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When buying a diamond ring, you have to consider a diamond size chart and diamond color chart. They have information about the carats and the other necessary details. Having a diamond ring on the engagement is a dream of every girl. A diamond ring is a symbol of love and the expression of your commitment.

Moreover, a diamond ring indicates how big your love is. It is a sparkling and shining ring that can make your partner feel special.

What is a diamond carat?

A carat is used to weigh diamonds and gems and known as the unique unit of weight measurement. It is represented with an abbreviation ‘ct’. With the visual size of the diamond, carat weight is often confused. In fact, it is a measurement of the weight.

The size of the diamond is different on the basis of the shape and weight of the stone. For example, a round diamond of 1.00 ct. measures around 6.5 mm. On the other hand, a round sapphire of 1.00 ct. measures around 16.0 mm. We can see that this difference is due to the different gemstones.

Furthermore, in a piece of jewellery, the total carat weight (t.c.w) identifies the total weight of all the gemstones and diamonds.

Misunderstanding about size and weight:

It is essential to consider that carat weight is not the size of the diamond while the size of the diamond is somehow relevant to the weight of the carat. Most people think this way which is not right. There are also some other factors of diamond that affect the size and appearance of the stone.

Which Size should you select for?

The first thing that you have to bear in mind is your budget. This is your primary considerations as well as what you and your partner like. You have to find a stone having the perfect balance of weight and quality in order to decide upon the size of the diamond.

However, if you want to provide a bigger ring to her then by keeping in view the color and clarity combination, you can buy a reasonable ring in excellent quality. The price of the diamond isn’t based on the size. It is based on the important C’s that are carat weight, color, clarity and cut. You should also check Feelings Chart Templates.

Indicate your love by keeping the 4 C’s in mind:

Your should check out the 4 C’s below in order to express how big your love is;


Before buying a diamond, the first thing you should bear in mind is that they are graded according to their color. These colors range from shades of yellow, brown and gray to colorless. With the help of alphabets, from D-Z, the colors of the diamonds are graded. The diamonds categorized in the D, F, G, H, I and J class are the best according to expert. Also, they think that nearly colorless diamonds are an excellent options and worthy of buying. They are beautiful and have sparkly white diamonds that will appreciate in value.


Clarity is one of the aspects that have the biggest impact on the diamond’s value because diamonds are graded on the basis of their clarity. Select a clearer one if you want to get a better diamond. Clear diamonds are pure and have no impurities. Thus, this makes them worthy of your money.

Carat Weight

On the basis of the carat weight, a diamond is measured. It starts from 0.25 carats to 2.00 carats. The carat weight informs you the size of the stone. However, size matters and it is somehow related to the weight of the carat. You should opt for 2.00 ct. diamond in case you are looking for a bigger ring. If you like to buy a smaller one, then opt for anything below 1.00 ct. will suit you the best.


It is the ultimate element that makes the diamond sparkle and provide it shape. It is commonly the finish, proportions, symmetry and polish that is provided to a diamond. Moreover, it makes your ring beautiful. A diamond with great cuts and shape will catch light perfectly. You should select the brilliant cuts as the beauty of the diamonds depends on the cut.

Hence, after knowing the basics to select a good diamond ring, it is not compulsory to go for size in specific. Before going to purchase a diamond ring, you should see the diamond chart. If you weigh all the C’s then you should buy a one carat weight diamond ring that has a shiny white color, great cuts and visible inclusions. Of course, it is better than a two carat ring.

If you are still confused about purchasing a diamond ring, download a diamond size chart and diamond color chart from any website. Also, remember that not all the diamonds will be of same size. This is because they have different measurements.

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