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A product sell sheet template is used by business owner to advertise their products. This document is a great way to inform your customer about your products and how these can make their life easier for them. Product sell sheet also specifies that how your customers can utilize these products and the benefits of these products.

What is a product sell sheet?

A product sell sheet is a one page document. It contains the details that how your service or product can be a solution to a specific issue. You can also say it as 1- page brochure or advertisement. You should make it effective, visually appealing, persuasively worded, and neatly formatted. It should be drafted in such a way so that it captures the essence of your product’s purpose and your brand’s identity. You can distribute this document via email or during events.

The sell sheet should explain your product’s capabilities and your company’s professionalism. By distributing a well-planned, informative, and engaging sell sheet you can demonstrate that your business is truly trustworthy.

What to include on a product sell sheet?

Your product sell sheet should contain the following key components;

Business logo and product name:

Mention your business logo and your product name because your target audience wants to know who you are and what you are offering. You should display these key elements prominently.

Visual elements:

Keep in mind that your sell sheet layout should grab target audience attention. This means visual elements play vital role here. Insert your product images from different angles. You have to ensure that your audience will get a good look at what you’re selling. Don’t include too mush text into your sheet. So, to make it easier you should include images to your sheet.

A headline:

Include a headline that will grab your audience’s attention and set the tone for the rest of your sheet. You have limited space but you have to assure that your headline is both catchy and concise. Try to grab the essence of your product and the good things it has to offer.

An introductory paragraph:

In an introductory paragraph, provide some perspective on your business’ reliability, esteemed reputation, and identity. People who haven’t heard about your products may feel to purchase it even they are interested to buy it. Provide them an overview that will make them feel convinced.

Product specifications:

This is the place where you will prove that your product is worth your audience’s money. This will be the real substance of the sheet. You should provide hard statistics to convince them about the clear benefits of your product and to support your claims. Furthermore, you can also give specifics about what your product is and how it works. These are important but the biggest selling point is still the potential advantages.

Data visualization:

You have to provide hard data to back up your claims and the product specifications. But if you display it in a boring way then your audience might ignore it. So, arrange these facts in an appealing manner. Also, assure that the statistics are easy to understand. The effective way to do this is by visually presenting them. Don’t make it as a research paper because your audience won’t care much it is filled with a raw data or text. It’s better to display information in a scannable way.


Call-to-action is the most vital component of the sheet. You can create an absolutely compelling sheet with the right data, visuals, headlines, and other elements. This convinces your audience to go for your product.

When do you require a sell sheet?

You need a well-designed sell sheet to make an important interactions with prospective buyers. It is the first thing that a customer might encounter from your business. Make the sheet your go-to piece of content to so that it can be used as a leave-behind after an introduction. Moreover, you should make sure that it contains all the details that a potential customer needs to know about your product.

A clear call-to-action that will let the customer know what to do next should also include in it. These sheets and other sales collateral reached prospects via sales reps before the advent of fast-paced technology. Now, time has changes you can send these sheets through email, mail, post them online, or share them on social media. To make them interesting, you can also add tables, videos, and customizing features.

How to make a selling sheet?

Follow the below tips for making this sheet;

Choose a main picture for the sheet:

In capturing the attention of prospective customers, the use of visual plays a key role. Picture is the biggest element of the sheet. So, it should be an amazing picture. It should clearly explain that what your service or product is.

Moreover, it’s better to hire a graphic designer to improve the quality of a picture you have created for your product. By using different tools, your designer can make the image stand out. If you are planning to share your sheet digitally then you can also create a short introductory video as well. For this, online editors are the best tool that offers a range of visual and interactive modules.

A memorable title:

Come up with a title that demonstrate the service or product you will present at first glance. In this section, include the contact details and dates. You can change the title, revise the description, and change the date by sharing your digital sheet with responsive links. This updates those who have the sheet link anywhere in the world.

Add a tagline:

Include a 1-line benefit statement that will clearly showcase your product. This is referred as a catchy phrase. Take some time and think of the most significant advantage that your product can give to your potential customers. Then, convert this into a memorable tagline. During selecting your picture, you can also keep the tagline in mind. In the main visual, associate the benefit.

Give a description of your concept:

You have to clearly demonstrate that your product is all about. Also, in a powerful and concise manner, explain the values it can provide your prospective customers. Most importantly, mention the issue that is the reason behind the creation of your product’s concept. Then, explain how your service or product is the solution to that issue.

Why should you use a sell sheet?

You should use a sell sheet as it delivers valuable information regarding products or services to new and existing customers. This valuable document acts as a first impression that can motivate sales and update consumers on product knowledge. These sheets are also used by sales teams as a foundation for making other marketing materials like social media posts, website blogs, and magazine ads.


In conclusion, a product selling sheet template is a powerful tool that helps you in reaching out to prospective clients. Your selling sheet should be looked professional and highlight that your product is the solution for your customer’s problems. Additionally, this sheet is the first piece that your customers encounter from your business. Therefore, it should concisely and clearly outlines your new service or product. Include all necessary information that a potential customer needs to know about your product.

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