that you submit a clean and easy-to-read form.

The purpose of a job application form:

Let us discuss below a few common job application purposes;

To collect information

The first way that an employer can use to collect information about different candidates is the job application. This application form contains questions relevant to that job or field. Also, it may ask for general details about education, job experience, and special skills. Employers use all of this information to differentiate between candidates and make judgments about which applications are the best.


Employers make uniform candidate profiles by using job applications. This way, they stay organized in their hiring efforts. Also, this makes sure that they have the latest information for each candidate. They can compare the candidates to each other in a fair manner. The hiring manager may ask you to fill out a new application although you already have worked for the company or have applied for a job in the past.

Cataloguing information

A job application for larger companies provides a useful way to catalog details regarding every applicant in their company. It doesn’t matter which format of job application you use, it can be useful for the company as a written record. The company may also keep your application on file in case they hire you.

Legal implications

Candidates are required to sign their applications. This shows that all the details provided are accurate. The job application also contains a section where the candidate reports personal demographic information. It also ensures an understanding of legal hiring policies and practices.

What information should be included in the job application form?

You should provide the following information in the job application form;

  • Firstly, you have to provide your personal information such as your complete name, address, contact number, E-mail address, employment certificate, etc.
  • Secondly, provide your educational details and experience such as your degrees, graduation date, certifications, GPA, skills and qualifications, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • Next, provide your employment history it contains your job title, responsibilities, joining and ending date of employment, reason for leaving, past company name, etc.
  • In the end, provide the references.

What information should not be included in the job application form?

Don’t ask the following questions in the job application form;

  • In the job application form, don’t ask about the gender, race, or religion of the applicant. Because it is against employment discrimination. You don’t have any right to appoint someone on the basis of race, caste, color, gender, origin, etc.
  • Don’t ask any questions about medical conditions. Moreover, also don’t ask about confidential information such as tax status, etc. You can ask it only when you hired him and he becomes a part of a company.
  • Don’t ask any question that wouldn’t identify whether the applicant is good for your company or not. Because it’s just a wastage of time for you and the applicant. Hence, always ask those questions that are not irrelevant and relate to the job position.

Reasons for identifying the requirement of job applications:

Let us discuss below some reasons that why you should be using the job applications;

Screening Method

The screening method is one of the main reasons behind having job applications. Most business owners consider that a resume is enough, but in fact it isn’t. Basically, a resume just outlines the things that the applicant wants to write and share. You should use the employment application form to include the things that are not mention in the resume. This document provides the employer’s flexibility of asking questions from the applicant.

Furthermore, the application form contains different sections and the employees have to give the details of their background, experience, and compensation history in these sections. Both the job application form and the resume are important during the hiring process. They both reflect consistency in the background and experience of the applicant.

A legal requirement

Likewise resume, the employment application form becomes a legal requirement for your organization due to the following reasons;

  • Assuring their understanding of their employment
  • To give permission of background checks and references
  • To indicate them that the details they are providing is truthful and accurate

Most of the employment applications also have a section that requires the applicant to confirm that the details they are giving in the form is accurate, genuine and complete in order to check the authenticity of the information.

Organized Information

Employers have to see various things in order to know whether not the employee is qualified for the job position when they are determining which employee to hire. Moreover, it is quiet easy to ask for the details relevant to employment history, reference checks, and education rather than requesting it at different times during the hiring process. Hence, you request all the information at one single spot with the employment application.

Reduces the opportunities of discrimination claims

It might be difficult for the organizations to compare one candidate to another without discriminating any applicant as different applicants have different forms of resumes and curriculum vitas. But, by having a properly formatted job application, the information gets standardized when an applicant applies for the role. Below are some key elements that you must know while making an employment application so that you can reduce the discrimination claims;

  • A job application prepared by the organization without discriminating on the basis of features secured by state or federal laws should equalize the employment opportunity.
  • To conduct background checks, and verification of application information where necessary, you must take approval and authorization for the organization.
  • An employment application must be referred on an at-will basis, not a contract.

Online employment application:

These days, most of employers use online job application forms. Employers become able to screen and qualify the applicants with the online approach along with the factual data collected by these online employment applications.

In addition to this, in order to identify candidates who appear eligible and qualified for specific job positions, the employers become able to search or degrees, keywords, employment history, and several other specifics by having the applicant tracking system. Consider the following pointers to complete the online job applications;

  • You should ensure that you do not include the names of the organizations you have applied in case you decide to copy and paste the questions in the job application.
  • Also, you have to go through the supporting documentation very carefully. That way, you are able to create questions that are linked to the job position.
  • Ensure that to keep a copy of the employment application. It is important to have multiple records in case you lose the original one.

What additional information should you put on a job application?

It is recommended to include additional information about yourself aside from giving the usual information to an employer in an employment application template. Following are the options that you can include;

Computer Skills

Indicate in your basic employment application your computer competence because of its importance in today’s world. But, you can enumerate your computer skills separately in case it isn’t too obvious. Nowadays, most jobs require some basic computer knowledge and skills. So, it is essential to inform the hiring manager about your skills.

Technical Skills

These are positions that need specific skills relevant to a specific industry.


You must include associations you’re affiliated with, particularly, if they are standards in the company. Membership in associations shows your seriousness in your career pursuits. They indicate that you are educated about the most recent standards and trends related to your interests.

Miscellaneous Information

Awards, recognitions, civic activities, cultures, skills, or volunteer work is included in it. You should specify other activities or interests that explain your character, leadership, or other common qualities.

How do you follow up on a job application?

Here are some suggestions to consider while following up;

Consider the timing

When you have filled up and submitted your job application template, then don’t follow up for just a few days. You have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks unless the job posting specifically states a closing window for the application. For a follow-up, you should set a target date. Before a follow-up, the waiting period is generally between 2 to 3 weeks. During this time, to review the applications that the hiring team received, they should already have enough time.

Be as professional as possible

When following up, don’t commit the mistake of being overly casual or personal. During interviews, most of the hiring managers indicate friendliness as this is part of their job. You always remain professional even if you had an excellent preliminary interaction.

Make sure the email you send is professional

You should ensure that you send your email to the hiring manager directly when following up in case you want to reach out through email.

Be brief

It is a good idea to know exactly what you plan to say before following up on your application. In addition, no matter whether you choose to call, compose an email, or send a message on any social media platform, you have to be as brief as possible in your inquiry.

How should you fill out a job application form?

Let us discuss some tips that will help you in filling out a job application form;

  1. You should be prepared before filling out a form. You have all the accurate information you required. This is because in some places you have to fill out a form on the spot.
  2. You can also demand a blank application form and take it into your home for practice. Furthermore, you can also for an extra application form.
  3. Readout instructions that are mentioned in the form thoroughly. This will tell you that by using what thing you have to fill out the form.
  4. You should answer all the questions accurately. Don’t skip any questions.
  5. Next, explain clearly and honestly what you have been doing or what you haven’t done. If your past job experience was not too good then mention those activities that can represent your skills.
  6. You should also know the post for which you are going to apply and the salary range. For getting such information you have to do some research.
  7. Also, give a reference. The references are of two types; the first one is the character or friend and the second is an employer.
  8. When you have all done with the above steps, proofread the form thoroughly.

What to put on a job application for the desired salary?

In an employment application template, you may leave the salary expectations or desired salary blank or write Negotiable rather than entering a value. You can simply enter 000 or 999 in case the application won’t accept non-numerical text. After that, you can write a comment in the notes section of the form that you entered an invalid number or negotiate it during the interview.

If you provide a number that’s too low, it may prevent you from negotiating later. Bear in mind that you still know nothing about the job while filling up a form as part of your employment application.

How long does it take to get feedback after sending your job application?

It would take 2 to 3 weeks to get feedback after sending your work application. The employer might respond faster in case the job position is high-priority. Also, if the company you are applying to is small then they may also respond to your application faster.

For an employer, it may take a longer time to reply on many occasions. Before the applicant receives a response with good news, it may take longer than 3 to 4 weeks. However, the average time allotment for a response is between 2 to 3 weeks.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why job application form is important?

A job application form is important because it plays a key role in hiring employees. It provides all information about the applicant to the company. Furthermore, this form just contains job-related questions that are easy to read.

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