Printable Redken Shades EQ Color Charts (PDF)

printable redken shades eq color chart

The Redken shades EQ color chart is a chart that contains step by step guide of how you can use hair color. You should make sure that you consult the Redken color chart before feeling impulsive about picking a color.

Choosing your color:

Your skin type do wonders regarding what hair color suits you. There is a neat trick around it in case you are not sure about which color matches with your skin and eyes. Drape a towel around your shoulders and neck by pulling your hair back. Then, look at your face in the mirror and check whether your skin looks yellowish or not. If so, it indicates that you have a warm complexion. Generally, cool complexions have a bluish hue.

The spring type

This is you if your skin tone is light having a hint of peach or gold and your eyes color are either blue or green. Blonde is the color that looks good on you. Also, you can rock dark red hair but don’t try ashen tones. You should try warm colors such as golden brown, honey blonde, copper, light red tones and even strawberry blonde.

Go for brown shades that range between light brown to medium brown if you are planning on keeping it super simple yet sophisticated. Since you end up loathing your freckles that will then stand out so don’t go overboard with your hair color.

The summer type

With a violet or bluish undertone, summer types have a rosy skin tone. Your eyes color could be any like blue, green or grey. Your natural hair color may be brunette or blonde as a summer type. Also, you have an ashen base. You should try ash blonde, red, platinum blonde or any other shade you find that has a mauve or a bluish hue if you like to give your hair color more life.

The winter type

You can have a light skin tone with dark hair. The color of your eye may be dark brown, blue, green or gray. Winter types must have select out a hair color that radiates warmth. This indicates that you require nothing more than the occasional conditioning rinse for more luster. Additionally, you should simply give it a bluish-black finish if you want to emphasize your natural hair color. Go with an aubergine or a mahogany hair color if you are in doubt.

Autumn type

Your skin tone might be light having a bronze hue or a yellowish-golden hue. Usually, the autumn skin has freckles. Your eye color might be any shade of green and blue. With hues of mahogany and copper, the autumn types have hair that is dark brown. From golden-brown to reddish-brown, they can always use warm tones. You should also check Unit Circle Charts & Diagrams.

Picking out the Box:

It is suggested that don’t judge a hair color by how it looks on the model in the picture. After identifying your hair color, you should ensure that from Redken color chart, you match the shade you want with the swatches. When you have looked at this chart, you have to ensure that your end result is based on your original color and the colors that you have previously used.

Furthermore, the hair doesn’t look like you think it would on the box. For instance, you will end up with a funky clown red if you have picked out a red and apply it on platinum blonde hair. When you tell your specific color, then your stylist mix the colors so that you end up with that shade. They never apply one color straight from the box.

Getting the Hair color job:

Avoid a DIY job when you are trying anew color first time. However, it isn’t impossible but you have require experts help in order to get an exact shade and won’t be satisfied with anything else. Then, from your first hair color job, you can replicate the process a second time. It is really not that difficult and it is based on the style you are going for. Even, you may not require a helping hand. But, seek out a professional before all that.

You need more than one sitting in order to attain the right hair color. You will only end up with fried hair if you insist on having it done once. You will require between 2-4 visits to your stylist to transform your hair color. It might be tedious but in the end, you will be happier with the outcomes and your hair will be healthier too.

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