23+ Printable Meeting Notes Templates (Word, PDF)

free meeting notes template

A meeting notes template is an effective tool used to capture organized notes during meeting. These notes contain important information such as agenda items that discussed during the meeting. The outline or format of the meeting notes may vary on the basis of type of information you want to record.

Post meeting note template:

Post meeting note records the following;

  • The purpose of the meeting
  • The number of attendance
  • The chairman of the meeting
  • The issues discussed in the meeting

Moreover, this document is the best way to keep track of the outcome of the meeting. It records the outcomes that are relevant for the decision makers in the organization.

Meeting minutes note template:

Meeting minutes note is important for future reference. The main purpose of it is to take action out of the decision taken in a meeting. It acts a source of information for its participants and members that had not attended the meeting. It keeps minutes record structurally.

Meeting notes word template:

They are very useful in recording all essential details in precise forms. In these types of notes, according to number of attendance, personnel who attended the meeting, the agenda rose in the meeting and decisions taken, the records are taken. These notes are saved as the proof of decisions taken against a vital agenda. Furthermore, it acts as a source of information for the members who were not able to attend the meeting. You may also like meeting minutes template.

Project meeting minutes note template:

It is a document to keep note of the major agenda. It contains information regarding a project and resolution taken in the meeting. The name of the members who attended the meeting and minutes of the meeting are also recorded in it.

Faculty meeting notes template:

This meeting note is used among the faculty members in an educational institute, college or university. It keeps record of the following;

  • Attendance,
  • Major agendas in the meeting,
  • Minutes
  • A decision taken in the meeting

How do you take meeting notes?

In a meeting, taking notes is a good practice. This assists you in pondering on all the essential decisions and directions of the meeting. You can align the meeting notes in an organized manner by using templates. Here are the steps to follow while taking meeting notes;

  • You should pay attention to the discussions and arguments rather than trying to make the notes during the meeting.
  • After the meeting, when all the points are still fresh in your mind, write them down immediately.
  • During writing the notes, you don’t have to be biased. You must have an objective approach towards the entire proceeding.
  • Throughout the notes, use the active tone and the same tense.
  • Then, review the notes to make sure that there are no errors.

Why it is essential to take meeting notes while a meeting?

Here are the reasons that why you should take meeting notes during the meeting;

  • During a meeting, taking notes make sure that you would not forget anything essential that discussed during the meeting.
  • If you have the meeting notes handy, you can share the information of the meeting with people who could not attend the meeting.
  • You become more focused by taking notes regarding achieving the results and steering the meeting to that end.
  • It steers the participants towards unanimous agreement over matters.
  • It also makes everyone feel important, heard and trusted.

The benefits of taking meeting notes:

Taking meeting notes provide you various benefits such as;

  • Meeting notes provide a clear picture of all the people who attended the meeting and the people who didn’t.
  • It is an important tool for future references.
  • Also, it provides a clear idea of what discussed in the meeting.
  • The note also assists in recording the proceedings, decisions and arguments.
  • It becomes a proper proof of several arguments and decisions during the meeting.


In conclusion, a meeting notes template is a document that lists the details of the proceedings. In the meeting notes, the discussions of the meeting, issues discussed, and the decisions are noted. Additionally, it is important that you have a written record of everything that you have discussed in the meeting.

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