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You should require a curriculum vitae template for making a professional curriculum vitae that will make you stand out among all candidates. It also enhances the chances of your getting a job for a better position.

What is a curriculum vitae?

Actually, a curriculum vitae (CV) is a Latin word that means ‘your story.’ It is abbreviated as C.V, a term you may hear often. It is a document that contains your educational qualifications, job experience, achievements, and interests. It basically highlights all you have learnt so far in life. At the top, it contains your contact details and personal information.

Moreover, in some States, curriculum vitae is also known as a Resume. They also have the same purpose but in a slightly different manner.

What is the difference between a CV and resume?

There is no big difference between a CV and a resume. There are slightly different from each other. Curriculum Vitae consists of one or two pages containing someone’s personal information, contact information, education, qualifications, work experience, achievements, and more. On the other hand, a resume just includes a summary of contact details, educational background, work experience, skills, and abilities.

The length is the main difference between two of them. CVs are precise and resumes are longer, but the purpose of both of them is the same. They just convey information to employers in different ways. Employers usually like to read single-page CVs because they have a lot of candidates.

The significance of writing a good curriculum vitae:

Here are some reasons that will identify the significance of writing good curriculum vitae;

Employers need CV

All companies or employers need curriculum vitae. However, it depends on the nature of the job and the industry you are applying in. The jobs that you consider of low value, they demand a CV at the first instance. It is the first step towards getting work or a job.

Your CV sells you

Your CV sells you to your employers meaning that your CV indicates what you are. It informs your employer that how well you can do a certain task that needs special skills. Additionally, you can see many brochures around you. You just believe that this brochure is your personal one may be a personal sales brochure. You should present yourself positively no matter how good or bad you are. This shows that you can be an asset to them and worthy.

Potential interview candidate and first impression

Your CV is the very first source of contact with the employer. For an interview, it can either make or break your chances of being invited. Therefore, you have to be up to the mark if you definitely want to be invited for the interview. You have to put in efforts in creating a good CV.

CV can beat the competition

Nowadays, the job market competition is fierce. So, to beat this competition, you need a really good curriculum vitae. When you get a single position, it indicates that you have left a pool of highly qualified candidates behind.

CV can serve as a reminder

In case, you don’t get a job then leaving CVs in the hands of the employers can serve as a reminder to them. The employers go over the CVs of past applicants when they require candidates that they had shortlisted for the position.

What to include in a Curriculum Vitae to impress your employers?

Below are some important components that you should include in a short but effective CV to make a lasting impression on your employer;

Personal and contact details

Personal and contact detail are the two most important elements that you must not forget to include in your CV. You should place these elements right at the top. This way, employers do not need to search and look over several pages in case they want to contact you for an interview. Finding things right away is one of the features of the best CV. By going through the content again and again, your CV should not make them search for things.

However, in this section of your CV, you have to include your current address, email address, telephone number and your cell phone number. Some applicants also mention their gender, marital status, age and guardian’s name. If you find it appropriate, you can include it. But, you have to ensure that the information you are giving is up to date and not incorrect. It is also important to make sure that the spelling of your name and professional email ID is correct.

Objective or personal statement

We have said above that a CV is all about selling yourself. This is the place where you can really sell yourself using words. The objective or the personal statement consists of 3-4 lines. It can either make or break the CV. It should be effective so that it grabs the attention of the employer. Try to keep it simple but effective and consistent. Moreover, you should ensure that it is tailored for the position you are looking for. It doesn’t have clichés.

Work experience

In this section, provide the information regarding the most recent job you have done. Then, you have to go on till the first one which you did. While writing this section, you have to include the name of the company, job title and the year you joined and left it. During the job, the responsibilities and any achievements you might have accomplished, write them here. This makes your CV effective.

Educational experience

You have to speak about your educational background in this section. Start this section by stating the most recent qualification. Moreover, you should mention the name of school, college or university and the degree you have taken. Also, make sure that you indicate the starting and ending years as well.

Additional skills

Now, it’s time to write down the plenty of skills you might possess. You should include all the relevant skills that can help you in getting the job like different languages, having a driving license, vocational trainings, and more.


The interests that you have, include them here. All these are should be relevant to the position you are applying for. Here, you just have to stick to the hobbies and interests to provide an idea to the employer.


References is the last item that you have to include in your CV. By writing at least two references, you can finish off your CV.

Some quick tips to consider while writing CV:

Here are some quick tips that you should consider while writing a CV;

  • Don’t exceed your CV more than two pages.
  • Make sure about the common thread among the job position and CV.
  • You should keep it short, clear, and concrete.
  • Ensure that there is no spelling mistakes.
  • To make it effective, make use of professional colors and a suitable layout.
  • Insert a passport size photo.


In conclusion, a curriculum vitae template consists of one or two pages. This document highlights your personal information, contact information, education, qualifications, skills, abilities, work experience, successes and accomplishments.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the best CV format to use?

The reverse-chronological format is the best CV format to use. Your experience and skills are presented in the accurate form by using this format. You can use this format for all kinds of jobs and industries no matter what your experience level is.

Can you use a CV template for your curriculum vitae?

Yes, you can use a CV template for your curriculum vitae. You can easily and more beneficially make your CV by using template. When you make CV by yourself then you can’t understand CV formatting rules.

Furthermore, CV templates are made by professional CV writers and graphic designers. Hence, you don’t have to worry regarding any technicalities.

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