13+ Comparison Chart Templates – Word, PowerPoint, PDF & Excel

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By definition, a comparison chart is a graphical tool used to draw a comparison between two entities, products, items, or parameters. There are different ways of comparing things. Such as comparing the features or specifications of products to choose the best out of them. There are different types of comparison chart templates. The most common ones are tabular comparison charts, comparison diagrams, line graphs, pie charts, and bar charts.

Moreover, an interactive comparison chart is really important for any comparative study, article or blog. It can boost the website traffic if been created using stunning graphics. You may also like customer database templates.

For the website, usually different pro packages are compared using interactive comparison charts to show the features being provided under different packages such as free, student, basic, business, and enterprise.

A comparison chart isn’t required any numerical data for plotting. One can simply convert the long paragraphs into a graphically appealing infographic for comparison.

Therefore, the comparison chart template is simple to use and customize as per the availability of data and the nature of the comparison. It’s easiest to make from all the comparison diagrams. Also, being created using MS Office Suite makes it easy to use, edit and customize without requiring any professional skill. You may also check index card templates.

Why use Comparison Chart Template?

There are tons of reasons to make an interactive comparison chart. We see a lot of comparisons in our daily life between the products and offers.

Moreover, it makes the process of decision making easy and can change one’s perspective towards something if presented effectively.

So, most commonly we deal with the comparison chart while purchasing something. It compares the pros and cons in terms of price, features, and applications. Therefore, it supports decision making in choosing a favorite and feasible option. You can also free download travel agency invoice template.

To summarize, the comparison chart presents the data in a way that is easy to analyze and helps to decide between the confusing options.

Types of Comparison Chart Template

There are different types of comparison charts. Here, the most commonly used ones will be briefly discussed.

  • Features Comparison Chart
  • Pricing Plan Comparison Chart
  • Pros and Cons Chart Template
  • Conceptual Comparison Chart
  • Performance Comparison Chart
  • Competitors Comparison Chart Template

All the above charts are used for comparison between two or more entities. The creation of any of the above chart requires to have the proper information in hand or extensive research.

The feature comparison chart template is used mostly for comparison between the products including the price of the products. It collectively enlists the features in the main column and gives comments above the presence in the product. You may also like weekly calendar template.

On the other hand, the pricing plan comparison chart also gives a comparison of features. However, it usually gives a comparison for the features of the same product being offered against different pricing plans such as free, student, basic, business, and enterprise plans.

The pros and cons chart also talks about the advantages and disadvantages of one thing. While the conceptual comparison is usually created for the process or terms that are difficult to understand using sentences.

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