25+ Simple Price Comparison Templates (Excel, Word)

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Before buying any goods or services, a price comparison template is a useful document to find the best price. This document allows you to make comparisons between different suppliers, shops or vendors. You can use it for both personal purposes or for your business.

What is a price comparison template?

People use price comparison template in order to find the best, cheapest or most reasonable price for goods or services. This way, you don’t have to pay extra. You can make comparison between prices with the help of price comparison chart.

By using this template, you can also evaluation your products that you offered at different prices and price ranges. Instead of buying the goods or service you require, this document provides you a better idea of what’s out there so that you know where to go for what you want.

Furthermore, for companies or businesses that set their budget for the goods they need to buy, these sheets are also important. You must use this template if you are in charge of purchasing those items. You can make comparison of prices of the same items from different shops and find the products that have the best quality and are affordable. This also assists you in making comparison between different kinds of products offered by various brands on the market.

Why do you require a price comparison template?

A price comparison template provides benefits to both consumers and companies to make informed decisions and smart choices. Some businesses work frequently with suppliers and vendors. They should use a price comparison chart to assess the costs of products before selecting a vendor to purchase from.

If you get a better understanding of the market trends then you should use a vendor comparison template to conduct a competitive analysis. You can use it to compare the pricing structures and products of a company with other companies in the same industry. Add additional details on the template to make it more versatile. For example, you can make columns or the quality of the products, its features, and other important factors.

Business owners use this template to have a better idea of where they stand in the market. You can compare the prices of the products to the prices of the same products on the market through the list.

Common types of price comparison:

At first, you need to think about why you need a price comparison template before creating it. Ask basic questions from yourself to answer. Other than this, you should also start deciding what type of price comparison sheets to use. Let us discuss below the common types of price comparison;

Construction costs:

You can compare bids from construction subcontractors and contractors with a price comparison template. Include the following information on the template;

  • The names of the contractors
  • Their bid amounts
  • The descriptions of their work
  • Other relevant details

Then, to make a better decision, rank the bidders depending on their qualifications and costs.

Competitor price analysis:

You can evaluate a simple or extensive competitor price analysis and compare the prices of products from different businesses similar to your own by using this template. Make columns for average, low, and high prices. This way, you can easily see where the prices of your own products fall on the spectrum.

Moreover, you can make your own or download a ready-made vendor comparison template. Include important information such as shipping costs, taxes, product ID numbers, and other relevant details. To accommodate all of the required information, include as many columns as you need.

Vendor prices:

To compare the prices of vendor information, you should also make a list of the different vendors apart from the products. For the names of the vendors and their descriptions make columns and also create a column for the prices charged by the vendors for each of the products they sell.

After putting all of the data you require, you can have a good look at which vendor offers the most reasonable or competitive prices for all the products you want to buy. Price comparison template is also useful to find out which companies offer the lowest prices.

Product features:

You should use this template if you are planning to compare products internally or you want to evaluate your competitors. This document allows you to make a visual chart of all the product characteristics. Along with comparing prices, you can also compare each of the products depending on their most significant features.

This template is extremely beneficial for personal use as well as for business use. With the help of this template, consumers can find out the features that same products have to offer. They can also find out how they differ from one another. You can also add the prices and check how the features affect the cost of the products.

Product sales:

You can do more than compare prices with this template. The information you have collected to assess the performance of each product by comparing the sales figures. For keeping record of revenue and compare products on the basis of income, this template serves as a visual reference. In addition, include the following information for this template;

  • The price of each unit
  • The total number of units sold
  • Any shipping costs
  • The number of returned units
  • The total amount of your profits

This gives you with an effective way to collect and then identify sales information. This helps you in managing pricing strategies, inventory, product development, and more.

How to create a price comparison template?

Take time and make a great price comparison sheet. At the top of the document, specify the title and make a table with an adequate number of columns and rows. The table contains the information that you plan to gather from the different vendors regarding the different goods and services. On the top row of your table, type the titles for all of the categories. These may include the name of the vendor, the product, the price, and all other relevant details that you require on the basis of the type of template that you’re planning to make.

You can customize these templates according to your requirements which is the great thing about them. You can also insert more columns and rows in your template if it lacks information. These templates make you able to calculate the prices of each product or the prices that are offered by the vendors. After collecting all of the information, you can calculate the totals in case you are comparing several products.

The benefits of using price comparison template:

Let us discuss below the benefits of using this template;

  • It is easier to make a purchase decision when armed with all the facts. The price comparison table provides you all the important details that you require to make an informed decision. You can get the best value for your money by using this document.
  • With the help of a price comparison sheet, you can indicate a vendor that their competitor is providing a better price on the similar product.
  • These sheets prove very useful while conducting a competitive analysis. You can compare your prices and pricing structures to others. Also, you can get idea for new products or services to offer on the basis of what’s popular among your competitors.
  • A detailed analysis is performed by using this sheet which assists you in making the most cost-effective decision possible.


In conclusion, a price comparison template is an effective tool for performing a competitive analysis of the market. It also helps you in the process of bidding. A price comparison chart saves a lot of time and money. This also makes you feel more confident about the products you have bought. It is very easy to understand and you can make a decision faster.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to make a price comparison in MS Excel?

Here are the 5 easy steps to follow;

1- Select the goods or services that you have to compare.
2- The items that are charged by the vendors, research their prices.
3- In the Excel spreadsheet, enter the cost data.
4- In order to compare the prices of each item, perform calculations.
5- Analyze the data

How to compare prices?

You have to gather pricing information from products and services to compare prices that are offered by different companies in the similar industry. Enter this information into a spreadsheet so that you can analyze the costs.

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