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A company profile template is used to advertise and brand your business. This is the best way to inform your customers about the services or products you offer. It allows you to provide information about your products and the reasons why you offer them. Moreover, you can also include an inspiring story on how your business began in your company profile in order to make an impression on your target audience.

What is the importance of writing a company profile?

Writing a company profile is of great importance due to the following benefits;

Communicate culture and values

Employees and investors get attracted when you write a company profile that explains a positive company culture and strong values.

Public image

Your company gets a positive public image in its community by having a strong company profile.


For growing business operations and revenue, company profiles can serve as a plan.

What to include your company profile template?

You should use a company overview template if you are new to creating company profile templates. It allows you to confidently emphasize your company’s strengths. You can consider your company profile as your company’s resume. You should include the following information in your document;

Basic information about the company:

The information you have to include in this section depends on the type of business you have. You should include the following information here;

  • Your business details including the vision and mission
  • Details of the products and services you offer
  • Your company’s history, growth, and expansion
  • Public relations and advertising
  • Information about the industry
  • Policies on health and safety
  • Information of the core team of your company
  • Client portfolio

Company’s business information:

You should gather all the relevant details before beginning your company overview template. At the beginning of your profile, place these items. It may include following;

  • The name of your company
  • The date when your company started
  • The physical address of your company
  • Contact numbers
  • Email address
  • Website URL

Notable achievements of your company:

If you are starting out then the next information may not yet apply to your company. But you should include the following notable accomplishments and achievements in your business profile if your company has already been around for some time now;

  • Awards
  • Testimonials
  • Certifications
  • Special projects or programs
  • Media or news recognition

Optional information:

Some optional information you can also include in your business profile;

  • Photographs
  • Financial targets
  • Annual sales
  • Partners
  • Number of employees

How to write a company profile?

Let us discuss step-by-step how to create a compelling company profile;

Demonstrate the purpose of your company profile:

Businesses use their profiles for different scenarios such as for trade portfolios, investment plans, and websites.

Identify the style of use:

After establishing the kind of tone of your company profile, you have to identify how you plan to present the information. You can divide it into different parts or present it in the form of a timeline. But this is not only option for presenting information. Some companies also use pictures to narrate their stories. You may also like Employee Profile Templates.

Tell your company’s story:

With the help of a captivating story, you can captivate your audience and make them pay attention to your company. You can also state dates and figures in your story if you think these will help.

Share the history of your company:

You should follow a chronological order during narrating your company’s history to your reader. Never jump from the present to the past and back again because this may confuse your readers. Your story should be followed through a timeline as this makes more sense to your readers.

Involve your company’s mission statement:

You must have a mission statement when you are going to start your company profile. If you still don’t write your mission statement then it’s time to write a great statement that is related to your business values, niche, and ethos. You should inform your audience about what you have to offer and your strategies for growing your business. Most importantly, you have to motivate your readers that they should select you above other competitors.

Include your company’s details:

If you want to use your company’s profile offline then at the top of your profile, give the reader your address, contact details, and email address. On the other hand, if you want to present it on a website or an online forum then provide your hyperlinked contact information at the bottom.

Include some testimonials:

By including positive testimonial you can welcome addition to your brand. By asking your regular customers, you can add this for feedback about your business. When reading profiles of businesses, this is one thing that a number of people look for.

Include a call to action:

The best way to add a completing touch to your company’s profile is by ending it with a call to action. This allows you leave your reader with food for thought. In this manner, they can also find the answers to their questions.

Maintain clarity in your company profile:

This is the section that deals with the form of your profile. You have to assure that your profile is very clean and clear throughout its entirety. For the headers and body text, this includes the use of the same fonts and font sizes. Never try to use overpowering or irrelevant visuals or funky colors.

Proofread your company profile:

In the end, you should proofread your profile in order to make sure that it contains no mistakes. Keep in mind that this document is one of the most significant pieces of writing that is directly link to your company. Moreover, when you are looking at the same text for a long time, you may miss some errors. It is suggested to get extra help to read the text. This way, your text is completely error-free.

Some tips to consider while writing your company profile:

Here are some pointers that you must consider while making your company profile;

  • Include the basic details in your company profile like the company name, the physical address, contact details, a website URL, and the date when your business has developed.
  • Your company profile always pays attention to the company’s high-level overview.
  • A timeline of your company’s story should be provided that include details regarding future plans for growth or expansion.
  • Specify the rewards or recognitions that your company has earned since it started. Specify the things that make your company the efficient from other competitors.
  • Your company’s aim or values should be explained well along with the products or services that you offer. Until your customers start trusting your brand, they won’t feel interested in your products.
  • Give statistics and figures that assist you in validating your claims.
  • In your company profile, you can also include visuals, videos or graphics. Keep in mind your audience while inserting these things.


In conclusion, a company profile template includes a description of a business or company. The main purpose of this document is to inform your customers, employees, and investors about what your company offer. The size of your company profile depends on the type of your business. Additionally, this document contains information about your company, its vision, services, mission, and more.

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