24 Free Interview Acceptance Emails (+Professional Writing Tips)

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You should send an interview acceptance email to the potential employer when you receive an interview call after sending out the application. By sending an email, you can accept or confirm the interview. Sending the email indicates your interest in the position and helps you in making sure that you’ve got all of the accurate details about the interview.

What is the perfect timing to send the interview acceptance email?

As soon as you receive the notice of the interview, you should send an interview confirmation email. In case, the hiring manager informs you face to face that they have sent you confirmation email then there is no need to send an acceptance email because they just complete their company’s requirement.

How to write an interview acceptance email?

You can confirm and accept the invitation by sending an interview confirmation email. You have to send this email to the person who gave you a call. Here are some tips that you should consider while writing an interview acceptance email;

  • If you have used your personal email address to send your applications or acceptance emails then make sure to check it regularly. In this way, you won’t have miss any emails.
  • It is not a better idea to include your work contact information in the email in case you’re currently employed. This is because the employer gives you a call on his own if there are any changes in the details of the interview. You might get into trouble at work if the wrong person receives the call.
  • When you receive an email from hiring manager, it will give you with all of information you require about the interview. This information may include the following;
    1- The employer’s name, job title, and job location
    2- The location where the job interview will take place
    3- The type of interview
    4- The interviewer’s name and job title
    In some cases, the time and date choices are also given in order to select the best time which would fit into your schedule.
  • If you aren’t available at the time and date that interviewer has sent you then state this in your interview confirmation email reply. After that, mention times and dates when you’re free for the employer to select.
  • Compose your interview confirmation email in a professional manner. Keep in mind that your main goal is to impress the employer. Include the following basic things in your email;
    1- The salutation that contains the name of the person whom you are sending the email.
    2- A statement that expresses gratitude to the recipient for the interview invitation.
    3- A statement that delivers your interest in learning more regarding the job.
    4- Confirm the best time of the interview if you’re given choices of times and dates.
    5- The closing of the letter should be professional and respectful.
    6- Furthermore, you can ask some questions in your reply regarding the things which you haven’t understood about the interview.

Some important tips to follow while writing an interview acceptance email:

When you receive an interview email, then in a respectful and professional way draft interview acceptance email if you want to make a good impression. Also, make sure that you are conveying the right message in the email. Here are some important tips that you must follow;

Send response just after receiving the notice of the interview

It is advisable to send a timely response. The reason behind it is that the hiring managers have no enough time to wait for confirmation from applicants. Draft your interview confirmation email just after receiving the information and send it immediately.

Show gratitude for the opportunity

It is important to show gratitude for the opportunity at the starting of the email particularly if you are applying to a large organization that have invited multiple candidates for interview. When you express appreciation to the employer, they think how enthusiastic you are for the opportunity.

Accepting the interview invitation

At the end, give a statement in a professional way that you are accepting the interview invitation.

In an interview acceptance email, responding to follow-up questions:

It is a very exciting experience to receive an interview invitation from an employer. Generally, you have to respond promptly and enthusiastically. Here are some ways that you can follow to respond the most common questions asked by employers in your interview acceptance email;

Responding to an interview request

When you receive an email or a call about an interview, sending a short reply within the day is the best. This indicates the employer that you are enthusiastic regarding the position and you respect his time. Your interview confirmation email should be clear, brief, and has a positive tone. After that, reinforce the interview’s date and time. But, in case, you can’t make the time or date they’ve set, specify the reason why and give an alternative time when you’re free.

To set the schedule for your interview, responding to a request for you to call them

You may still send a confirmation email if the employer asks you to provide them a call to set the interview schedule. You have to keep it brief. Then, within the day, call them to set your interview.

To set the schedule for your interview, responding to a request for you to email them

Some employers may ask you to email them and give them with the appropriate time they can interview you. You may have to send the email to two people in such a situation. First, you have to send it to the employer and second, to the one assigned in arranging interview schedules. To provide them a good impression and indicate your interest in working with them, respond in a professional and timely manner.

Responding to follow up questions

An employer might send you an interview invitation email in some cases with some follow-up questions. You may receive the questions regarding the following;

Your company

Give specific details about your company. Don’t give any confidential information. Doing the latter may indicate the employer that you have no issue with sharing company secrets.

Your salary requirements

Salary requirement is the most sensitive question employers may ask you. They ask this question in order to find out if they can offer what you’re expecting.

For this question, you may put-off speaking about the salary till you have got enough knowledge about what job they’re offering to you. Providing a salary range instead of a specific number is another way to respond to such a query. Giving this information early on will provide the employer a better idea of whether they can have you on board.

Your career path

When speaking about your career path, ensure to align it with the explanation of the job you’re applying for. In addition to this, explain the enthusiasm you have for the position and the company.

Skills that you don’t possess

Don’t lie when the employer asks you about skills which you don’t possess. Rather than stating transferable skills, you should state that you can easily adapt or learn new skills in a short amount of time. It is very rare to have all of the required skills so you should show that you will learn those skills that you lack in order to perform better at your job.

What should you do before the job interview?

Before the job interview, you should do the following things;

  • When your interview has been scheduled, then start learning about the interviewer and the people who will be deciding who to hire. Visit the company’s website to find LinkedIn profiles and other social media accounts of the interviewers.
  • Try to make a genuine connection with your potential colleagues. For this, show interest in them and there is no need to stalk their social media accounts. While researching, you may notice that there is some similar things between you and your colleagues.
  • You should also do research on the most common interviewer questions that employer asks. Don’t learn their answers but think about how you’d respond. This way, you get prepare for the interview.
  • You should also select an outfit that you want to wear for the interview. Your dressing matters the most so select a professional, comfortable, and appropriate outfit according to the company’s culture. You should make sure beforehand that you have all the accessories that you need. In case, you need to buy some replacements or want to clean something then do this beforehand.
  • You have to be punctual. Estimate the travelling time from your house to the interview location also accounting for bad traffic. You should make sure that you have enough time to reach at the interview. It is advisable to visit the interview place one day before in order to know how much time you require to reach.
  • Furthermore, in case your interview is online then check your internet connection or app ahead of time.


In conclusion, if you want to make a good impression, you have to make a respectful and professional interview acceptance email. After receiving the invitation for an interview, take some time to compose an effective email that will deliver the right message.

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